Information and Live Updates from Eldora Speedway for the Super DIRTcar Series – DTD Exclusive

ROSSBURG, OH – The Super DIRTcar Series has returned to the Eldora Speedway for the first time since 2017 with 29 cars entered into the event.  Six different drivers have won events at Eldora in the past with the Super DIRTcar Series.  Will there be a new winner or will one of our former winners find their way back to victory lane?

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Past Winners
2017 Billy Decker, Billy Whittaker (invitational)
2016 Tim Fuller, Matt Sheppard (invitational)
2006 Tim Fuller
2003 Danny Johnson
2002 Brett Hearn

Super DIRTcar Series Roster
2L Jack Lehner
R2 Rusty Smith
3RS Mike Marlar
6JH Josh Hohenforst
5H Chris Hile
7F Matt Farnham
9T Will Thomas
10B Dave Blaney
13R Rick Regalski
14W Ryan Watt
17 Marcus Dinkins
20 Brett Hearn
21A Peter Britten
21J Danny Johnson
23C Kyle Coffey
25 Erick Rudolph
26 Ryan Godown
35 Mike Mahaney
44 Stewart Friesen
37 Paul St. Sauveur
37MD Jeremiah Shingledecker
47 Chris Grbac
88 Mat Williamson
91 Billy Decker
98H Jimmy Phelps
99L Larry Wight
111 Demetrios Drellos
165 Rex King Jr.

Photo Galleries
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Heat Race – Mike Mallett Photos – CLICK HERE

Group 1 – Qualifying
Matt Farnham, Ryan Watt, Demetrios Drellos, Mike Mahaney, Dave Mahaney, Jimmy Phelps, Stewart Friesen, Rex King Jr, Erick Rudolph, Billy Decker

Group 2 – Qualifying
Mike Marlar, Brett Hearn, Chris Grbac, Danny Johnson, Chris Hile, Marcus Dinkins, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Josh Hohenforst, Mat Williamson, Rick Regalski

Group 3 – Qualifying
Will Thomas, Ryan Godown, Paul St. Sauveur, Jack Lehner, Kyle Coffey, Rusty Smith, Larry Wight, Matt Sheppard, Peter Britten


4pm – In a quick conversion with Mat Williamson, he confirmed that the Super DIRTcar Series is doing random drug testing for this event.

Group 1 – Time Trials

Billy Decker 16.303
Erick Rudolph 16.548
Demetrios Drellos 16.663
Jimmy Phelps 16.665
Rex King Jr. 16.696
Mike Mahaney 16.778
Matt Farnham 16.853
Stewart Friesen 16.904
Dave Blaney 17.144
Ryan Watt 17.194

Group 2 – Time Trials

Mat Williamson 16.437
Brett Hearn 16.524
Danny Johnson 16.684
Jeremiah Shingledecker 16.874
Josh Hohenforst 16.998
Chris Hile 17.127
Rick Regalski 17.239
Marcus Dinkins 17.697
Mike Marlar 18.041
Chris Grback 18.044

Group 3 – Time Trials

Matt Sheppard 16.758
Paul St-Sauveur 16.821
Peter Britten 16.842
Jack Lehner 16.961
Larry Wight 16.961
Will Thomas 16.963
Kyle Coffey 16.983
Ryan Godown 17.097
Rusty Smith 17.964

Time Trial Note
Stewart Friesen indicated that his motor was “lying down” so they will be going to a backup car for heat race action.

Heat Race Line-Ups

Heat 1 @SuperDIRTcar @EldoraSpeedway LU: Decker, Rudolph, Drellos, J Phelps, King Jr., Mahaney, Farnham, Friesen, Blaney, Watt

Heat 2 @SuperDIRTcar @EldoraSpeedway LU: Williamson, Hearn, D Johnson, Shingledecker, Hohenforst, Hile, Regalski, Dinkins, Marlar, Grbac

Heat 3 @SuperDIRTcar @EldoraSpeedway LU: Sheppard, St-Sauveur, Britten, Lehner, Wight, Thomas, Coffey, Godown, R Smith

Heat Race Finishes

Heat 1 @SuperDIRTcar @EldoraSpeedway Fin: Erick Rudolph, Rex King Jr., Billy Decker, Stewart Friesen, Jimmy Phelps, Dave Blaney, Ryan Watt, Demetrios Drellos, Matt Farnham DNF Mike Mahaney

Heat 2 @SuperDIRTcar @EldoraSpeedway Fin: Brett Hearn, Mat Williamson, Josh Hohenforst, Danny Johnson, Chris Hile, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Mike Marlar, Chris Grbac, Marcus Dinkins DNF Rick Regalski

Heat 3 @SuperDIRTcar @EldoraSpeedway Fin: Matt Sheppard, Peter Britten, Larry Wight, Paul St-Sauveur, Jack Lehner, Ryan Godown, Will Thomas, Rusty Smith DNF Kyle Coffey

Heat Race Notes
Stewart Friesen was put to the rear for not reporting a car change to Super DIRTcar Series officials.  He’ll start scratch in the feature…

