Rusty Smith Wins The 46 Lap Doug Worthing Tribute Race Taking Home $2,063 With Additional Bonus Money

KIRKWOOD, NYIncredibly successful night honoring the “Junkyard Jet”, Doug Worthing. A 46-lap modified feature was ran in his tribute paying $2,063 to win and over $1,700 in bonus money went to drivers all throughout the field. Doug is one of the 50 greatest racers of all time at the track with 46 feature wins, hence why the race was ran 46 laps. We had invaders such as big names like, Stewart Friesen, his wife Jessica, Pat Ward, ad Danny Johnson. Along with them we had many drivers from all over the state as all other tracks that had races scheduled had cancelled due to weather. The pits and stands were packed as we had 157 cars in the pits for a phenomenal night of racing.

The Doug Tribute 46-lap Sunoco Modified race was led to green by Butch Getz and Brett Tonkin. Lap 1 there was a big pile up on the backstretch, causing tempers to flare. Getz and Tonkin lead the field to the restart. Tonkin breaks lap 8 bring out the caution. Lap 12 Stewart Friesen takes the lead over Getz until lap 17 when Friesen’s rear end broke. Getz and Petrilak led the field to the green on the restart. Petrilak led the field until lap 43 when he slowed on the front stretch. Danny Johnson then claimed the lead until 2 laps later when his rear end broke. Rusty Smith ended up leading the last lap after starting 19thbecause he didn’t make it in through his heat and ended up having to run a consi. He took his number 34 BLUEOX machine to Victory Lane. Where he got to hold the big check for $2,063. Smith was followed by Getz, Gibbs, Malcolm, and Worthing.

The INSINGER Performancer Crate Sportsman’s were led to the green by Brandon Fritsch and Travis Green. Fritsch fell back a few spots after the green. Bringing Corey Cormier to second. Todd Titus then spins pulling out the caution on lap 2. Bringing Cormier and Green side by side on the restart. Where Cormier led the field the rest of the way through the caution filled race. Cormier was followed by Gary Smith, Travis Green, Tommy Collins, and Dustin Jordan.

The 600cc Modified’s were led to the green by Korey Inglin and Jared Green. Inglin led to almost the half way point until he broke. Bringing Jared Green to the lead. Green led the race the rest of the way. Matthew Warner was on his back bumper the last few laps but never got by him. Green was followed by Warner, Randal, Beebe, and Mills.

Lightning Cat Experts were led to the green by Kenny Underwood and Caleb Lacey. The race was extremely caution filled. Mike Robinson came from 12thplace to win the feature over Nick Kennedy, Trevor Williams, Kenny Underwood, and Caleb Lacey.

Lightning Cat Novice class was led to the green by Owen Clark and Bethany Bertram. Walter Decker ended up winning the race over Owen Clark, Bethany Bertram, Ashley Slater, and Billy Colwell.

The Factory Stock race will be rain next weekend as they will now have a double header.

SUNOCO MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (46): RUSTY SMITH, Butch Getz, Mitch Gibbs, Brian Malcolm, Byron Worthing, Shawn Walker, Eddie Strada, Pat Ward, Tyler Siri, Richard Smith, Danny Johnson, Nick Nye, Nick Petrilak, Scott Landers, Joey Colsten, Matt Cole, Brad Weaver, Brandon Walters, Brad Szulewski, Stewart Friesen, Tyler Hart, Brett Tonkin, Steve Babciek, Mike Colsten, Barry White, DQ- Dan Creeden.

INSINGER CRATE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  COREY CORMIER, Gary Smith, Travis Green, Tommy Collins, Dustin Jordan, Kyle Pierce, Hunter Lapp, Rich Talada, Tyler Peet, Ajay Potrzebowski Jr., Randy Fox, Daniel Morgiewicz, Blaine Klinger, Brandon Fritsch, Tom Hampton. Bubba Heskall, Jordan Lawrence, Tyler Thompson, Addison Bowman, Todd Titus, Brandon Edgar, Russel Benke, Doug Snyder, Connor Brown.

XCEL 600 MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): JARED GREEN, Mathew Warner, James Randal, Chelsie Beebe, Zach Mills, Trent Warner, Justin Ladue, Adam Mudge, Korey Inglin, Samantha Brown, Eli Akshar, Ayden Morgan, DNS- Dominic Amato.

LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE (15): MIKE ROBINSON, Nick Kennedy, Trevor Williams, Kenny Underwood, Caleb Lacey, Jeremy Warren, Kevin Whitman, Randy Lane, 6X, Mat Mather, Josh Wilder, 21, Kenneth Evans, Phil Burns, Rich Wagner, Steve Lunn, Brian Salmini, Dave Simms, 95, Cory Brown, Jeff Degroat, Eric Rowley, Mike Ferris, Mikey Travis, Jeff Sterling.

LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (12): WALTER DECKER, Owen Clark, Bethany Bertram, Ashley Slater, Billy Colwell, Harley Burgess, Karissa Degroat.