Krummel Ices Sportsman Field, Claims Port Royal 50 Win – DTD Exclusive

Speed Showcase 40 - Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series fueled By Sunoco Velocita-USA presented by Design for Vision and Sunglass Central - Port Royal Speedway - 4H Brian Krummel, 4G Steve Davis

By: Bobby Sweeney

PORT ROYAL, PA – Brian Krummel had his way with the large Sportsman field at Port Royal, besting Joe Toth and 70 other entries to score the Short Track Super Series win.

Joey Bruning took the lead from Tanner Von Doren on an early restart during the 50-lap feature, with Bruning, Von Doren, and Bobby Flood battling for the lead in the opening stages. By lap 10, Flood was all over Bruning for the lead, but eyes were glued to the Ice Less teammates of Krummel and Steve Davis. Krummel led the duo, sliding into third by lap 12.

The gap between the top three quickly evaporated, with Flood, Bruning, and Krummel going three wide for the lead on lap 15. Flood took the top spot, but clipped the wall running the extreme top the next lap. This gave Krummel the opening he needed to roll through the middle and to the front.

By halfway, Davis had made it to second, joining his teammate at the front of the pack. Davis held close to Krummel for a number of laps, but by lap 37, Davis had fallen off pace of his teammate and was under fire from Joe Toth. With ten laps left, Toth had worked under Davis and eliminated Krummel’s lead.

Krummel held Toth at bay, a steady two car lengths back. In the final circuits, Krummel looked to be safe, but a caution with three laps left erased any lead. Krummel fired well, but another caution coming to the white flag gave Toth a final swing.

Once more, Krummel had a great restart, leaving Toth to play catch-up. A flawless final few laps from Krummel sealed the deal, with Krummel scoring the win in the first ever Sportsman race at Port Royal. Toth finished second, with Kevin Root, Davis, and Tim Hartman completing the top five.

“This is just totally cool,” Krummel said. “We took a break this summer to regroup, but I love winning and it’s awesome to come back and cap it off with this. I can’t thank this Ice Less team enough, they prepped me a real fast hot rod and it couldn’t have been better. Steve had an awesome run too, so it’s cool for the whole team. To win one here is great, I had it on my calendar ever since it’s been announced.”

Quick Results:

Ice Less 602 Crate Sportsman Feature (50 laps) – BRIAN KRUMMEL, Joe Toth, Kevin Root, Steve Davis, Tim Hartman, Stephen Kemery, Payton Talbot, Tanner Van Doren, Michael Ballestero, Will Shields, Corey Cormier, Michael Schane, Scott Hitchens, Bobby Flood, Tommy Collins, Justin Grosso, Derek McGrew, Chad Edwards, Doug Kline, Grant Hilfiger, Dakota Kohler, Sammy Martz, Dylan Smith, Joey Bruning, Joe Williams, Trent Willey, Ryan Shanahan, Ryan Simmons, Brett Tonkin, Thomas Sherby, Matt Meade, Josh Livingston, AJ Custodi, Cole Stangle, Ryan Anderson, Addison Bowman