The Fonda Speedway Museum – A Great Place to Visit Before the Racing Action


FONDA, NY – Are you a tailgater who likes to get to the track early. One way to kill some time before the racing action starts is to visit the Fonda Speedway Museum, which is located in one of the buildings along the railroad tracks of the Fonda Fairgrounds. Inside you will see many displays showing some of the history of the Fonda Speedway in order to give you a sense of why it is called the “Track of Champions”.

This Saturday, with the Empire Super Sprints (ESS) in town to race at Fonda, the sprint cars of Bobby and Danny Varin along with Josh Flint will be on display at the museum from approximately 3:30 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. according to Matt Noles who is helping to organize events at the museum this year.

What a fantastic team the Lape family (David, Jackie, & Jessica) have put together at the museum to make it a truly special place to visit to see the history of the Fonda Speedway with not only Matt Noles assisting them but also Randy and Travis Colegrove as well.

“Please let fans know that they can come to the museum and look around before the racing program each week,” Jackie Lape said in an e-mail to me this week. “We always have new items and special cars coming in and out, plus we have a free weekly raffle for a free grandstand pass donated by promoter Pete Demitraszek. We even have a kid’s area, with race car coloring pages for the kids to color, so moms bring the kids to the museum for a nice break and awesome items for the whole family to see.”