Britten, Friesen, Wight and Davis Win Modified Qualifiers at Fulton – DTD Exclusive


Four 15-lap qualifiers for the Modifieds ran Friday night, with Peter Britten, Stewart Friesen, Larry Wight, and Ronnie Davis winning and taking guaranteed starting spots for the Outlaw 200.

Peter Britten started outside pole in the first qualifier and had the most uneventful race of all the winners. Once Britten broke free of Tyler Trump on the opening lap, Britten walked away and took the win by half a lap.

Stewart Friesen started fourth in his qualifier, but got up to second on the first lap. Friesen took advantage of a lap four restart to get by leader Brandon Walters, then ran away and hid to score the guaranteed spot over Ryan Godown.

Tom Sears Jr. and Rocky Warner spent the first ten laps of qualifier #3 with a great two-car battle. Said battle became a three-car with a handful of laps left, as Larry Wight drove from deep to catch the lead duo. After a hard battle in the final laps, it was Wight throwing a slider on Warner in the final corner to take the win by a nose.

Danny Johnson looked real strong in the final qualifier, but broke while leading. This handed the top spot to Ronnie Davis III, who held a narrow lead over Mike Maresca. Maresca did everything he could to get by Davis, but it was Davis getting the final guaranteed spot.

(Stadium International Trucks Outlaw 200 Modified Qualifiers 15 Laps) Winners get 17-20 starting spots in Outlaw 200. Winners can better their starting spots through Saturday qualifying.

(Modified Qualifier 1) – Peter Britten, Tyler Trump, Nick Nye, Michael Storms, Jeremy Dygert, Glenn Forward, Billy Shantel, Mitch Gibbs, Jessica Power, Mike Mandigo, Tim Sears Jr., DNS Garret Rushlow.

(Modified Qualifier 2) – Stewart Friesen, Ryan Godown, Billy Decker, Brandon Walters, Erick Rudolph, Chad Phelps, Roy Bresnahan, Dave Marcuccilli, Tyler Thompson, Will Shields, Tim Harris, Chris Hulsizer.

(Modified Qualifier 3) – Larry Wight, Rocky Warner, Tom Sears Jr., Ryan Arbuthnot, Chad Brachmann, Yan Bussiere, Jim Witko Jr., Billy Whittaker, Todd Root, Tyler Murray, Ben Bushaw, DJ Forbes.

(Modified Qualifier 4) – Ron Davis III, Mike Maresca, Chris Hile, Ronnie Johnson, Jimmy Phelps, Gary Tomkins, Pat Ward, AJ Kingsley, Cameron Black, Ryan Jordan, Danny Johnson.