Creeden Wins 56th Running of Heath Memorial at Five Mile Point

KIRKWOOD, NY – Danny Creeden finished a strong second to Stewart Friesen two weeks ago in the Mike Colsten Remembered 51 at the Five Mile Point Speedway.  Creeden hung with Friesen, but just couldn’t find the fast way around him.

Monday night, Creeden used the lessons learned in that event to help propel him to the $2,000 win in the 30-lap Heath Memorial.

Creeden started alongside Danny Tyler on the front row for the green.  He jumped to the lead with Tyler in pursuit.

A lap 11 caution reset the field giving Tyler a shot at Creeden.  On the green, he pulled even with Creeden and nearly completed the pass in turns three and four.  Creeden kept his momentum up and held on to the position.

Creeden was on point as the race continued with Tyler falling into the grasp of Justin Holland.  Holland and Tyler fought hard for the second spot with Holland eventually getting the better of Tyler for the position.

Creeden was unmatched as he drove away for the win.  Holland finished second with Tyler third.  Former Heath Memorial winner, Mitch Gibbs, finished in fourth with Leo McGurrin completing the top five.

BINGHAMTON TRUCK & TIRE CENTER 56TH HEATH MEMORIAL OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (30 LAPS): DAN CREEDEN, Justin Holland, Danny Tyler, Mitch Gibbs, Leo McGurrin, Shaun Walker, Brett Tonkin, Steve Babicek, Brian Puckett, Brian Malcolm, Rusty Smith, Scott Landers, Nick Petrilak, Joey Colsten, Bailey Boyd, Richard Smith, Todd Titus, Gregg Turner, Brad Schaffer, Jeff Bronson, Tyler Siri, Glenn Knapp, Mike Decker. SHIRLEY BRAND MEMORIAL MODIFIED HARD CHARGER $266: NICK PETRILAK, GAMBLER BONUSES: DAN CREEDEN/DANNY TYLER. AFTON MOTORSPORTS PARK HIGHEST FINISHER: DAN CREEDEN.

OFFICIAL INSINGER FUELS CRATE SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS): BRETT TONKIN, Tyler Peet, Bobby Flood, Gary Smith, Blaine Klinger, Brandon Fritsch, Brandon Loucks, Devon Zona, Jason Feinberg, Rich Powell, Ryan Conrad, Russell Benke, Matt Sobiech, Matt Brewer, Tom Hampton, Tyler Stoddard, Punkie Marsh, Seth Zacharias, John Redner, Ned Fitch, Mike Murphy. Matthews Auto $300 Product Certificate: Bobby Flood. AFTON MOTORSPORTS PARK HIGHEST FINISHER: BOBBY FLOOD.

FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): MIKE MORSE, Ray Lindquist, Adam Gilbert, Josh Dumas, Justin Slezak, Casey McPherson, Todd Sutliff, Brad Chilson, Josh Towner, Matt Millard. DNS – James Millard, Tommy Groover. Towner Motorsports Hard Charger: Adam Gilbert.
6O0 MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): JAKE WAIBEL, Jared Green, Brett Grey, Butch Green, Jason Sullivan, Adam Mudge, Bob Hamm, Curt Decker, Mark Golden, John Glover, David Brown, Devon Green, Casey Plummer.

FWD FOUR CYLINDER EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (21): BOB DOOLITTLE (RWD), TIM VANDERMARK (FMP), Randy Lane, JOSH WILDER (PC), Mike Travis, Kevin Whitman, Kenny Underwood, Mike Ferris, Jeff Sterling, Dan Nichols, Kerri Hollenbeck, Rich Wagner, Walter Decker, Luke Mills, Dustin Clapper, Josh Amatoccio, Caleb Lacey, Dave Simms, Phil Clapper, Brian Salmini, Kenny Hollenbeck, George Barringer. Jr’s Automotive Hard Charger: Bob Doolittle, Jr’s Automotive Halfway Leader: Bob Doolittle.

FWD FOUR CYLINDER NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (12): DOUG NEWBIGGING, Greg Slater, Owen Clark, Bethany Bertram, Austin Slater, Anthony Zecchino, Ashley Slater. DNS Bruce Illenberg.