Kofoid Wins Inaugural High Limit Racing Series Event at Lincoln Park

PUTMANVILLE, IN – Michael ‘Buddy’ Kofoid took advantage of slower traffic to win the opening event of the High Limit Racing Series on Tuesday night at Lincoln Park Speedway.

The California native won $23,633 after bonuses.  He was able to drive from ninth to the feature win.

Eventual second and third place finishers Justin Sanders and Cory Eliason got bottled up in traffic allowing Kofoid to take advantage.

He drove by them in the final 10 laps of the 35-lap race before pulling away to win by over two seconds.

Sanders finished in second with Eliason in tow  Rick Stenhouse Jr., finished in fourth with Zeb Wise completing the top five in the inaugural event.

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FINISH (35-LAPS): 1 Buddy Kofoid 2 Justin Sanders 3 Cory Eliason 4 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 5 Zeb Wise 6 Alex Bowman 7 Brady Bacon 8 Hunter Schuerenberg 9 Tyler Courtney 10 Kyle Larson 11 Justin Pecker 12 Travis Philo 13 Kevin Thomas Jr. 14 Zach Hampton 15 Chad Kemenah 16 Chris Windom 17 Cale Thomas 18 Brent Marks 19 Jason McDougal 20 Riley Goodno 21 Michael Moles 22 Justin Grant 23 Chase Stockon 24 C.J. Leary

DNQ: Skylar Gee, Tanner Carrick, Emerson Axsom, Chase Briscoe, Brian Hayden, McKenna Haase, Tim Crawley, Slater Helt, Trey McGranahan, Sam Scott, Marcus Dumesny