Smith Stuck in Tire Purgatory – DTD Exclusive


Modified owner-driver Jeremy Smith called Brewerton Speedway home last year, but things have changed and much of it is simply a “tire thing.”

It isn’t that Jeremy has problems of running Hoosiers versus American Racer Tires. The decision isn’t really political, but it’s simply something to help his driver.

Billy Decker runs the Super DIRTcar Series for Mike Payne, but in the “other series” (Short Track Super Series) the Franklin Flyer is behind the wheel of one of Smith’s Mods.

Smith decided to run Afton and Thunder Mountain this year where American Racers are the shoe of choice.

He said, “I miss Brewerton, but we have to get better on American Racer and we aren’t very good on the Hoosiers. Billy is running with me on the Short Track Super Series and I need to get more information for him and spend time on these tires (American Racers).”

Continuing he noted, “The biggest loss of this is that I really miss going to Brewerton. We became really good friends with Max McLaughlin and the crew of the 6H (who they parked next to weekly).”

However, he feels he needs to do what he has to do for his driver.

He raced on American Racers in the Southern Tier, Hoosiers in Central New York and then back to American Racers this year.

Jeremy noted, “We’ve struggled with the combos as the guys on the Short Track Super Series are running the American Racers all the time and we are trying to catch up and it hasn’t been easy.”

Engine combinations are also different scenario’s for the 91 and 46.

Smith explained, “On the SDS it’s big-blocks, but the STSS there might be anything from ported 358’s to big-blocks. When we run the STSS tour Billy has a big-block and I usually have the small-block.”

The feeling is that the team simply wants to be more consistent and this hasn’t been the case the majority of the year.

Recently, Smith captured his first main of the year at Thunder Mountain and maybe that will help change the fortunes of the team.

Currently, Smith noted, “We just have to get competitive”.

And once again the team will have the opportunity to “be competitive” next Wednesday night when the STSS North race will be conducted at the Outlaw Speedway in Dundee.

Smith is enjoying racing, but simply hopes that his team can find the balance and continue to be competitive in returning to the American Racing Tire world.