Bergeron Tops Eyler in First Ever DTD Lockdown Showdown Presented by

Alex Bergeron lived up to the hype on Saturday night in the first ever Dirt Track Digest iRacing Lockdown Showdown presented by at the virtual Knoxville Raceway.

Bergeron, of Drummondville, Que., was stalked the entire race by Thursday night winner Braden Eyler.  The duo swapped the lead numerous times before Bergeron wrangled the spot from him one last time with only a handful of laps to go to score the win and the $200 payday in the Dig Race Products 35-lap A-Main.

“This definitely means a lot,” state Bergeron after winning the Lockdown Showdown.  “Especially with what is going on in the world right now.  To be able to win these big races is very important for the stats, our team and myself.  I’m proud of what we achieved this week as a team and myself.”

The pole position belonged to Richie Preston by virtue of his win in the final heat race.  He quickly bolted to the front at the green while Bergeron moved from fourth into the runner-up spot.

Preston led the race into turns one and two on the second circuit, but Bergeron wasn’t happy with second and bolted by him on the bottom as they raced down the backstretch.

Preston chased Bergeron for a few laps before he felt the wrath of Eyler.  Eyler made his run to the outside and secured second just prior to the only caution of the feature on lap six.  Jesse Dakus came down the speedway in turn four coming together with Mason Hannagan causing him to spin.

The race restarted on lap 10 with Bergeron and Eyler beginning their duel.  Bergeron ran the low side with Eyler trying the middle and the top.  Bergeron elected to move to the outside a few laps later allowing Eyler to make a run at him.

Eyler got his first taste of the lead on lap 14 as he used a slide job in turns one and two in order to secure the top spot.  A lap later they remained together with the pair racing down the backstretch side-by-side.  Eyler just beat him to the line when they came off of four.

They stayed stuck together as they continued on with Eyler just keeping the top spot after exchanging multiple slide jobs.  He kept it until the 21st circuit when Bergeron was able just sneak in front of him at the start-finish line.

Eyler regrouped and continued to apply pressure.  They continued to run along-side one another all the way around the race track until Bergeron was able to use another slide job on lap 23 to solidify himself at the leader.

“It was a nice battle with Braden there,” cited Bergeron.  “I was running the bottom and I had to change my line a couple times.  I finally figured out the right line to run there and we were able pull away at the end.”

Nine laps were left when Bergeron hit traffic for the first time. By this point Eyler remained close, but Bergeron had enough space to make the moves necessary to keep the lead.

Bergeron was unflappable in traffic with Eyler searching for bite.  He knew he couldn’t run the same line so that forced him to move around on the race track.

As Bergeron and Eyler raced away, Brett Michalski found his rhythm and moved into third with three laps to go.  He final disposed of Billy Rowlee and Kevin Loveys for the position.

As the checkered flag flew it was Bergeron winning by just over a half of a second.  Eyler, of Franklin, Pa., put up a valiant effort only to come up just short at the conclusion of the main.

“That was fun,” said Eyler.  “I kind of beat him to bottom out of two there and then he got in front of me.  I missed it that one corner and we stayed about even the rest of the race.  He always drives a good race and raced me clean like usual.  It was a really fun.”

Michalski, a Pennsylvania Posse member, was happy to finish third behind two of the best iRacing has to offer.  Michalski made some moves when he had to in order to put himself on the podium at the end of the night.

“Those two guys, congratulations to them, they are in their own league,” said Michalski.  “I can get it done in the real stuff, but man, this iRacing stuff is a lot of fun. They know what’s going on.  I’m just trying to practice at it.”

New Paris, Ohio, resident, Rowlee finished in position number four while Lovey’s represented Ontario, Canada well with a fifth-place finish.

Bergeron set fast time with a lap of 15.093.  Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux heat race wins went to Bergeron, Brent Marks, David Gravel, Loveys, Eyler and Preston.  Brandon Planck won the 10-lap D-Main.  Shilo Boyce won the C-Main while Wyatt Brown took the 22-lap Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprint B-Main victory.

