Barry White Wins First Sunoco Modified Feature at Five Mile Point in Seven Years

Five Mile Point Speedway Facebook - Barry White

KIRKWOOD, NY – On Saturday, Barry White raced to his first Sunoco Modified feature win in seven years at Five Mile Point Speedway. The victory also solidifies in his position in the top five of the point standings with only two races remaining. Dominic Roselli raced to his first ever Five Mile Point Speedway in the Insinger Performance Crate Sportsman division.

P.J. Goodwin and Joey Colsten led the Sunoco Modified field to the green for the 30 lap feature event on Saturday night. At the drop of the green Colsten immediately utilized the outside line to take the race lead. Colsten wasted no time as he opened the lead on Goodwin as intense battles took place throughout the field. The first caution flew on lap 4 when Alex Stanton slowed. On the restart Colsten opted for the inside line and Goodwin took advantage. Goodwin pounced on the restart and took over the point. Colsten ran in second as the caution flew again on the very next circuit. A multi-car tangle took place on the backstretch involving Brian Malcolm, T.J. Frost and Bobby Puckett. Both Malcolm and Puckett drove away but Frost had extensive damage.

On the restart Nick Rochinski saw his night come to an end when he slowed on the homestretch with mechanical problems. During this same yellow second place runner Joey Colsten saw his streak of bad luck continue as race officials sent him pit side due to a sail panel that was hanging off the car. The restart put Goodwin and Brian Puckett on the front row and Goodwin again used the outside to pull away. Goodwin opened up a sizeable lead quickly as Puckett ran in second with Barry White, Brad Szulewski and Brett Tonkin all in tow. The second place position again proved to be snake bitten as Puckett pulled to the infield with mechanical issues on lap 10. Goodwin opened up a straightaway lead over Barry White as the race approached the halfway mark. White began to close the distance on Goodwin during the second half of the race using the middle of the speedway as Goodwin remained committed to the top. The race continued under green until lap 20 when Justin Holland came to a stop up against the turn 1 wall.

For Goodwin the caution proved to be the difference. White had been closing the distance but under green but had a lot of ground to catch up prior to the yellow. On the restart Goodwin maintained the lead but White was now looking underneath for the race lead. On lap 24 White made his move on the low side and took over the point. Goodwin continued to run in second as now Tonkin began to pressure him for the runner-up slot. Frank Yankowski stayed within reach of that battle waiting any error. Out front White opened up his race lead over the battle for second. At the finish it would be White recording the victory. Goodwin had his best run of the season with second. Tonkin would wind up third. Yankowski had a great run to fourth after starting sixteenth on the field and Brad Szulewski was fifth. Scott Landers who started tenth, wound up sixth with Glenn Knapp, Holland, Malcolm and Stanton completing the top ten. In victory lane Barry White was emotional over the victory. It was his first win since his dad’s passing last year. His dad was heavily involved with the race team over the years. White commented on the race, “It was a great race and I knew I was catching him (Goodwin) under green. That late yellow made all the difference for us and we took advantage,.”

Dominic Roselli raced to his first ever victory in the Insinger Performance Crate Sportsman 25 lap feature event. Roselli led every lap after starting on the outside front row. Tighe Sherlock applied pressure during the first quarter of the race but couldn’t keep pace with Roselli as he utilized the top side of the speedway. Sherlock finished second with point leader Gary Smith finishing third. Seth Zacharias from eighth to fourth despite only one caution slowing the feature. Brad Weaver fresh off his Heath Memorial victory wound up fifth. Roselli, won by over a straightaway leaving no doubt on his first win. For Roselli the victory was sweet being his first as the family has made many trips from the Middletown area with his dad racing Modifieds over the years.

COUNTER POINTS…Brett Tonkin saw his Modified title hopes looking stronger with only two races remaining as Nick Rochinski dropped out and finished 19th and Brian Malcolm was involved in an earlier crash that led to a ninth place finish…The quarter mile oval took a lot of abuse on Saturday as 124 laps of qualifying heat races and 182 laps of feature action were logged…Only two cautions slowed the 124 laps of heat racing…The track was underwater in the turns three and fourth late Friday and early Saturday after a storm dumped just under 2 inches of rain in a flash flood late on Friday…Adam Gilbert won the held-over Futures Crate Sportsman race for his first victory in a Heath Memorial race…Over $400 in bonus lap money was also distributed in that division on Saturday…

SUNOCO RACE FUELS MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINSH (30 LAPS): BARRY WHITE ($1,200), P.J. Goodwin, Brett Tonkin, Frank Yankowski, Brad Szulewski, Scott Landers, Glenn Knapp, Justin Holland, Brian Malcolm Alex Stanton, Aleia Geisler, Jesse Kline, Bobby Puckett, Gregg Turner, Mike Ward, Brian Puckett, T.J. Frost, Joey Colsten, Nick Rochinski.

INSINGER PERFORMANCE CRATE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (25 LAPS): DOMINIC ROSELLI, Tighe Sherlock, Gary Smith, Seth Zacharias, Brad Weaver, Ray Leonard, Matt Brewer, Blaine Klinger, Jason Feinberg, Bryce Bailey, Matt Sobiech, Rich Talada, Corey Zegler, Daon Solomon, John Bush, Mackenzie Marsh, Alan Komar. DNS – Moose Gulley.

SWAT EXTERMINATING FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS): BOB MILLS, Tom Groover, Justin Slezak, Rich Sharpsteen, Jerry Fassett, Kurtis Stickle, Daniel Stevens, Todd Sutliff, Austin Manzer, James Millard, Carter Bixby, Casey McPherson, Chuck Towner, Matt Millard.

FRONT WHEEL DRIVE FOUR CYLINDER EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15 LAPS): DOUG NEWBIGGING, Jeff Hayes, Josh Wilder, Brian Salmini, Jason Colwell Sr., John Maynard, Jason Seymour, Billy Colwell, Rich Wagner, Mike Jenks, Bill Price, Dave Simms, Greg Slater, Andy Bolles. DNS – Cody Rowley, Jason Colwell Jr.

FRONT WHEEL DRIVE FOUR CYLINDER NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (12 LAPS): DAKOTA FULLER, Bethany Gilbert, Austin Slater, Shaun Furman, Lucas Plaisted, John Deets, Jim Backowski.

STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS): JERRY LOBDELL, Doug Stack Jr., Doug Polhamus, Tyler Yeagle, Doug Stack Sr., Abe Romanik, Gene Sharpsteen, Don Reeves, Cody Kershner, Rich Sharpsteen, Bobby Wagner, Josh Butler.

FUTURE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH HELD OVER FROM 7/31 (20 LAPS): ADAM GILBERT, Billy Fiske, Joe Buchanan, Kyle Smith, Ned Fitch, Luke Powell, Dale Folejewski, Chuck Culbertson, Paul Conklin, Amanda Scholtisek, Matt Backus, Josh Fedo, Ryan Zielosko. DNS – Derek Cornish.

FUTURE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS): DALE FOLEJEWSKI, Kyle Smith, Adam Gilbert, Matthew Backus, Ned Fitch, Joe Buchanan, Matt Martino, Billy Fiske, Chuck Culbertson, Luke Powell, Paul Conklin, Rich Shope. DQ – Amanda Scholtisek – DNS – Ryan Zelasko, Joshua Fedo.

600 MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS): ELI AKSHAR, Jared Green, Chelsie Beebe, Rich Powell, Bob Hamm, David Brown, Zac Mills, James Randall, Dustin Jones, D.J. Generux, Larry Furman, Jason Sullivan.