Brian Malcolm Records Third Sunoco Modified Win at Five Mile

Five Mile Point Speedway - Brian Malcolm

KIRKWOOD, NY…Brian Malcolm raced to his third Sunoco Modified feature win of the season on Saturday at Five Mile Point Speedway. The victory also put Malcolm in the Modified point lead over Nick Rochinski and Brett Tonkin with one race remaining on Saturday, Sept. 11th. Ray Leonard also recorded his third feature win of the season in the Insinger Peformance Crate Sportsman division. The Street Stock winner was Jon Carpenter, his first of the year. All of the racing was presented by Suburban Septic & Excavating.

The 30 lap Sunoco Modified feature event got off to a rough start as front row setters Gregg Turner and Bobby Puckett tangled at the drop of the green. An eleven car pileup ensued on the front stretch as the red flag immediately came out. Only J.R. Fulper was unable to continue after the melee. Point leader Brett Tonkin benefitted from the yellow as he picked up twelve positions from his twenty-second starting spot. Brian Malcolm also benefitted as he gained sixth positions. Nick Rochinski who is in the thick of the championship hunt was not as fortunate as he went to the pits on the tow truck with a broken front end. His crew did a great job as he returned in time to restart in the twenty-second starting spot when racing resumed.

When racing resumed Joey Colsten and Brian Puckett brought the field to the green. Puckett immediately utilized the outside line to capture the race lead. Frank Yankowki and Colsten battled hard for the second slot as Puckett quickly checked out. Malcolm, P.J. Goodwin and Scott Landers all switched lines as the battled for spots in the top five. On lap 4 Malcolm took over the second slot from Colsten with Yankowski and Goodwin in the top five. The caution flew on lap 5 as Tonkin slowed with a flat tire. He was able to return to competition without losing a lap on the speedway. On lap 6 the caution flew again as Paul Effring slowed. Remarkably, at this point Rochinski had already charged from twenty-second to seventh in just 6 laps and looked to keep his march forward.

Puckett was on rails as he again used the cushion to maintain his race lead over Malcolm. The duo ran side by side for a number of laps with Puckett keeping the point until the mid-way point of the race. On lap 16 Malcolm made his way into the race lead. Puckett was solidly in second as Landers now battled with Rochinski for the third slot. The racing was intense throughout the field as Rochinski made his way past Landers on lap 19 and tried to chase down the race leaders. The caution flew for the final time on lap 27 as T.J. Frost rode the homestretch wall in turn 1. Amazingly, he landed on all four wheels and was able to continue. Malcolm took command on the restart and left Puckett to do battle with Rochinski for the runner-up slot. Malcolm went on uncontested over the final laps with Rochinski taking second at the finish. Puckett wound up with third with Landers finishing in fourth place and Goodwin in fifth. Barry White, Yankowski, Mike Decker, Brad Szulewski and Aleia Geisler completed the top ten. Heat winners were Brian Malcolm, Brian Puckett and Joey Colsten.

Ray Leonard raced to his third Insinger Performance Crate Sportsman feature win of the season. Mackenzie Marsh and Matt Sobiech started on the front row for the 25 lap main event. It was Sobiech taking the lead at the green. Sobiech led until lap 4 when point leader Gary Smith slowed to miss an incident in turn one. During the caution Sobiech pulled pit side and Seth Zacharias was the new race leader. When racing resumed Zacharias chose the inside line and second place runner Leonard took advantage. The outside line was the highest of the season and for Leonard it worked into his hands. Leonard took command of the race as Zacharias found the topside as well and kept within striking distance. Leonard led the balance of the feature for the win. Zacharias finished a solid second with Dominic Roselli racing from ninth to third at the stripe. Blaine Klinger advanced from tenth to fourth at the finish and Brad Cicio finished fifth after starting thirteenth. After going to the back of the pack on lap 4 Gary Smith rebounded to finish sixth. Matt Brewer, Doug Smith, Ryan Conrad and Ashton Dewitt completed the top five. Heat winners were Mackenzie Marsh, Matt Sobiech and Ty Sherlock.

Jon Carpenter rebounded from a lap 1 trip to pit road to win the 20 lap Street Stock feature event on Saturday. Bobby Wagner was impressive in a new car and led the first 8 laps of the feature. Unfortunately, he had a tire go down while leading bringing the yellow flag out. Tyler Yeagle took over the race lead and held the point until he pulled into the pits with engine issues on lap 14. This put the lead in the hands of Gene Sharpsteen. Sharpsteen led laps 15 through 17 with Carpenter utilizing an outside pass to take over on the 18th circuit. Carpenter went on for the victory with Sharpsteen in second. Don Reeves, Josh Butler and Doug Polhamus completed the top five. For Reeves it was his best finish of the season.

Other feature winners on Saturday evening were Justin Slezak in the SWAT Exterminating Factory Stock division, David Brown (600 Modifieds), Luke Powell (Futures Sportsman), Andy Bolles (Four Cylinder Expert), Austin Slater (Four Cylinder Novice).

SUNOCO RACE FUELS MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINSH (30 LAPS): BRIAN MALCOLM, ($1,200), Nick Rochinski, Brian Puckett, Scott Landers, P.J. Goodwin, Barry White, Frank Yankowski, Mike Decker, Brad Szulewski, Aleia Geisler, Brian Mady, Bobby Puckett, Mark Goodwin, Gregg Turner, Doug Snyder, T.J. Frost, Brett Tonkin, Mike Ward, Joey Colsten, Corey Lowitt, Glenn Knapp, Paul Effring, J.R. Fulper.

INSINGER PERFORMANCE CRATE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (25 LAPS): RAY LEONARD, Seth Zacharias, Dominic Roselli, Blaine Klinger, Brad Cicio, Gary Smith, Matt Brewer, Doug Smith, Ryan Conrad, Ashton Dewitt, Dan Solomon, Bryce Bailey, Mackenzie Marsh, Brad Weaver, Matt Sobiech, Tighe Sherlock, Tighe Sherlock. DQ – Jon White.

SWAT EXTERMINATING FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS): JUSTIN SLEZAK, Charlie Towner, Tom Groover, Kevin McDonald, Mike Chilson, Jerry Fassett Jr., Todd Sutliff, Casey McPherson, Daniel Stevens. DNS – Bob Mills, Billy Shoemaker.

SUBURBAN SEPTIC & EXCAVATING FRONT WHEEL DRIVE FOUR CYLINDER EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15 LAPS): ANDY BOLLES, Dave Simms, Kenny Underwood, Rich Wagner, Bill Price, Doug Newbigging, Josh Wilder, Scott Miller, John Maynard, Mike Jenks, Jeff Hayes, Jason Colwell Jr., Jason Seymour, Brian Salmini, Zach Clapper. DNS – Greg Slater.


STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS): JON CARPENTER, Gene Sharpsteen, Don Reeves, Josh Butler, Doug Polhamus, Bobby Wagner, Tyler Yeagle, David Stalker, Tyler Stoddard.

SUBURBAN SEPTIC & EXCAVATING FUTURE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS): LUKE POWELL, Joe Buchanan, Ned Fitch, Adam Gilbert, Dale Folejewski, Chuck Culbertson, Ryan Zelosko, Ava Coons, Billy Fiske, Amanda Scholtisek, Kyle Smith, Phil Clapper, Matthew Backus, Rich Shope. DNS – Joshua Fedo.

SUBURBAN SEPTIC & EXCAVATING 600 MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS): DAVID BROWN, Chelsie Beebe, James Randall, Jared Green, Dustin Jones, Rich Powell, Eli Akshar, Larry Furman.