King Sr. and Rasey Split Modified Heats on Steel City Stampede Qualifying Night

SARVER, PA – Though the night was cut short at The Action Track on Friday night due to track conditions, heats were run in four divisions to help line up Saturday evening’s main events. Millerstown Pic-A-Part DIRTcar/RUSH Pro Stock drivers Ryan Moyer and Corey McPherson were able to snag heat wins in their respective races on Friday night while Autumn-Motive Fest champion Chris Schneider took the honors in his heat race in Pro Stock action.

Former track champion Alex Ferree set the quick time in RUSH Late Model time trials and managed to take a heat race victory along with Bill Emig Memorial winner Max Blair, John Waters and Diehl Automotive Big Block Modified driver John Mollick. Blair, Matt Lux and Mike Pegher Jr took the honors as heat race winners with the Precise Racing Products Late Models and in Big Block Modified Action, Rex King Sr. and Jim Rasey took the wins their respective heat races.

The remaining heat races from Friday night will be run on Saturday starting at 2 PM. Grandstands will open at 1 PM with pits opening at 11 AM. Those who attended on Friday will need their armband or ticket stub for re-entry. Following the completion of the Friday night portion, the grandstands will be cleared and those fans with two day tickets or Saturday only tickets will be allowed in. The tentative start time for Saturday’s portion of the program is 5 PM.

DIRTcar Open Pro Stock Heat Race 1
(13x) Ryan Moyer
(948) Joey Zambotti
(17) Jackson Humanic
(18s) Martin Spade Jr.
(27) Tyler Dietz
(24) Tyler Wyant
(81) Mike Miller
(66) Joe Kelley
(49) Steve Mitchell
(25) Jason Fosnaught

DIRTcar Open Pro Stocks Heat Race 2
(55) Chris Schneider
(114) Daryl Charlier
(33X) Jim Nicely
(310) Dale Tuche
(104) Allen Lamb
(67X) Danny Rich
(28y) Terry Young
(54J) Jamie Colwell
(81s) Nate Smith
(22JR) Chase Lambert

DIRTCar Open Pro Stocks Heat Race 3
(C33) Corey McPherson
(7W) Bobby Whitling
(45) Todd Weldon
(25) Andrew Gordon
(29) Curtis Bish
(77) Heath Close
(3C) Barry Faris
(29B) Scott Byers
(7s) Alan Dellinger
(1M) Dennis Dellinger

RUSH Late Model Heat 1
(184X) Alex Ferree
(184) Kyle Lukon
(5Z) Robbie Scott
(10) Zach Kane
(21W) Bud Watson
(21) Kyle Murray
(15) Chad Sines
(42) Bob Springer
(09) Bill Kessler

RUSH Late Model Heat 2:
(11L) John Waters
(3J) Jeremy Wonderling
(1Z) Logan Zarin
(3) Bruce Hordusky
(90J) Mike Duritsky
(93X) Justin Lamb
(53) Scott Waters
(33X) Eric Hamilton
(5BAD) Tyler Allison

RUSH Late Model Heat 3:
(111) Max Blair
(11F) Ryan Frazee
(03) Garrett Paugh
(24B) Brad Mesler
(J19) Jason Fosnaught
(948) Joey Zambotti
(01W) Khole Wanzer
(112) Jacob Peterson
(3JX) Ricky Steigerwald

RUSH Late Model Heat 4:
(60) John Mollick
(91) Chad Homan
(14D) Braeden Dillinger
(7) Brian Knowles
(41B) Collin Burke
(22J) Josh Stoica
(58B) John Boring
(21J) Jamie Wrightsman
(11S) John Oaks

Precise Racing DIRTcar Late Models Heat Race 1:
(111) Max Blair
(94) Bryce Davis
(29) Kenny Schaltenbrand
(65) Derek Stefanick
(81) Mike Miller
(72) Michael Norris
(B1) Brandon Wearing
(W3) John Weaver

Precise Racing Products DIRTcar Late Models Heat Race 2:
(111) Matt Lux
(92W) Joel Watson
(14r) Clay Ruffo
(92) Jayme Beck
(21K) Joe Kienzle
(55) Chris Schneider
(84) Andrew Wylie
(217) Howard Farley

Precise Racing Products DIRTcar Late Models Heat Race 3:
(1C) Mike Pegher Jr.
(10) Jared Miley
(56) Russ King
(5L) Jon Lee
(91) Tommy Beck
(77) Tyler Dietz
(23) Tony Burke
(4s) David Scott

Diehl Automotive DIRTcar Big Block Modified Heat Race 1:
(65) Rex King Sr.
(37MD) Jeremiah Shingledecker
(165) Rex King Jr.
(27r) Dave Reges
(25) Chris Rudolph
(96) Mike Turner
(28H) Jimmy Holden
(83T) Ralph McBride
(75) Jeff Miller

Diehl Automotive DIRTcar Big Block Modified Heat Race 2:
(32) Jim Rasey
(83) Brian Swartzlander
(22) Kevin Long
(4J) John Mollick
(29) Garrett Krummert
(88) Shawn Fleeger
(26) Rick Richner
(13) Rick Regalski
(03) Mark Frankhauser

RUSH Late Model Time Trials
(184) Alex Ferree- 16.776
(11L) John Waters- 16.878
(111) Max Blair- 16.946
(60M) John Mollick- 16.982
(184) Kyle Lukon- 16.997
(90J) Mike Duritsky- 17.012
(11F) Ryan Frazee- 17.066
(91) Chad Homan- 17.114
(09) Bill Kessler- 17.134
(1z) Logan Zarin- 17.140
(J19) Jason Fosnaught- 17.169
(22J) Josh Stoica- 17.206
(5z) Robbie Scott- 17.206
( 3) Bruce Hordusky-17.206
(03) Garrett Paugh- 17.286
(7) Brian Knowles- 17.330
(10) Zach Kane- 17.330
(3J) Jeremy Wonderling- 17.349
(24B)Brad Mesler- 17.405
(14D) Braeden Dillinger- 17.439
(21) Kyle Murray-17.554
(53) Scott Waters- 17.643
(3JX) Ricky Steigerwald- 17.648
(21J) Jamie Wrightsman- 17.695
(21W) Bud Watson- 17.699
(93X) Justin Lamb- 17.806
(01W) Khole Wanzer- 17.980
(11S) John Oaks- 18.025
(15) Chad Sines- 18.055
(33X) Eric Hamilton- 18.071
(112) Jacob Peterson- 18.179
(58B) John Boring- 18.377
(42) Bob Springer- 18.622
(5BAD) Tyler Allison- 18622
(948) Joey Zambotti- 17.791- DQ