Briggs Tops in ULMS at Freedom

DELEVAN, NY – The ULMS Late Models made their third trip to Freedom Motorsports Park this season on Friday, August 10th, and for the first time Max Blair, who is normally unbeatable there, didn’t win. A healthy contingent of 18 Super Late Models were on hand, and a full house saw Boom Briggs, a recent regular on the WOO Late Model Series, emerge victorious in a highly entertaining race.

With fast timer Greg Oakes on the pole, the race got off to an eventful start, as a fourth turn scrum eliminated Mikey Wonderling and collected a couple of others who were able to drive away. Significantly, Briggs, who started seventh, was already up to third after a great start.

Oakes set sail on the restart, with Briggs quickly seizing second, while Blair, who went off eighth, moved into third. Oakes set a blistering pace at the front before coming up on lap traffic on the eighth circuit. The ninth lap proved to be his undoing, as, running high he came upon a lap car running the outside, and in a heartbeat, Briggs, who ran low all night streaked past him to take the lead.

Briggs, who seemed to be on a mission careened around the Freedom oval, while Oakes desperately tried to keep within striking distance, while also trying to fend off Blair, who harassed him for second. Following a lap 17 caution, Briggs broke free, while Oakes and Blair fought for second. Oakes was able to secure the spot and closed on Briggs twice over the final laps, but to no avail, as Briggs took the checkers, Blair settled for third, while Mike Knight and Chub Frank completed the top five.

Briggs offered, “I knew the bottom was good in qualifying. I told Chub about it in the heat race, but his car was a little tighter than mine. I’m up here because of Bob (track owner Bob Reis).and I really appreciate him getting me and Chub up here tonight. Chub and me will be back. All you fans here tonight are very much appreciated.”

In other racing, a bizarre twist in the 20 lap Street Stock Feature saw Bill Demick, from Cuba, in Victory Lane when the two leaders, Dennis Cummings and Bill Taylor, racing for the lead, locked bumpers on lap 16, allowing third place running Bill Demick to grab the lead as they tried to untangle themselves. They eventually worked their way apart, but not before Demick drove away to the win, with Taylor and Cummings finishing second and third.

The 20 lap Pure Stock Feature was highlighted by a pitched battle between Dennis Harrison and Victor Earle, with plenty of side by side racing. Harrison held the top spot until the final turn, when Earle,from Portville, who had been running under Harrison most of the race, got help from a lap car running Harrison’s line, and nipped him at the wire. Harrison was penalized one spot for rough driving after the checkers and placed third, with Jake Masco being awarded second.
Finally, distaff driver, Jordan, Noody, from Sodus, wired the field from the pole in the 15 lap Micro Sprint Feature for a popular win, withstanding a withering attack from Erick Wise most of the way .

NOTES: Veteran Chub Frank, the longtime regular on the WOO and stablemate of Boom Briggs, produced one of the highlights of the night in the third heat race. Lined up with Blair in the front row, Frank took the lead from the pole, but Blair dove under him in turn two before Frank threw caution to the wind and dazzled the crowd, throwing his car, hammer down, to the outside in turn three to retake the lead, a vintage move that had the crowd cheering wildly…………….Oakes’ fast time of 13.956 was just off Blair’s standing mark of 13.924……………………The ULMS will make one more stop at Freedom on September 15th.


ULMS Late Models: (30 laps) – 1. Boom Briggs, 2. Greg Oakes, 3. Max Blair, 4. Mike Knight, 5. Chub Frank, 6. Wyatt Scott, 7. Mike Maresca, 8. Nathan Hill, 9. Chris Hackett, 10. Bob Dorman, 11. Doug Eck, 12. Andy Boozel, 13. Danny Kienitz , 14. Jason Dobson, 15. Rick Tripodi, 16. Al Brewer, 17. Mike Smith, and 18. Mikey Wonderling. Heat winners were Maresca, Briggs, and Blair. Fast timer was Oakes.

Street Stocks: (20 laps) – 1. Bill Demick, 2. Bill Taylor, 3. Dennis Cummings, 4. Joe Chamberlain, 5. Mike Jackson, 6. Ted Mascho, 7. Ryan Allen, 8. Bill Tice, 9. Tim Bruce, 10. Randy Taylor, 11. and Curt Stebbins, DNS: Jaren Israel and Dustin Goss. Heat winners were Stebbins and Demick.

Pure Stocks: (20 laps) – 1. Victor Earle, 2. Jake Mascho, 3. Dennis Harrison, 4. Dan Giboo, 5. Fred Ely, 6. Blaze Harrison, 7. Brendon Schweigert, and Justin Tatlow. Heat winners were Dennis Harrison and Giboo.

Micro Sprints: (15 laps) – 1. Jordan Noody, 2. Eric Wise, 3. Mike Kaiser, 4. Ivan Forney, 5. DJ Shuman, 6. Matt Kilroy, 7. Lisa Kratzer, 8. Gary Kratzer, and Danny Knoll III. Heat winners were Wise and Kaiser.