Mike Marlar is a scratch for the night after the heat race with the 3RS…

Paul St-Sauveur made the redraw for the first time as a result of his fourth place finish in the heat race…

Mike Mahaney to a backup car, he’ll also start at the tail…

The @SuperDIRTcar @EldoraSpeedway Line-Up
1 Rex King Jr
2 Billy Decker
3 Danny Johnson
4 Paul St-Sauveur
5 Erick Rudolph
6 Josh Hohenforst
7 Larry Wight
8 Mat Williamson
9 Peter Britten
10 Matt Sheppard
11 Brett Hearn
12 Jimmy Phelps
13 Dave Blaney
14 Chris Hile
15 Jack Lehner
16 Ryan Watt
17 Jeremiah Shingledecker
18 Ryan Godown
19 Demetrios Drellos
20 Will Thomas
21 Matt Farnham
22 Chris Grbac
23 Rusty Smith
24 Marcus Dinkins
25 Kyle Coffey
26 Rick Regalski
27 Mike Mahaney
28 Stewart Friesen
Feature Recap
Rex King Jr., holds off Billy Decker on the opening lap to take the lead with Decker and Wight battling for second.
King controls the early pace with Wight wrestling second from Decker on lap five.
We get our first caution on lap seven as Godown slows on the backstretch and heads into infield.
The green is out once more on lap 10 with Wight challenging King for the lead.  King got a good run off the bottom and continues to lead with Sheppard now to third.
Sheppard takes the second spot from Wight on lap 14 as King continues to show the way.  Wight and Sheppard continue to battle one another for second.  Wight down low and Sheppard through the middle.
As we reach lap 20, King is holding is own out in front with Sheppard starting to close the gap.  Then it’s Wight, Decker, Rudolph the top five.
With 21 laps in King is now in traffic, Sheppard close while Rudolph works Wight for third.
Both King and Sheppard working way down low on the speedway as we get a yellow on lap 25 as Chris Grbac slows and stops on the frontstretch.
The race is green again on lap 31 as King and Sheppard get on the throttle.  King dives low going into turns one and two, but Sheppard gets the lead through the middle.
Here comes Sheppard, he’s up to eighth from last with 34 laps complete in the main-event.
With 35 in the books, Sheppard leads King, Rudolph, Wight, Decker.
It’s all Sheppard as he opens the gap on the field with 40 laps complete.  Rudolph now goes by King on lap 41 to take the runner-up position.
King is now in a dogfight for third as he’s got Decker all over him in traffic for the spot.  Decker working the cushion as King stays in the middle groove.  There are 45 laps complete.
At the halfway point it’s all Sheppard, who is now working in the cushion, out in front then Rudolph, Decker, King, Wight, Williamson, Johnson, Friesen, Farnham, Drellos.
Williamson starting to make some moves, he’s working Wight for the fifth position as he runs the bottom of the track and he takes the spot on lap 52.
As Sheppard works traffic, Rudolph is starting to chip away at the advantage.  He’s making ground rim-riding it all the way around the half-mile.
Rudolph is there as he goes high, Sheppard goes low and we have a race for the lead on lap 58 and now caution lap 59 as Smith slows with issues.  Sheppard leads Rudolph, Decker, Williamson, Wight, King, Johnson, Friesen, Farnham, Drellos.
Lots of drivers pitting under the yellow including Hearn, Britten, Hohenforst, Watt and others.  Tire changes the norm right now.
Alright here we go, we are racing one more time on lap 64.  Sheppard feeling the pressure from Rudolph.  He’s on the top, Rudolph tried the bottom.  Williamson takes third.
Sheppard very good so far in open track, Rudolph chasing, but he’s got his own issues as Williamson challenges him on lap 70.
Now Sheppard is working the wall in turns one and two and the bottom in three and four.  Rudolph is doing the exact opposite.  It’s a battle now with 74 complete.
Rudolph to the lead on lap 75, he gets the run off the bottom of turns three and four.
Williamson closing in on Sheppard for second as we get to lap 78.  Sheppard is searching high and low to get back to Rudolph.
Rudolph leads lap 80 over Sheppard, Williamson, Decker, King, Wight, Friesen, Hile, D Johnson, Godown.
Sheppard struggling now as he loses second to Williamson on lap 81 with Decker getting third on lap 82.
There are 15 laps to go for Rudolph as he pulls away.  Williamson and Decker are battling hard for second.  So far so good for Williamson.
Decker is going to get second now as he goes by Williamson with 12 laps to go in traffic.
Caution lap 92 as Hile slows to a stop on the frontstretch.  Rudolph leads Decker, Williamson, Sheppard, King, Wight, Friesen, D Johnson, Godown, Mahaney.
Green lights are back on.  Rudolph gets away from the field to lead lap 93.
Five laps to go for Rudolph as he leads.  Decker and Williamson continue to wage war for the second spot.  Then it’s Sheppard and King Jr.
Erick Rudolph wins @SuperDIRTcar @EldoraSpeedway over Billy Decker, Mat Williamson, Matt Sheppard, Rex King Jr., Wight, Godown, Friesen, D Johnson, Mahaney