Brett Haas Reflects On Career Season At Lebanon Valley Speedway

Brett Haas Racing / FOURWIDE

Brett Haas, the driver of the #55 Mildred Elley 358 Modified, is excited to wrap up the Lebanon Valley Speedway Points Championship in 2nd Place, picking up three wins along the way.

At the end of the ’18 season the team decided to be proactive and make sure that they make the best out of each and every week at the track and to try understanding our car even further from some of the best drivers and teams in the country, so they attended the Performance Racing Industry trade show. The trip proved to be a big stepping stone into the ‘19 season , as theywere able to make contacts with many people and get a much more insightful understanding of what we need to do to prepare for the ’19 season, while also picking up new partnerships from FK Rod Ends and Billstein Shock Absorbers.

Brett Haas takes us into his ‘19 season : 

How do you feel the year went ? The year surpassed all expectations we had coming into the season. The championship was the end goal, but we know how tough the small block class is at the Valley. Coming up one spot short is nothing to hang our heads about with the consistency we’ve had, having an 82% rate of finishing in the top 5. I don’t want to let it sound like we had our expectations low, but with the up’s & down’s of last season, we wanted to set realistic goals. Mission accomplished.

What do you think are some things that drove your success this year ? Preparation and focus. Right from the drop of of the green on lap 1 of the first race, our whole team was locked in and laser focused. There are continuous road bumps and curveballs that are thrown your way any given season, and we were able to adapt and overcome whatever we needed to which resulted in our consistency. We also had a few new additions to the crew and as everyone always says, good help is hard to find, and we were able to find good help. As a driver, it is reassuring knowing that I can drive into the corner confidently knowing that nothing got overlooked. That being said, we had no DNF’s either and that is what puts any team in position to win a championship.
What do you think you could improve or do differently ? I have to be honest and say I don’t think I would want to do anything differently than we did this year. This was a benchmark year for the team and my career, and it reiterates what needs to be done every year, both pre season, and during the season to be a winning/championship caliber team.
Any plans for post season , or ‘20 ? As of right now we do not have any concrete plans. I got married this week, so we are done racing for the year, which just gives us more time to prepare for 2020. The car will be stripped down to the bare chassis within the next few weeks. We are obviously always looking for ways to race more at Lebanon Valley and / or at different tracks, so we’re looking for marketing partners that would want to join our team.
I want to personally thank each and every one of my marketing partners for their support both on and off the track. They help to maintain our speed throughout the year, and we couldn’t compete at the level we do without their support by marketing with our team. To my crew, thank you for the sweat equity and loyalty to this team.
Not many teams turn into a family, but we did. To my family and my wife Abby : thank you for supporting me and not getting upset when I stain the driveway from scuffing the brake pads, or come home late Monday nights after working on the car. To my fans: Thank You for spending your weekends at the track supporting the #55. Your support is a key to our success. Thank you to the FOURWIDE for the second to none social media coverage, and letting us be a part of something that is truly reenergizing the racing industry.
MARKETING PARTNERS:  Mildred ElleyFK Rod EndsBilstein Shock AbsorbersBicknell Racing ProductsMJI TransportBushey’s Pool City, County Auto Wrecking, Gelinas Real Estate, PTW Lawn Services, Brooks LawncarePittsfield Lawn & Tractor, Inc., Sanitary Septic & Sewer, Elm St. Barber Shop, Fast Axle, Lander Inc., Munson Satellite, Boyd’s Motorworks, Dwyer Funeral Home, JAM Performance, Kindness Is Foundation, IncFourwide, RC Concrete, MAC Tools – Dave Prime Jr.