Rochinski Becomes Fourth Different Modified Winner at Five Mile Point

KIRKWOOD, NY – Last season at Five Mile Point Speedway there were 13 different feature winners out of 14 races. Only Danny Johnson repeated.  This year the trend continues as Nick Rochinski became the fourth different Modified feature winner in as many races.  Leo McGurrin also became the fourth different winner in the Crate Sportsman in just four races this season.
The 30 lap Modified feature found a pair of former Sportsman competitors on the front row in Nick Rochinski and Brian Puckett.  At the drop of the green Rochinski raced out to the point and immediately pulled away from the field utilizing the outside of the quarter mile oval.  Mike Butler raced his way in to second place during the early going on the bottom of the quarter mile while Brett Tonkin used the middle of the speedway to race up to third.  In the middle of the pack Kevin Bates, Mike Colsten and tenth place starter Tyler Sir began to work their way forward.
Weekly the Modified division is one of the cleanest group of teams in the northeast as the main events often go with a maximum of one or two cautions.  Saturday was no different.  The first caution of the race flew on lap 11 unfortunately for second place runner Butler.  Butler, who tows up from New Jersey each Saturday has been fast but has chased mechanical woes throughout the beginning of 2017.  Butler came to a stop in turn 2 and had to be pushed pitside.
On the restart Rochinski found Tonkin now alongside him but that would not last long.  Rochinski again took to the outside and quickly opened up his advantage.  The next ten laps would again go caution free allowing Rochinski to pull away.  As Tonkin ran in second place Bates and Siri joined the conversation up front.  The trio put on a tremendous side by side battle for the runner-up slot.  As Bates and Tonkin ran side by side Siri made a bold three wide move to take over second on lap 17.  The caution flew on lap 21 for a spinning Brad Knapp.  On the restart Siri tried to keep pace with Rochinski but the outside was working to perfection for the race leader.  The battle for third place changed hands for the next several circuits as Bates and Tonkin put on a great display.
The final caution flew on lap 29 for another single car spin as Joe Krum lost it in turn 4 as the leaders approached. This provided Siri one last opportunity to cash in but Rochinski left no doubt it was his night on the final lap. Rochinski went on for his first win of the season with Siri finishing in second.  Bates edged out Tonkin for third with Brad Szluewski rallying late for fifth place.  Positions six through ten were filled by Puckett, Mike Colsten, Mike Loney, P.J. Goodwin and Glenn Knapp.  Second place finisher Siri followed up his last two finishes of third and second with another charge from mid pack to the front.
The 20 lap Crate Sportsman feature saw fifteen-year old Leo McGurrin winning his first ever feature event at the speedway.  His dad Tom had won in the Modified division at the speedway in the past.  McGurrin led the entire distance but it was not the typical fashion of the race as several drivers made charges to the front from deep in the field.  Several early cautions scrambled the field but the final 15 laps went caution free with excellent racing throughout the pack.  The final caution of the race flew on lap 5 and at that point McGurrin had Craig Turner in second at that marker.  When racing continued McGurrin quickly pulled away from the field.  All eyes were on Devon Zona who started last on the grid along with Kyle Rohner who re-started lap 3 from the rear of the field and the tandem of Tanner Harpell and Randy Fox who were involved in the lap 3 jingle as well.
As McGurrin opened his lead up front a couple of mid-pack starters Matt Cole and Randy Gates put on a solid effort as they too worked forward.  Cole took over second place on lap 9 and Gates hung solidly in the top five at that point as well.  Rohner was on a mission as he charged back to third place by the mid-way point of the race as he and Cole put on a great race for second.  As the race continued caution free McGurrin continued his quick pace out front.  On lap 18 Fox saw his night end as he pulled to the infield.  Rohner pulled past Cole on the final lap for second but McGurrin was out of site by this point.  At the finish it would be McGurrin, Cole, Gates and Zona coming all the way from nineteenth. Turner held on to sixth with Harpell rallying back for sixth, Brad Cicio, Moose Gulley and Tom Hampton completing the top ten.
Matt Bowman, Dan Mazzarese and Doug Stack put on an outstanding display during the 20 lap Street Stock feature event on Saturday.  The three drivers ran side by side and often three wide as they raced for the victory in the very competitive division.  On the final lap Mazzarese made one final bid on the high side of the speedway to try and work past Bowman as Stack looked to the low side.  Bowman was able to maintain his line and record the popular victory. Mazzarese wound up second over Stack.  Doug Polhamus and Ricky Davis completed the top five finishes. Like the Modifieds and Crate Sportsman Bowman became the fourth different winner in as many feature events this season.
