Danny Bouc Wins ‘Salute To Our Veterans’ 40 at New Egypt

NEW EGYPT, NJ – Former track champion, Danny Bouc, proved to the large crowd in attendance Saturday night that he will be a strong contender for the 2023 title winning the Salute To Our Veterans 40 lap feature. The win was his second of the season and helped to strengthen his top five position in the current point standings.

For the second week in a row, young Paul Mancini led a potent field of twenty four into action with Davey Sammons second and Jack Butler third. The running order remained unchanged throughout the first six laps of the race when the first caution flag was displayed for a spinning Bryan Kuhl. With Kuhl able to rejoin the race, Mancini once again picked up the pace on the restart as Sammons moved into second.

With ten laps in the books, the second yellow flag was needed as Ryan Krachun and Anthony Tramontana came together on the backstretch. Krachun was unable to continue and Tramontana’s return was short-lived as he would exit the event five laps later. Mancini was again up to the restart challenge, but it was Justin Grosso who was showing his hand early, slipping into second on lap eleven. Finding the opening he was looking for two laps later, it was Grosso who was posted as the new leader on lap thirteen.

Taking over the runner up position one lap later was his brother, Brandon Grosso as current point leader Ryan Godown moved his CampOut/Izzi sponsored #26 into third on lap seventeen. Being two of the toughest competitors to sign into the pit area each and every week, Grosso and Godown hooked bumpers going into turn four on lap twenty one with both spinning. Fortunately both drivers were able to return to the race with Bouc now in second as the remaining competitors prepared for the restart.

Putting his years of experience to use, Bouc became the third different leader of the race on lap twenty three as Billy Pauch Jr. cracked the top three. The pace of the race accelerated as green flag conditions began to dominate the event with Matt Stangle now in fourth and Sammons still a contender in fifth. With lapped traffic now in Bouc’s sight, Justin Grosso knew he had one last chance to make a move with two laps to go. Taking the lead on lap thirty nine, it appeared as though the second generation driver might score the biggest win of his career. But when Bouc quickly rebounded, Grosso was eager to repay the favor. Unfortunately, while entering turn three, the Belle Mead driver lost the handle spinning in between turns three and four bringing out the caution flag.

He was able to rejoin the event for the final lap in which Bouc held off Pauch to take the top honors. The current number two man in points, Stangle, was third with Sammons fourth and Louden Reimert fifth. John McClelland crossed the line in sixth with Wade Hendrickson seventh, Godown eight, Ryan Godown Jr. ninth, and Jordan Watson tenth.

After missing the first event scheduled for the NEWS division due to engine issues, Brenden Hires has been a force to deal with as he won his second main event of the 2023 campaign in the twenty lap feature event. Larry Drake took the lead when the green flag fell, with Stan Ploski III second and Shea Wills third. Hires, who started in eighth, wasted no time in making his move as he quickly occupied position two on lap three and into the lead on lap six.

The race within the race was for third as Wills was solidly locked into second. Drake was doing his best trying to hold off current point leader Rich Mellor and defending champion Mick D’Agostino, but gave way to the duo with five laps to go. The two began to zero in on Wills for the runner up spot, but ran out of time as Hires scored the impressive win. Finishing in third was Mellor with D’Agostino and Drake fourth and fifth respectively.

Veteran driver Rob Ormsbee made only his second appearance of the season and again it was a flawless one as he won the fifteen lap Street Stock feature. Ormsbee won the first event of the season, but was among the missing for shows two and three. Three time speedway champion Bill Leidtka led the first three laps of the feature, but it was all Ormsbee who took the lead on lap four and went on to record yet another career win. Chris Lane had his fourth top three finish of the season taking second with Vern McLaughlin third, Spider Ensigner Jr. fourth and Liedtka fifth.

The Month of June kicks off with one of the biggest programs of the year as in addition to the Modifieds, Crate Sportsman, Street Stocks, 4-Cylinders, and Crate Rookies, Oliver Communications will present the ever popular Modified Match Races. The big show begins at 7PM with spectator gates ready to swing open at 5 PM.

