Back for More – Tim Sears Jr. Wins Second Feature at Fulton – DTD Exclusive


FULTON, NY –  Tim Sears Jr. picked up his second win of the season at Fulton Speedway after a hard battle with Pat Ward.

Jim Witko blasted to lead early from the fourth starting spot, pacing the field early over Joe August and Ryan Jordan. Witko looked strong in the beginning stages of the 35 lap feature, searching for his first win at the track in multiple years.

Meanwhile, Ward quickly advanced from his mid pack starting spot into the top five within the first ten laps. A lap 13 spin by Andy Noto reset the field, and once again Witko was able to skate away from the field, but not for long. Ward continued to advance, driving past Jordan for second by lap 16. After working over Witko for a short time, Ward took command of the field for the first time on lap 19. Witko’s time spent in second was limited, as Tim Sears Jr. stole the runner-up position that same circuit.

Jimmy Phelps had climbed from 22nd into the top five behind teammate Max McLaughlin. Ward had his hands full with Tim Sears Jr. from the moment he reached the lead.

On lap 25, Sears drew even for the lead with Ward, leading for three laps until Ward once again blasted around the top to regain the advantage. However, Ward surrendered the lead to Sears just a lap later, as the pair ran side by side for over five laps. Sears would never relinquish the lead again, as he cleared Ward with four laps remaining and took the narrow victory.

Ward crossed close behind in second, while McLaughin, Phelps, and Chris Hile completed the top five.

“That was a lot of fun. Pat was quick up top, and we were slow and steady on the bottom,” stated Sears in victory lane. “The key to the race was patience, I just had to stay patient and let the race come to us.”

Bryan Howland dominated the Patriot Sprint Tour feature from the pole, leading all 25 laps as Larry Wight and Chuck Hebing dueled for second, with Wight coming out on top. Dale Caswell scored the win in the caution free Late Model feature after passing Bret Belden for the lead on lap 12, as Belden suffered a flat tire. Mike Phelps and Jessica Power split the two Sportsman features. For Phelps, the win was his first in the division, holding off Chris Mackey and Matt Janczuk for the checkered. Power’s win was her first at the track, fending off the challenges of Corey Barker for the victory. Tom Juno and Steve Marshall claimed the two novice Sportsman wins.

Penn Power Group Night June 3 Results

(Tracey Road Equipment Big Block Modifieds 35 Laps) – TIM SEARS JR. Pat Ward, Max McLaughlin, Jimmy Phelps, Chris Hile, Larry Wight, Jim Witko Jr., Chad Phelps, Tim Kerr, Joe August Jr., Tom Sears Jr., Matt Hulsizer, Billy Whittaker, Mike Bowman, Rob Bellinger, Beth Bellinger, Katelyn Hile, Ryan Jordan, Tim Mayne, Roy Bresnahan, Kody Graham, Rick Regalski, Adam Roberts, Andrew Ferguson, Tim Murphy, Andy Noto.

(Patriot Sprint Tour 25 Laps) – BRYAN HOWLAND, Larry Wight, Chuck Hebing, Danny Varin, Jonathan Preston, Jared Zimbardi, Mitch Brown, Dalton Herrick, Darryl Ruggles, Kelly Hebing, Chris Steele, Brandon Kidd, Steve Collins, Steve Doell, Jake Brown, Steve Hutchinson, Scott Goodrich, Joe Trenca, Paul Habeck, Kyle Drum, Tyler Graves, David Just, Jeff Trombley, Cory Turner, Jordan Thomas, Sammy Reakes IV.

(SUNY Canton Sportsman #1 25 Laps) – MIKE PHELPS, Chris Mackey, Matt Janczuk, Jeremy Pitcher, Todd Root, Mike Stanton Jr., Tyler Thompson, Jeremy Dygert, Mike Button, Alan Fink, Kyle Kiehn, Willy Decker Jr., Brett Draper, Wade Chrisman, Joey Bounagurio, Jason Amidon, Chris Cunningham, Kyle Perry, Brandon Carvey.

(SUNY Canton Sportsman #2 25 Laps) – JESSICA POWER, Corey Barker, Ron Davis III, Billy Clark Jr., Tyler Trump, Will Shields, Glenn Forward, Jim Spano, AJ Miller, JJ Courcy, Nate Higgins, Ricky Yelle, Aron Backus, Garrett Rushlow, Ryan Hatherill, Torrey Stoughtenger, Josh Blackwell, Pat LaPage, Nick Krause.

(Jim Larkin & Sons – Larkin Mowing of Oswego $20 Heat Winners) – Mike Phelps, Jessica Power, Jeremy Pitcher, Chris Mackey.

(Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux Late Models 20 Laps) – DALE CASWELL, Kevan Cook, Chris Fleming, AJ Kingsley, Chad Homan, Jason Parkhurst, Sean Beardsley, Jason Occhino, Brandon Carvey, Alan Chapman, Steve Coit, Mike Kazmierczak, Bret Belden, Mark Green.

(E&V Energy Novice Sportsman #1 15 Laps) – TOM JUNO, Tom Mackey, Ryan Gustin, Colby Herzog, John Strickler, Jake Petit, Bill Megnin, Casey Cunningham, Dan Dupra, DNS-Dwight Nichols.

(E&V Energy Novice Sportsman #2 15 Laps) – STEPHEN MARSHALL, Wesley Hayes, Jimmy Moyer, Bill Sauve, Joe Abbass, Robert Gage, Tyler Rogers, Kearra Backus, John Dwyer, DNS- Matthew Becker.