Dirt Track Digest’s next iRacing event, the Confinement Classic, is slated for April 23, 24 and 25 at the virtual Eldora Speedway.  The Confinement Classic will be broadcast on the Dirt Track Digest Facebook page along with a simulcast on Dirt Track Digest Tv for FREE each night.  Racing is slated to get underway on April 23 at 8 p.m.  The best iRacers in the country are set to take on some of the best the Northeast racing scene has to offer.

Stay tuned to Dirt Track Digest as well as our Facebook page for the latest about the upcoming Confinement Classic.  Check out for the latest in the world of Sprint Car racing.


1 Alex Bergeron
2 Braden Eyler
3 Brett Michalski
4 Billy Rowlee
5 Kevin Loveys
6 Troy Wagaman Jr
7 Craig Dunn
8 Richie Preston
9 David Flick
10 Wyatt Brown
11 Mason Hannagan
12 Quentin Young
13 Mike Mahaney
14 Brent Marks
15 Kyle Rochinski
16 Kevin Hanley
17 Ted Barcomb
18 Jesse Dakus
19 Maxime Paquette
20 David Gravel
21 Dustin Griffitts
22 Jordan Poirier
23 Connor Ross
24 Jeremy Zarfos

1 Wyatt Brown
2 David Flick
3 Kyle Rochinski
4 Kevin Hanley
5 Dustin Griffitts
6 Mike Mahaney
7 Kody Hartlaub
8 Jeffery Herrick
9 Brian Parr
10 Christopher Hockley
11 Travis Gagnon
12 Shilo Boyce
13 Richard Bates
14 Kyle Young
15 Anthony Perrego
16 Eric Rutz
17 Grant Wessley
18 Sam Reakes
19 Jacob Karklin
20 Joe Sease
21 Matthew Hearn
22 Adam Buchanan

1 Shilo Boyce
2 Kyle Rochinski
3 Grant Wessley
4 Matthew Hearn
5 Brian Zyck
6 Corey Heffron
7 Justin Carey
8 Tim Axton
9 Larry Moody
10 John Guarino
11 Madison Mulder
12 Brandon Plank
13 Ryan Susice
14 Stewart Friesen
15 Brad Patton
16 Bryce Bailey
17 Ryan Simmons

1 Brandon Plank
2 Bryce Bailey
3 Grant Wessley
4 Stewart Friesen
5 David Wilson
6 Tyler Driever
7 Aj Kingsley
8 Joe Kata
9 Larry Wight
10 Vanze Zachary

1 Alex Bergeron 15.093
2 Bryce Bailey 15.108
3 Stewart Friesen 15.125
4 Kevin Loveys 15.136
5 Braden Eyler 15.146
6 Richie Preston 15.147
7 Joe Kata 15.153
8 Brent Marks 15.161
9 Jesse Dakus 15.171
10 Troy Wagaman Jr 15.172
11 Brett Michalski 15.172
12 AJ Kingsley 15.172
13 Justin Carey 15.175
14 Craig Dunn 15.176
15 David Gravel 15.178
16 Maxime Paquette 15.179
17 Grant Wessley 15.182
18 Billy Rowlee 15.182
19 Mike Mahaney 15.182
20 Jeffrey Herrick 15.187
21 Jordan Poirier 15.192
22 Kyle Young 15.193
23 Dustin Griffitts 15.195
24 Larry Moody 15.195
25 Kevin Hanley 15.197
26 Brian Zyck 15.203
27 Christopher Hockley 15.203
28 Tyler Driever 15.204
29 Ted Barcomb 15.205
30 Quentin Young 15.210
31 Jeremy Zarfos 15.214
32 David Flick 15.218
33 Brian Parr 15.233
34 Travis Gagnon 15.224
35 Larry Wight 15.239
36 David J. Wilson 15.242
37 Michael Phelps 15.258
38 Mason Hannagan 15.261
39 Kyle Rochinski 15.262
40 Tim Axton 15.263
41 Corey Heffron 15.273
42 Jacob Karklin 15.277
43 Connor Ross 15.278
44 Adam Buchanan 15.279
45 Brandon Plank 15.282
46 Wyatt Brown 15.305
47 Eric Rutz 15.325
48 Kody Hartlaub 15.327
49 Anthony Perrego 15.336
50 Shilo Boyce 15.354
51 Matthew Hearn 15.355
52 Ryan Simmons 15.357
53 Richard Bates 15.358
54 Sam Reakes 15.362
55 John Guarino 15.382
56 Ryan Suscie 15.407
57 Joe Sease 15.416
58 Vanze Zachary 15.442
59 Brad Patton 15.448
60 Madison Mulder 15.709


