Zacharias Sweeps Modified and Sportsman Portion of Sunday Series at Five Mile

KIRKWOOD, NY – Seth Zacharias had an afternoon at Five Mile Point Speedway on Sunday that he will never forget. After winning the companion Crate Sportsman special event, Zacharias, a high school senior, made his first ever Modified start at the speedway and won that headline feature as well. The victory was worth $2,500 bringing his total for the day to $3,500. Tommy Groover was the Factory Stock winner, ending the early season streak had by Dominik Albanese. Justin Pope came out on top in the FWD Four Cylinder Expert Class. P.J. Goodwin was the 600 Modified winner with Charlie Towner winning the Futures Sportsman class. Bruce Illenberg remained unbeaten this season in the FWD Four Cylinder Novice class. Full results story to follow…
SUNDAY SUMMER SERIES MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (35 LAPS): SETH ZACHARIAS ($2,500), Bobby Hackel, Dan Creeden, Brett Tonkin, P.J. Goodwin, Justin Holland, Dillon Steuer, Kenny Titus, Brian Malcolm, John Aumick, Danny Tyler, Tyler Yeagle, Casey Plummer, Jimmy Zacharias, Jeremy Hamilton, Corey Cormier, Daniel Morgiewicz, Derek Cornish, Brad Rothrupt, Brandon Walters, Ray Reynolds, Kenny Hildebrandt. DNS – Hunter Metzger, Bailey Boyd, Tyler Siri.
CRATE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (25 LAPS): SETH ZACHARIAS ($1,000), Mike Nagel Jr, Ray Leonard, Mike Doty, Dale Welty, Jason Benjamin, Brad Weaver, Joe Buchanan, Mark Shupp, Marty Goodwin, Therese Aumick, Mike Multski, Matt Brewer, Ned Fitch.
FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (25 LAPS): TOMMY GROOVER ($500), Dominik Albanese, Jason Rhodes, Buck Mills Jr, Rich Sharpsteen, Stan Matthews, Hayden Albanese, Tony Dickerson, Adam Gilbert, Buck Mills III, Brett Spoor, Billy Shoemaker.
FRONT WHEEL DRIVE FOUR CYLINDER EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS): JUSTIN POPE ($400), Kenny Underwood, Chris Yob, John Maynard, Randy Lane, Dave Simms, Collin Mills, Dakota Fuller, Rich Wagner, Josh Gunn.
FUTURE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS): CHARLIE TOWNER, Lance Hill, Buck Brown, Avery Decker, McKenzie Smith, Ryan Zelosko.
600 MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20 LAPS): P.J. GOODWIN, Justin LaDue, David Brown, James Randall, Nick Johnson, Doug Newbigging, Gaege Higley, Logan LaDue, Ajay Tuttle, Caleb Lacey, Chelsea Beebe, Alan Bibalo.