Jamy Begor KOD Most Popular Sportsman; Janzcuk Wins Title

WEST HAVEN, VT– Most Popular Sportsman Driver: King Of Dirt Racing has held Fall Madness Most Popular Driver Tournaments since 2015 with the intention of connecting drivers to fans across social networking. 2022 was no different, as 16 driver fan bases went toe-to-toe in an effort to win the honors and Jamy Begor came out on top.

Begor calls Airborne Speedway home on Saturday nights in Plattsburgh, NY where he had a successful season that included three wins on the year. His first win came back on June 11th, with his second coming on August 20th. His final win of the season came just a short time later on September 3rd.

To help propel him up the KOD leaderboard he also posted a handful of top five finishes, three sixth place finishes, and a seventh-place finish to his best 12, which all added up to Begor landing 16th on the Overall leaderboard out of 70 of the Northeast’s best registered competitors.

Jamy had to make a run during the KOD Fall Madness Most Popular Driver tournament with some pretty popular names in the world of Sportsman Modified racing, such as Joe Toth, Jason Gray, Tyler Corcoran, Mike Fowler, and the first lady of Sportsman racing Jessica Power. When the dust settled, his fans powered him through to the honors of Most Popular for 2022.

The Moors, NY racer did all this work during his 2022 campaign carrying support from sponsors like J&S Steel, Gioiosa’s Wine & Spirits, Begor’s Supply, and First Choice Restoration.

Begor may have to turn it up a notch to wear the crown, but nobody can deny he’s a popular kind of guy in the Sportsman kingdom. For his triumph in a loaded tournament full of feature winners and track champions, Begor will receive one free Hoosier racing tire courtesy of series owner and Devil’s Bowl Speedway promoter Mike Bruno.

KOD FALL MADNESS MOST POPULAR SPORTSMAN DRIVER TOURNAMENT NOTES: The 2022 King Of Dirt Racing Fall Madness Most Popular Driver Tournament for the Sportsman Modified division included the top 16 drivers in tour points. KOD is proud to connect drivers to fans across the Northeast with this unique social networking concept. The series is proud of all who took part including each and every driver who participated by sharing and interacting with their fan base. It was an intense and positive experience for all to share their support for their favorite driver no matter the tournament outcome. And that, is what it’s all about.

#1 – Matt Janczuk (Utica Rome)
#2 – Cody Mcpherson (Merrittville)
#3 – Chad Edwards (Fonda Speedway)
#4 – Joe Toth (New Egypt)
#5 – Payton Talbot (Utica Rome)
#6 – Gary Smith (Five Mile Point)
#7 – Chris Mackey (Fulton Speedway)
#8 – Tyler Corcoran (Can-Am Speedway)
#9 – Tim Hartman Jr. (Lebanon Valley)
#10 – Jessica Power (Brockville)
#11 – Ryan Simmons (New Egypt)
#12 – Jason Gray (Bear Ridge)
#13 – Matt Ellery (Bridgeport)
#14 – Travis Bruno (Airborne)
#15 – Mike Fowler (Can-Am Speedway)
#16 – Jamy Begor (Airborne)

For more information on King Of Dirt Racing point standings please visit us on the web for a full rundown at http://www.kingofdirtracing.com. Good luck to all drivers on their quest to be king.