Farnham Career Best in Mods; Port Modified Top Five Quotes – DTD Exclusive


Matt Sheppard won again, but what was actually more interesting at Weedsport on Sunday night were the other members of the top five.

Sheppard, on victory hill said, “I had a really good race car. It might be too weeks to late after the Super DIRT Series race here, but I’ve been good here the last few races. Tonight I stayed with them and bided my time. The car gets better and better as the race goes on.”

Meanwhile, the second place runner Matt Farnham might have turned a few heads as he led the early portion of the event.

Farnham is new to big-block racing and said, “I’ve never been good here. After the heat race (where he finished third) we just took a swing for the fence. We changed the setup. We did some real crazy stuff. I needed to find something and we found some of that last night at Canandaigua. After I drew the pole for tonight I knew the only shot we had was if we went crazy and simply see what it did.”

Farnham was pressured by Chris Hile and Jimmy Phelps throughout the 35 lapper. At one point Hile even got past him for the lead only to have the 7F rebound to go back in front.

Third place Hile had a smile on his face despite being forced to run the high side most of the race.

He noted, “I needed more on the outside. It was just so much better on the bottom, but there were only two ways to get past Matt and it was either muscle my way under him or go to the outside. I could get close, but couldn’t get the move to stick. We are getting better and better. Last time here we started 16th in the tour race and finished seventh. We’ll tweak the setup a bit and hopefully get better.”

Addressing the run of the rookie Farnham he said, “Matt ran a great race. He didn’t screw up and really held his line.”

Fourth place Jimmy Phelps wore two hats on Sunday as he was a driver and the promoter. By the time DTD reached his hauler he was off doing other necessary duties.

However, fifth place Kyle Coffey was more than content with his run as he said, “I’m very happy. It is my best finish here.”

He locked himself in fifth in the early going and was relatively unchallenged. He noted, “I had clean air most of the race. I started to close in bit on Matt, Chris and Jimmy, but they were good in traffic and I couldn’t get there. After winning the heat race I felt good and this is the best I’ve felt here.”