Michael Storms Claims Win Number Two at Accord

ACCORD, NY – WRWD Country 107.3 Hosted “Salute to Vets” night at the Ulster County Bullring as a Storm started brewing during the Arkel Motors modified feature for the second time in two weeks!

Friday evening kicked off the weekend as our longtime supporters of the Accord Speedway – WRWD Country 107.3 hosted the evening’s events. Eight divisions were on hand which included the Slingshots.

The Arkel Motors Modifieds started their 30 lap feature with a pair of Ricci’s on the front row again with the Halmar #55 as the pole setter… unlike last week with Rich Ricci Jr. behind the wheel, it was Allison Ricci. On the outside was her brother Rich Ricci III.

As the green flag flew, the 55 of Allison Ricci would jump out to the early race lead as her brother in the 406 III would follow. There were a few early race cautions which would benefit a few of the drivers starting towards the back as they were able to navigate through the restarts and grab better positions on the track. Two drivers starting in the fourth row, the 97 of Danny Tyler and the 555 of Leo Fotopoulos would make it look easy jumping into the top five. Another caution would come out and Rich Ricci Jr. would now get himself up with the front runners.

A few drivers were now making their way from deep in the pack coming from the tenth to fifteenth stating sports. A lot of side by side racing between a pair of 17’s of Andy Bachetti and Jesse Marks were starting to make their way towards the front. Caution would fly again as the young gun of Fotopoulos got spun in turn two as he was in the top five. This is where it got interesting on the restart as opening night winner, Storms in the 14 would now be able to get a run on Ricci for the lead. Last week’s winner, Jimmy Wells in the 831 found a line on the track and made the pass for the second spot. Wells tried to run Down Storms trying the low side and the high side of the turns, but Storms was just that good. Bachetti and Marks were now in the top ten with Dan Creeden right behind. Caution flew again with only three laps remaining and the crowd was on their feet for the restart. All eyes were on Jimmy Wells, last week’s winner and Storms, the opening nights winner as they came off turn four for the restart. Allison Ricci was in the third position with Bachetti, Marks, and Creeden next in line… the fans placed their bets _ white flag flew and Michael Storms would grab the checkered flag with Wells finishing second. Allison Ricci, Bachetti, Marks, Creeden, Ricci Jr, Judge, Johnson, and Fotopoulos would round out the top ten

The Mid-Hudson Concrete Sportsman Feature had the 26s Mike Senecal and the 7of Jordan Lawrence on the front row. Senecal seemed to have some issues with his car as Lawrence would jump out front to grab the early race lead. Lawrence had his car dialed in all night he picked up his heat race win. Tyler Johnston, last week’s winner, started on the inside of the second row with Hunter Lapp on the outside. Right from the start, Lapp looked like he would be the one to beat as he was side by side with Lawrence. A few cautions would fly for cars spinning and Lawrence would be strong enough to jump back out front. As the race would get towards the final few laps, Lawrence would have a solid lead over Lapp as the number 7 of Lawrence would pick up the WRWD 107.3 feature win. Lapp would finish second with Johnston, Stevens, and Van Pelt rounding out the top five.

WRWD Country 107.3 Rookie Sportsman Feature had the 25 of Jason Armstrong and the 22 of Billy Fiske lead the field to the green flag. Last week’s winner Jared Miller would not make the feature event, but the pole setter, Armstrong was super-fast and would pick up the win. Brian Durbin, and Kevin Murphy would round out the top three

WRWD Country 107.3 NEWS Wingless Sprints Feature had the 6 of Steve Kyzer and the 91 of Mick D’aGostino bring the field to the green and D’aGostino would jump right out to the lead. D’Agostino was the man to beat all night as he blasted out to the race lead and would pick up the win. The 3 of Jeremy Quick finished in the second spot and Steve Kyzer rounded out third.

Upstate Auto Pure Stock Feature would see the 22j of Jay Smalley use his inside front row starting position to sail out to an early lead which would bring him to the checkers. Smalley gets the WRWD 107.3 victory for the second week in a row over John Hechinger and Emerson Cargain Jr.

Dan’s Towing Fireball 4 Cylinder Feature would see the 98 of Conklin and the 1016 of Kingeter take the field to green. Kingeter looked dominant as he led most of the race until a late race spin and he would finish 3rd. Mike Travis was fast and took advantage of the cautions and would pick up the win from the 5th starting spot. Tim DeGrote would finish second.

All Star Junior and Senior Slingshots ran a combined feature with the AR15 of Ashley Rogosich grabbing the win and Bam Bam Pinkerous winning in the Juniors.

Special Thanks to WRWD Country 107.3 for presenting the nights events and long-time support! We also want to thank Uncle Mike from the station for helping out tin the announcer’s booth and presenting an amazing opening ceremony.

Special thanks to Gary and Donna Palmer for presenting another fantastic show at the Accord Action Track!

This Friday, June 7th HO Penn Presents the night’s racing with all divisions on the night’s program. Saturday June 8th will offer the 1st Annual Vintage Day will be at the track. Noon until 4 PM, track will be open for all vintage to race. $50 for car and driver to get in.

Arkel Motors Modifieds: Michael Storms, Jimmy Wells, Allison Ricci, Andy Bachetti, Jesse Marks, Dan Creeden, Rich Ricci Jr., Joe Judge, Tommy Johnson, Leo Fotopoulos, Geoff Quackenbush, Randy Green, Tyler Treacy, Rich Ricci III, Tighe Sherlock, Jeff Hoetzler, Corey Lowitt, Lenny Helmich, Richard Smith, Nick Johnson, John Lutes Jr, Kyle Van Duser, Kevin Krom, Jim Maher, Danny Tyler, Kurt Hundeland

Mid-Hudson Concrete Sportsman: Jordan Lawrence, Lapp, Johnston, Stevens, Van Pelt, Feinberg, Morgiewicz, Murphy, Kendall, Doolittle, Carlough, Senecal, Murphy, Loiodice, Baldwin, Paulison, Green, Shultz, Corbin

WRWD NEWS Sprints: Mick D’Agostino, Quick, Kyzer, Traver, Malley

WRWD Rookie Sportsman: Jason Armstrong, Durbin, Murphy, Williams, Brewer, Higbie, Cogswell, Bridges, Helmich, Dempsey, Fiske, Cole Jr.

Upstate Auto Pure Stocks: Jay Smalley, Hechinger, Cargain Jr, Kanuk, Clark, Shaddock, Sleight, Predmore, Henry, Taylor, Goetschius

Dan’s Towing Fireball 4 Cylinder: Mike Travis, DeGrote, Kingetrer, Smith, DeGroat, Conklin, Bleau, Rion, King, Dyer, Bendell, DeGraw, Heady, Cogswell, Barringer, Barringer