URC Sprint Cars Highlight the Racing Action at Fonda on Saturday, July 15


FONDA, NY – On Saturday, July 15 the Fonda Speedway will be back in action with the lightning fast United Racing Club (URC) 360-Sprints on the racing card for a $2,000 to win feature event. All other regular divisions will also be competing with a 7:00 p.m. starting time.

School House Pools will sponsor the evenings racing program with the School House Pools sponsored #35 car and driver Kenny Gates at the Fonda Speedway Museum that evening to meet and greet with the fans. The museum opens at 3:00 p.m. so please stop in and look at some of the history of the “Track of Champions” that is on display at the museum.

All total the United Racing Club (URC) 360-Winged Sprint cars have raced at the “Track of Champions” Fonda Speedway 48 times over the years with a total of 28 different drivers winning those events led by Buck Buckley with five wins; Earl Halaquist and Ed Wylie each with four wins; Dave Kelly, Greg Coverdale, and Sean Michael each with three wins; Harry Benjamin, Charlie Svetes, Kevin Collins, and Glenn Fitzcharles each with two wins; Bert Brooks, Bobby Courtwright, Cookie Osterhout, Bill Brown, Gino Swarthout, Tom Price, Bill Wertz, Jim Winks, John Drauker, Jimmy Horton, Paul Molz, Jim Baker, Kramer Williamson, Bob Swanley, Rich Koenig, Trevor Lewis, Brian Seidel, and Ed Aikin all with one victory apiece.

The URC Club was started back in 1947 and the first race for the club at Fonda was held on 7/14/1956, which was won by Bert Brooks. Glenn Fitzcharles is currently on top of the all-time win list for the club with 81 career feature wins.

For more information about the Fonda Speedway you can go to their website www.newfondaspeedway.com and for more information about the URC Sprint Club you can go to their website www.urcsprintcarseries.com