Wight Notches Another Victory at Fulton Speedway – DTD Exclusive


FULTON, NY – For the fourth time this season, Larry Wight parked it in Fulton Speedway victory lane. Wight’s victory was his most dominant of the season, taking the lead early and cruising to the win.

Roy Bresnahan took command of the field at the drop of the green, but all eyes were on a different red car behind him. By lap two, Larry Wight had already charged from his 10th starting spot into second, working a lane further up top than anyone else. Just one lap later, Wight passed Bresnahan for the lead.

Wight quickly established a huge advantage, growing his advantage to a full straightaway over Bresnahan by lap 10. Ryan Jordan and Jim Witko battled for third, but even that battle was half a lap behind Wight. The only yellow of the race flew with 17 laps completed, erasing Wight’s massive lead. However, the unfazed Wight drove away once more when the race resumed.

Over the second half of the feature, Larry Wight went unchallenged. Tim Sears Jr. climbed to second, with Jimmy Phelps slotting into third just ahead of Ryan Jordan. The three put on a good battle, but a battle that took place well behind Wight. Ultimately, it was Larry Wight crossing under the checkered flag ahead of Sears, Phelps, Jordan, and Matt Hulsizer, who came from 11th to complement his win at Brewerton the night before.

“Everyone was battling in front of us, they kept going low and it just left a lane open for us. I just had to hope the hole stayed open,” Wight noted. “We just went through this whole car today and found a couple bugs, but we worked them out and it’s right back to where it was.”

The first Sportsman feature was a thriller to say the least, with the drivers of Mike Button, Will Shields, and Ronnie Davis III running three wide for the lead with under five laps left. Shields’ line on the bottom eventually prevailed, as he soared to his first Fulton win of the year. If a three car battle for the lead wasn’t enough, the second Sportsman feature had four. Michael Stanton grabbed the lead away from Jeremy Pitcher early, but had to hold off hard charges from Nick Krause, Pitcher, and Corey Barker to claim the win.

Kevan Cook dominated the topless Late Model feature, taking the lead at the drop of the green and never looking back. Joe Abbass and Kyle Rood scored the twin Novice Sportsman features, while Quinn Wallis took his second win with his second car in the 4-Cylinders. Casey Sykes scored the Mod-Lite win, fending off a last lap slide job by Justin Williams to take the victory in the first appearance for the division this year. In all, fans were treated to eight features in six divisions, with fifteen qualifying heats being ran.

(Tracey Road Equipment Modifieds 35 Laps) – LARRY WIGHT, Tim Sears Jr., Jimmy Phelps, Ryan Jordan, Matt Hulsizer, Tom Sears Jr., Pat Ward, Roy Bresnahan, Chad Phelps, Chris Hile, Mike Bowman, Billy Whittaker, Adam Roberts, Joe August Jr., Max McLaughlin, Tim Kerr, Katelyn Hile, Andrew Ferguson, Tim Harris, Kody Graham, Andy Noto, Tim Mayne, Tim Murphy, Jim Witko.

(SUNY Canton Sportsman #1 – 25 Laps) – WILL SHIELDS, Ron Davis III, Mike Button, Alan Fink, Wade Chrisman, Mike Phelps, Glenn Forward, Chris Mackey, Chris Cunningham, Billy Clark Jr., Amy Holland, Steve Marshall, Rich Riggs, Jimmy Moyer, Bobby DeLeon, Michelle Courcy, Torrey Stoughtenger, Aron Backus, DNS Ryan Hatherill.

(SUNY Canton Sportsman #2 – 25 Laps) – MIKE STANTON JR., Nick Krause, Jeremy Pitcher, Corey Barker, Jessica Power, Todd Root, Tyler Trump, Tyler Singleton, Ricky Yelle, Dylan Zacharias, Jason Amidon, Dave Talbot, Nate Higgins, Brett Draper, Josh Blackwell, Dorian Wahdan, Colby Herzog, AJ Miller, DNS – Bailey Groves.

(Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux Topless Late Models 20 Laps) – KEVAN COOK, Bret Belden, Chad Homan, AJ Kingsley, Sean Beardsley, Jason Parkhurst, Jason Occhino, Brandon Carvey, Mike Kazmierczak, Dale Caswell, Alan Chapman, Chris Fleming, Harry Halliday, Steve Gwinn, Scott Ford, Max Hill, Dane Keller Jr., Joey Buonagurio .

(E&V Energy Novice Sportsman #1 – 15 Laps) – JOE ABBASS, Matthew Becker, Jake Petit, Brandon Thompson, Ryan Gustin, Casey Cunningham, Rachel Zacharias, Tom Juno, Bill Megnin, DNS – Tim Abate.

(E&V Energy Novice Sportsman #2 – 15 Laps) – KYLE ROOD, Kearra Backus, Pat Nolan, Kelly Smith, Robert Gage, John Dwyer, Larry Taylor, Wesley Hayes,DNS – Tyler Rogers,

(JB Logging & Firewood 4-Cylinders 10 Laps) – QUINN WALLIS, Joe Buske Jr., Dylan Curcie, Chris Bonoffski, Nate Powers, Evan Wright.

(Firehouse Subs Mod Lites 15 Laps) –  CASEY SYKES,Justin Williams, Jeff May, Mike Mullen, Jeff Sykes, Steve Comeau, Lowell Zehr, Stephane Berniel, Allyson Prince, Sam Usborne, Tucker Halliday, Karine Thibault, Alexia Roux, Keith Stevenson, Rej Lemeiux, Zack Babcock, Thomas Mackey.