Rahmer Wins Port Royal Sprint A-Main

PORT ROYAL, PA– Freddie Rahmer  won the Speed Showcase main event for 410 sprints  on Friday night at Port Royal Speedway.

For Rahmer, the win was his second in a row, worth $4,000, after he also took The Night Before The Tuscarora 50 in September.

Rahmer earned the pole for the 25-lap sprint car main with Lance Dewease starting in second and Rahmer got a good jump on Dewease as the start to get control.

Rahmer was running up on the backmarkers with Dewease in tow on the fifth lap when Dewease suddenly slowed and withdrew from the event, handing second spot over to Danny Dietrich.

In traffic, sixth starter Anthony Macri was closing on Dietrich and he was able to sneak by Deitrich for the spot on the ninth tour.

The only caution flag of the race unfurled on the 10th tour for a stopped Lucas Wolfe.

Macri kept Rahmer in his sights on the restart and when Rahmer again entered traffic with nine laps to go, Macri began gaining ground for the lead.

During the final five laps, Rahmer was forced to drop off of his top lane to get through traffic, allowing Macri to close even more along with a rebounding Dietrich.

Dietrich muscled by Macri to reclaim second with three laps to go and mount a bid for the win.

As the front pair crossed under the white flag for the final lap, Dietrich was nose to tail with Rahmer but as he set the car into the first corner, Dietrich nailed the outside wall, giving up his chance at the win.

And the contact then allowed Macri to close enough over the final half lap to steal the runner-up spot back into his clutches just before the finish.

Rahmer took the victory by 1.350 seconds over Macri with Dietrich finishing third followed by Logan Wagner and Dylan Cisney.

Sixth through 10th went to TJ Stutts, Trey Starks, Cory Haas, Tyler Reeser and Ryan Taylor.

Heats went to Justin Barger, Dietrich and Cisney.

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Feature Finishes



410 Sprints, 25 laps: 1. Freddie Rahmer, 2. Anthony Macri, 3. Danny Dietrich, 4. Logan Wagner, 5. Dylan Cisney, 6. TJ Stutts, 7. Trey Starks, 8. Cory Haas, 9. Tyler Reeser, 10. Ryan Taylor, 11. Steve Buckwalter, 12. Jim Siegel, 13. Mike Wagner, 14. Justin Whittal, 15. Justin Barger, 16. Joey Hershey, 17. Adrian Shaffer, 18. Kyle Moody, 19. David Franek, 20. Kody Lehman, 21. Greg Plank, 22. Lucas Wolfe, 23. Jared Esh, 24. Lance Dewease

DNS: Ryan Smith