Raabe Grabs First Checkered Flag Of 2019 At Airborne

PLATTSBURGH, NY – Alexandria, Ont. Driver Chris Raabe, aced a restart in the closing stages of the Egglefield Brothers Ford 358 Modified feature event.

Matt Depew and George Foley traded the lead in the early going of the feature, before Raabe took over just past the halfway point of the 30 lap event.

Raabe got out to a half a straightaway advantage before a caution came out with three laps left to bunch up the field.

Off the restart, Raabe won the drag race to turn one, and held off Gagne to win his first of the year.

Gagne would settle for second, Steve Bernier would come home third, Foley would finish fourth, and Mueller would round out the top five.

For the fourth time in 2019, Corinth, NY campaigner Connor Cleveland made his way to victory lane in the Poirer’s True Value Sportsman division.

It only took Cleveland 14 laps to wrestle the lead away from early race leader Mike Palmer.  He then had the advantage on a number of restarts, holding off Adam Pierson en route to the win.

Pierson would grab another top three coming home second, Mike Phinney was third, Jamy Begor fourth, and Palmer fifth.

Alburgh, Vt. driver Michael Wright led wire to wire to take home his first win of the season in the Ernie’s Discount Tools Super Stocks.

Shawn Duqette tried to back to back, but just couldn’t get his car to the back bumper to have a shot at the 78.

Duqette was second, Brent Jarvis third, Tylor Terry fourth, Jim Mckiernan fifth.

D.J. Gonyo ran down early race leader Lee Barcomb in the late stages of the Novice Sportsman feature, for his first career win.

Gonyo was back about 15 car lengths, before getting by the Barcomb with a few laps to go.

Barcomb would hold on for second, R.J. Tressider third, Robert Laware fourth, and Justin Stone fifth.

Nathan Smart would grab the lead early, and hold on to win the Chris Frennier Motorsports Strictly Stocks that was called after 17 laps due to rain.

Caleb Tourville would finish second,  Josh Laporte third, Matt Leonard fourth, and Jake Barrows fifth.

EGGLEFIELD FORD 358 MODIFIEDS- 1. Chris Raabe, 2. Dany Gagne, 3. Steve Bernier, 4. George Foley, 5. Jessey Mueller, 6. Matt Woodruff, 7. Matt Depew, 8. Elmo Reckner, 9. Jackie Brown, 10. Josianne Plante, 11. Preston Forbes, 12. Maxime Plante, 13. Ryan Mclean, 14. Jake Scarborough, 15. Christophe Lupien, 16. Jeffrey Lepalme, 17. Mike Mahaney, 18. Patrick Dupree, 19. Lance Willix

Poirer’s True Value Sportsman- 1. Connor Cleveland, 2. Adam Pierson, 3. Mike Phinney, 4. Jamy Begor, 5. Mike Palmer, 6. Bucko Branham, 7. Chris Frennier, 8. Travis Bruno, 9. Nick Heywood, 10. Devin Willis, 11. Jack Speshock, 12. Delbert Lagrow, 13. Codie Aubin, 14. Patrick Picotin, 15. Corey MCcoy, 16. Derrick McGrew Jr. 17. Chris Cayea, 18. Joey Scarborough, 19. Kyle Hoard, 20. Mike Wells, 21. Andy Heywood, 22. Christopher Cormier, 23. Brian Mcginley 24. Tanner Forbes, 25. Justin Severance, 26. Jamie Lafountain, 27. Jason Bruno, 28. Dylan Rabtoy, 29. Jason McClatchie, 30. Lonnie Rivers

Ernie’s Discount Tools Super Stocks: 1. Michael Wright, 2. Shawn Duquette, 3. Brent Jarvis, 4. Tylor Terry, 5. Jim Mckiernan, 6. Joe Daniels, 7. Tyler Irwin, 8. Rolland Guay, 9. Matt Leonard, 10. Mark Caron, 11. Curt Giventer, 12. Zach Daniels, 13. Jared Blake, 14. Cam Gadue, 15. Josh Terry, Tony Salerno-DNS

Chris Frennier Motorsports Strictly Stocks- 1. Nathan Smart, 2. Caleb Tourville, 3. Josh Laporte, 4. Matt Leonard, 5. Jake Barrows, 6. Chuck Mooney, 7. Nathaniel Guay, 8. Cody Agoney, 9. Michael Daniels

Novice Sportsman-  1. Dale Gonyo, 2. Lee Barcomb, 3. R.J. Tressider, 4. Robert Laware, 5. Justin Stone, 6. Codie Meyers, 7. Corey Castell, 8. Josh Pete, 9. Mark Fewster, 10. James Venditti