Modified Heat Race Quick Results (10 Laps):
Heat #1: 1.) Justin Grosso 2.) John McClelland 3.) Danny Bouc 4.) Ryan Godown Jr. 5.) Matt Stangle 6.) Sammy Martz Jr. 7.) Clay Butler 8.) Sean Weiss 9.) Tim Apgar
DNS: Kevin Borden
Heat #2: 1.) Paul Mancini 2.) Jack Butler 3.) Ryan Godown 4.) Anthony Tramontana 5.) Jordan Watson 6.) Ryan Krachun 7.) Louden Reimert 8.) Billy Osmun 9.) Cale Ross 10.) Jim Housworth
Heat #3: 1.) Billy Pauch Jr. 2.) Brandon Grosso 3.) Wade Hendrickson 4.) Davey Sammons 5.) Bryan Kuhl 6.) DJ Hunt 7.) Steve Davis 8.) Kevin Vaclavicek 9.) Dakota Kessler
Modified Consi Quick Results (10 Laps):
1.) Billy Osmun 2.) Louden Reimert 3.) Clay Butler 4.) Cale Ross 5.) Steve Davis 6.) Kevin Borden 7.) Jim Housworth 8.) Kevin Vaclavicek 9.) Sean Weiss
DNS: Tim Apgar, Dakota Kessler
Modified Feature Quick Results (40 Laps):
1.) DANNY BOUC 2.) Billy Pauch Jr. 3.) Matt Stangle 4.) Davey Sammons 5.) Louden Reimert 6.) John McClelland 7.) Wade Hendrickson 8.) Ryan Godown 9.) Ryan Godown Jr. 10.) Jordan Watson 11.) Brandon Grosso 12.) Jack Butler 13.) Cale Ross 14.) Paul Mancini 15.) Billy Osmun 16.) Steve Davis 17.) Justin Grosso 18.) Sammy Martz Jr. 19.) Bryan Kuhl 20.) DJ Hunt 21.) Clay Butler 22.) Anthony Tramontana 23.) Kevin Borden 24.) Ryan Krachun
Heat Race Winners: Justin Grosso, Paul Mancini & Billy Pauch Jr.
Street Stock Heat Race Quick Results (6 Laps):
Heat #1: 1.) Bill Liedtka 2.) Spider Ensinger Sr. 3.) Vern McLaughlin 4.) Spider Ensinger Jr. 5.) Todd Dige 6.) Scott Riggleman 7.) Chris Halstead Sr. 8.) Scott Freed
Heat #2: 1.) Rob Ormsbee 2.) Chris Lane 3.) Brian Ludwig 4.) TJ Hewitt 5.) Gary Klimeczak 6.) Chris Halstead 7.) Ron Pavia 8.) Whitey Miller 9.) Dennis Seeley 10.) Joe Wolfe
Street Stock Feature Quick Results (15 Laps):
1.) ROB ORMSBEE 2.) Chris Lane 3.) Vern McLaughlin 4.) Spider Ensinger Jr. 5.) Bill Liedtka 6.) Brian Ludwig 7.) TJ Hewitt 8.) Gary Klimeczak 9.) Ron Pavia 10.) Chris Halstead Sr. 11.) Dennis Seeley 12.) Scott Freed 13.) Todd Dige 14.) Whitey Miller 15.) Spider Ensinger Sr. 16.) CJ Halstead 17.) Scott Riggleman 18.) Shane Grosso
DNS: Joe Wolfe
Heat Race Winners: Bill Liedtka & Rob Ormsbee
NEWS Heat Race Quick Results (8 Laps):
Heat #1: 1.) Larry Drake 2.) Rich Mellor 3.) Shea Wills 4.) Heidi Hedin 5.) Curt Sodano 6.) Joe Byer
Heat #2: 1.) Mick D’Agostino 2.) Brenden Hires 3.) Al Cheney 4.) Stan Ploski III 5.) Zack Brown
NEWS Feature Quick Results (20 Laps):�1.) BRENDEN HIRES 2.) Shea Wills 3.) Rich Mellor 4.) Mick D’Agostino 5.) Larry Drake 6.) Stan Ploski III 7.) Heidi Hedin 8.) Al Cheney 9.) Curt Sodano 10.) Joe Byer
DNS: Zack Brown�
Heat Race Winners: Larry Drake & Mick D’Agostino
TBM ‘Tough Brake” Award Winner: Zack Brown