1 Alex A Bergeron
2 Connor Ross
3 Jeremy Zarfos
4 Kevin Hanley
5 Anthony Perrego
6 Mike Mahaney
7 Michael Phelps
8 Justin Carey
9 John Guarino
10 Joe Kata

1 Brent Marks
2 Craig Dunn
3 Mason Hannagan
4 Jeffrey Herrick
5 David Flick
6 Adam Buchanan
7 Shilo Boyce
8 Brian Zyck
9 Ryan Susice
10 Bryce Bailey

1 David Gravel
2 Jordan Poirier
3 Jesse Dakus
4 Brian Parr
5 Christopher Hockley
6 Joe Sease
7 Matthew Hearn
8 Kyle Rochinski
9 Stewart Friesen
10 Brandon Plank

1 Kevin Loveys
2 Maxime Paquette
3 Troy Wagaman Jr
4 Kyle Young
5 Wyatt Brown
6 Travis Gagnon
7 Tim Axton
8 Ryan Simmons
9 Vanze Zachary
10 Tyler Driever

1 Braden Eyler
2 Brett Michalski
3 Ted Barcomb
4 Richard Bates
5 Dustin Griffitts
6 Eric Rutz
7 Brad Patton
8 Corey Heffron
9 Grant Wessley
10 Larry Wight

1 Richie Preston
2 Billy Rowlee
3 Quentin Young
4 Kody Hartlaub
5 Sam Reakes
6 Jacob Karklin
7 Madison Mulder
8 Larry Moody
9 David Wilson
10 Aj Kingsly

Alex A Bergeron Heat 1 winner courtesy of Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux $10.00
Brent Marks Heat 2 winner courtesy of Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux $10.00
David Gravel Heat 3 winner courtesy of Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux $10.00
Kevin Loveys Heat 4 winner courtesy of Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux $10.00
Braden Eyler Heat 5 winner courtesy of Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux $10.00
Richie Preston Heat 6 winner courtesy of Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux $10.00
Wyatt Brown B-Main winner courtesy of Empire Super Sprints $25.00
Kody Hartlaub “Just Missed” Award, Seventh place in the B-Main courtesy of Camp Mayhem $50.00
Alex A Bergeron A-Main 1st Place courtesy of $175.00
Braden Eyler A-Main 2nd Place courtesy of $125.00
Brett Michalski A-Main 3rd Place courtesy of $90.00
Billy Rowlee A-Main 4th Place courtesy of $60.00
Kevin Loveys A-Main 5th Place courtesy of $50.00
David Flick A-Main Hard Charger Award Courtesy of Jeremy Elliott’s $50.00
Alex A Bergeron A-Main 1st Place courtesy of Kyle DeMetro Racing $25.00
Kyle Rochinski A-Main 15th Place courtesy of Kyle DeMetro Racing $25.00
Braden Eyler A-Main 2nd place on Lap 27 in memory of Tom Ames courtesy of friends of Tommy $27.00
Brett Michalski Highest Finishing “Invited” driver courtesy of Jeremy Elliott’s $50.00
Mike Mahaney Highest Finishing Dirt Northeast Modified driver courtesy of Bill Brown & Company $20.00