Fonda’s 7 Come 11 Wednesday Show Goes To Friesen

By: Bobby Sweeney

FONDA, NY – After a challenging heat race, Stewart Friesen started deep in the field. With a 16th starting spot, a heavy track, and a quality field to pass in only 30 laps, the odds were stacked against Friesen and the field was ready to claim a $1,200 bounty. However, Friesen made quick work of the field, taking the lead on lap nine and storming off to his sixth win in six tries this season at Fonda Speedway.

Front row starters Adam McAuliffe and Rocky Warner had very different fortunes, with McAuliffe leading and Warner breaking on the opening lap. Cautions flew often in the early stages, one of which on lap three allowed Billy Decker to get by McAuliffe for the lead on a restart. With restarts come passing opportunities, and Friesen was using all of them, driving from 16th into the top five by lap six.

On a lap eight restart, David Schilling moved into second, with Friesen following for third. McAuliffe dropped to fourth, then dropped off the pace and surrendered his good run with a trip to the pits. Friesen disposed of Schilling on the restart, then drove under Decker to lead lap nine.

The field started to settle into a green flag feel, allowing Friesen to flex his muscle. By halfway, Friesen had a 2.5 second lead over Decker, Schilling, and Mat Williamson from the rear after a lap three flat. Following an extended battle, Williamson took third from Schilling, right before a lap 21 yellow.

Despite the reset, Friesen once again flew away from Decker and Williamson. Williamson couldn’t do much with Decker, while Schilling now had to fight off Mike Maresca. Maresca grabbed the spot on lap 24, and Schilling headed to the pits a lap later.

Out front, Friesen distanced himself from everyone else, climbing to a four second lead in the waning stages. With the checkered falling after 30 hard laps, it was Friesen winning over Decker, Williamson, Maresca, and Danny Johnson in Wes Moody’s #24.

“That was a challenging track, but we got such a competitive team,” Friesen said. “Jay Castimore is a genius with the tires and he made the right calls tonight. I know everyone hates us stinking up the show, but we’re not done yet and we’ll be here on the 15th to try and make it a sweep of the points season. I didn’t think we brought the right combination tonight, but once I found the right lane we were able to make it work.”

MODIFIED FEATURE – 7 COME 11 SPECIAL – $3,711 TO WIN – 30-LAPS – STEWART FRIESEN, Billy Decker, Mat Williamson, Michael Maresca, Danny Johnson, Jessica Friesen, Bobby Varin, Matt DeLorenzo, Jack Lehner, JR Hurlburt, Mike Mahaney, Brian Gleason, Ricky Davis III, Rich Christman, David Schilling, Darwin Greene, Danny Tyler, Dave Constantino, Adam McAuliffe, Craig Hanson, Andy Bachetti, Larry Wight, Brian Pessolano, Brian Calabrese, Aaron Jacobs, Steve Akers, Rocky Warner, Kailee Dimorier, Danny Varin (DNS), Pep Corradi (DNS), Jeff Heotzler (DNS)

▫️LAP LEADERS – 1-3 McAuliffe, 4-9 Decker, 10-30 Friesen

▫️HEAT RACE WINNERS – $50 to each Sunoco Modified heat race winner from Tyrrell Racing – Hanson, Schilling, Warner

CRATE 602 SPORTSMAN FEATURE – $1,000 TO WIN – 25-LAPS – CODY CLARK, Brian Calabrese, JaMike Sowle, David Manchester, Tim Dwyer, Mike Ballestero, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Thomas VanVorst, Michael McCallion, Griffen Mansmith, Don Bellen, Tim Hartman Jr., Joe Williams, David Dickey, Mark Mortensen, EJ McAuliffe, Kyle Dingman, Joel Knudsen Jr., Brendan Gibbons, Dan Santabarbara, Tucker O’Connor, Brian Borst, Spencer Rapp, Kathy Bellen (DNS), Dana Camenga (DNS), Chad Edwards (DNS), Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald (DNS)

▫️LAP LEADERS – 1 Manchester, 2-25 Clark

▫️HEAT RACE WINNERS – Dwyer, Calabrese, Sowle

PRO STOCK FEATURE – $1,000 TO WIN THANKS TO AN ANONYMOUS FAN ADDING AN ADDITIONAL $200 – 20-LAPS – NICK STONE, Kenny Gates, Luke Horning, Ivan Joslin, Andy Graves, Beau Ballard, Tanner Warner, Steve Cosselman, Josh Coonradt, Bill Knapp, Shane Playford, Devon Camenga, Don Collins, Jason Morrison, David Demorest, David Emigh, Justin Knight, Randy Cosselman (DNS), Alden Demorest (DNS), Jim Normoyle (DNS)

▫️LAP LEADERS – 1 Joslin, 2-11 Gates, 12-20 Stone

▫️HEAT RACE WINNERS – Graves, Stone