Marcuccilli Masters Penn Can In 2020 Season Opener

SUSQUEHANNA, PA – Dave Marcuccilli picked up his first win of the season on Sunday night in the season opening event at the Penn Can Speedway.  Michael Maresca, fresh off a trip north from the STSS stop at Cherokee finished in second, with Alex Tonkin, Danny Creeden and David Schilling completing the top five.

Full story to follow.

Modified Feature Finish:  Dave Marcuccilli, Michael Maresca, Alex Tonkin, Danny Creeden, David Schilling, Richard Smith, Randall Paxton, TJ Lilly, Marshall Hurd, Josh Nobrian, Brian Malcolm, Darwin Greene, Joey Grammes, Lowden Reinerd, Bryon Worthing, AJ Portzembowski, Nick Petrilak, Ricky Davis, Danny Tyler, Shayne Spoonhower, Randy Foltz, Mike Trautschold, Tim Fulper, Jimmy Zacharias, Corey Cormier, Randall Paxton, Shawn Beardsley, Alan Rudalavage