Jordan Poirier & Josh Pieniazek Win Patriot Mains During Fonda 200 Weekend

FONDA, NY – Double features were on the docket on Friday night for the Patriot Sprint Tour and in the first main event, it was Jordian Poirier who picked up the win after race leader Danny Varin pulled pitside with engine troubles.  Josh Pieniazek finished in second with Jordan Thomas, Jeff Trombley and Joe Trenca completing the top five.

In the regularly scheduled feature it was Josh Pieniazek who took the win, followed by Jordan Thomas, Jordan Poirier, Joe Trenca and Paulie Colagiovanni.

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THE EARL HALAQUIST MEMORIAL PATRIOT SPRINT TOUR 360 SPRINT MAKE-UP FEATURE FINISH FROM MAY 25 – 30-LAPS – JORDAN POIRIER, Josh Pieniazek, Jordan Thomas, Jeff Trombley, Joe Trenka, Davie Franek, Cory Sparks, Dalton Herrick, Pete Richardson, Roger Levesque, Danny Varin, Josh Flint, Bobby Varin, Dylan Swiernik (DNS), Kevin Carlson (DNS), Jared Zimbardi (DNS), Dustin Purdy (DNS)

PATRIOT SPRINT TOUR 360 SPRINT CAR FEATURE FINISH – 30-LAPS – JOSH PIENIAZEK, Jordan Thomas, Jordan Poirier, Joe Trenka, Paulie Colagiovanni, Jeff Trombley, Dalton Herrick, Steve Glover, Thomas Radivoy, Roger Levesque, Jonathan Preston, Mike Kiser, Davie Franek, Floyd Billington, Matt tanner, Pete Richardson, Link Pettit, Kyle Smith (DNS), Josh Flint (DNS), Cory Sparks (DNS), Bobby Varin (DNS), Danny Varin (DNS)

PATRIOT SPRINT HEAT RACE WINNERS: Paulie Colagiovanni, Joe Trenka, Jordan Thomas