Kenny Underwood recorded his second Lightning Cat Expert feature win of the season in that 15 lap affair. Underwood took the lead on lap 2 as he, Adam Gilbert (defending Track Champion) and Rick Lunn raced three wide for the point.  Once out front Underwood pulled ahead from the field as Gilbert ran in second place.  Nick Kennedy charged from his twelfth starting spot to take over second place on lap 10.  The second of only two cautions flew on lap 12 as Kennedy tried to make a bid for the race lead.  Kennedy was able to keep pace but Underwood held his line and would not relinquish the victory.  At the finish it was Underwood, Kennedy, Gilbert, Trevor Williams from his eleventh starting spot and Dave Simms rounding out the top five.
Eric Beach was a back to back winner in the 15 lap Factory Stock feature event.  Beach took the lead on lap 10 from 2015 Track Champion Chuck Culbertson.  Beach would go uncontested the remainder of the feature.  Three cautions slowed the event.
Dalton Maynard won his third straight Slingshot feature event over Blaine Klinger who again had to settle for the runner-up finish.  Maynard is the back to back Track Champion in the class.
Eleven year old D.J. Hunt won the Xcel 600 Modified North Touring event.  Hunt took the lead on the final lap from veteran racer Brian Carber.
Lightning Cat Novice action saw Jason Colwell, Jr. recording the victory in the 12 lap feature.
MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (30):  NICK ROCHINSKI, Tyler Siri, Kevin Bates, Brett Tonkin, Brad Szulewski, Brian Puckett, Mike Colsten, Mike Loney, P.J. Goodwin, Glenn Knapp, Jesse Kline, Travis Smith, Aleia Geisler, Joe Krum, Brad Knapp, Mike Butler, Brian Weaver, Matt Solomon. OPEN SPORTSMAN BONUS: Travis Smith ($150) – DNS:  Larry Mekic, Brian Malcolm, Joey Colsten, Ryan Jordan.
CRATE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): LEO MCGURRIN, Kyle Rohner, Matt Cole, Randy Gates, Devon Zona, Gregg Turner, Tanner Harpell, Brad Cicio, Moose Gulley, Tom Hampton, Tim French, Del Howell, Kyle Pierce, Jesse Velez, Todd Titus, Joe Guastella, Randy Fox, Mike Traver.  DNS – Tom Collins Jr., Garret Rushlow, Rich Coons, Tyler Thompson, Ben Bushaw.  Two $50 bonuses for Doug’s Speed Shop Will Be Drawn on 5/27 (teams in attendance on 5/6 eligible for bonus)…
STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):   MATT BOWMAN, Dan Mazzarese, Doug Stack Jr., Doug Polhamus, Ricky Davis Sr., Shane Wolf Jr., Ray Lindquist, Kevin Garland, Doug Stack Sr., Mike Chilson, Chuck Murray, Luke Decker, Kyle Stark. DNS – Jacob Fowlston, Jordan Dunagan, Bob Maynard, Keith Lamphere, Lanson Albanese, David VanBuren Sr.
FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  ERIC BEACH., Chuck Culbertson, Ryan Brockner, Zach Mills, Charlie Towner, William Manuel, Buck Mills Jr., Steve Mower, Matt Mallard, Joshn Towner, Phil Clapper, Kevin Skelly.  DNS – Buck Mills Sr., Harry Marvin, Jason Neyra, Alan Komar.
LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15): KENNY UNDERWOOD, Nick Kennedy, Adam Gilbert, Trevor Williams, Dave Simms, Andrew Brigham, Rick Lunn, Mat Mather, Chris Taylor, Frank Smith, Dave Bainbridge, Keith Beach, Jason Colwell, Jeremy Warren, Josh Wilder, Andy Bolles, Amanda Brigham, Sheldon Whitman.  DNS – Jimmy DiFulvio, Ronnie Welch, Mike Wilmot Jr, Caleb Lacey, Rich Wagner.
LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (12):  JASON COLWELL JR, Brian Salimini, Randy Lane, Mike Stark, Tim Decker, Ashley Slater, Cory Brown, Walter Decker.  DNS – John Maynard.
TOBIAS SLINGSHOT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15):  DALTON MAYNARD, Blaine Klinger, Shane Lewis Jr., Bob Boughton, Alex Boughton, Shane Lewis Sr.
XCEL 600 MODIFIED NORTH TOUR UNOFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  D.J. HUNT, Brian Carber, Bailey Boyd, Josh Pepe, Tyler Bartik, Korey Inglin, Will Eastman, Aaron Bowes, Luke Harrar, Hunter Deihl, Adam Mudge, John Burnside, Wyatt Harrar, Kevin Vanvalkenburg, Grant Schibilia, Damon Henry Jr., Shawna Schibilia, Gabby Meixell.