Sandercock Picks Up Go-Nuclear Win At Fulton; Decker, Tomkins, Hile and Phelps Lock Themselves Into Outlaw 200


Fans were greeted to a full pit area of well over 200 cars on Saturday night for the first of two days of Outlaw Weekend action. Charlie Sandercock, Jeff May, Corbin Millar, DJ Forbes, and Michael-Wagner Fitzgerald claimed victory in the five feature events held.

Georgia racer Ahnna Parkhurst led early in the 50-lap Go Nuclear Late Model Series event, the final race for the series ever. Parkhurst held strong early before Charlie Sandercock slipped past for the lead to complete lap 14. Track regulars Kevan Cook and Chris Fleming followed through soon after, passing Parkhurst for second and third. A couple mid-race yellows kept Cool and Fleming near Sandercock, but Sandercock held firmly onto the lead. As the race wound down, Fleming finally broke free from Cook to grab second and then went to work on Sandercock. Fleming took his first lead of the event on lap 39, nipping Sandercock at the line. The pair remained side by side, and Sandercock regained the advantage on lap 44. Fleming grabbed the lead again with 3 to go, but Sandercock took it right back the next lap, all in heavy traffic. As the two leaders exited turn four to take the white flag, Sandercock and Fleming found themselves four wide with two lapped cars. Sandercock was sandwiched between the two lapped vehicles, and one spun into Fleming, destroying the rear suspension. The yellow flew, and Sandercock cruised to the win in a green-white-checkered.

“This sucks,” Sandercock said exiting his vehicle in victory lane. “I have to apologies to Chris, his crew, and his fans. It was an awesome race we had going and it ended in a wreck. I hate it for them.”

The 36-lap Doug Cooper Memorial for the Mod Lites was a 4-car scramble for the majority of the event. Casey Sykes, Justin Williams, Zack Babcock, and Jeff May waged war throughout the race, with all four drivers leading laps. Just as it appeared the race would be settled between Babcock and Sykes, May charged around the outside of both with seven laps remaining, the final lead change of the event.

Corbin Millar went back-to-back in the 4-Cylinder portion of the Outlaw weekend, taking the lead early from annual front runner Chuck Powelczyk and dominating the rest of the 20-lap affair. Combined with another win last summer, Millar is 3-for-3 at Fulton in a car that is now for sale. DJ Forbes, a 600cc Micro Sprint driver, claimed victory by over a full straightaway in the first 20-lap Novice Sportsman feature. The second feature was taken by Michael-Wagner Fitzgerald, who took the lead early in the event and was never seriously challenged the rest of the distance.

Four 15-lap Modified dashes were held to secure starting spots 17, 18, 19, and 20 for the Outlaw 200. Billy Decker, Gary Tomkins, Chris Hile, and Chad Phelps came out on top of each.

(Pit Stop Convenience Stores Go Nuclear 50 Laps) – CHARLIE SANDERCOCK, Kevan Cook, Jason Parkhurst, Brandon Mowat, Sean Beardsley, Dale Caswell, Kyle Sopaz, Jim Johnson, Ahnna Parkhurst, Chad Homan, Andy Mayhew, Bret Belden, Sam Pannacchio, AJ Kingsley, Jason Occhino, Robbie Wilson, Steven Coit, Chris Fleming, Brandon Carvey, Billy Eisele, Alan Chapman, Laslow Hollyfeld, Aaron Backus, Matt Kazmierczyk.

Brian McDied Contracting Heat Bonuses 1st– 75, 2nd-$25  

Northeast Racing Products & Auction Trade Show Hard Charger $100- Sean Beardsley. 

Thomas Video DVD – Charlie Sandercock

(Heat 1) – Chad Homan, Chris Fleming. (Heat 2) – Bret Belden, Robbie Wilson (Heat 3) – Kevan Cook, Charlie Sandercock.

(Greene’s Ale House Doug Cooper Memorial 36 Laps) – JEFF MAY, Zack Babcock, Casey Sykes, Justin Williams, Brian Meyers, Mike Mullen, Joe Garafolo, Nick Graziano, Jeff Sykes, Deric Ellsworth, Stephanie Bernier, Lowell Zehr, Reg LeMeux, Dave Brown, Jason Premo, Sam Usborne, Karen Thibault, Kelly Skinner, Ryan Halliday, Tom Mackey, Matt Fregoe, Hunter Lawton.

 (E&V Energy Novice Sportsman Championship #1 20 Laps) – DJ FORBES, Greg Henry, Remington Hamm, Tyler Rogers, Wesley Hayes, Richard Paige, Skylar Greenfield, Kenny Rider, Josh Verne, Brandon Thompson, Matt Becker, Tyler Corcoran, Jake Petit, Kelly Smith.

(E&V Energy Novice Sportsman Championship #2 20 Laps) – MICHAEL-WAGNER FITZGERALD, Chris Bonoffski, Robert Gage, Kearra Backus, Jake Davis, Pat Nolan, Billy Sauve, Brandon Blair, Scott Mallette, Kevin Warren, Tim Abate, Addison Bowman, Brad Williams, Dan Dupra.

(JB Loggging & Firewood 4-Cylinder Open 20 Laps) – CORBIN MILLAR, Quinn Wallis, Ray Bechler, Chuck Monica, Justin Buske, Nate Powers, Phil Desormeau III, Phil Burns, Chuck Powelczyk, Wayne Russell Jr., Dave Simms, Austin Germinio, Josh Wilder, Evan Wright, David DeNova, Donny Rider, Shayne Ray, Sam Curcie, Nick Kennedy, Dylan Curcie, Sabrina Jeffries, Cody Thomas, Justin Pope, Jamie Radley, Chris Bonoffski.

DIRTcar Sportsman Championship Series – Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50 Heat Races

Industrial Tire of CNY Heat Race Bonuses 1st– $150, 2nd– $100, 3rd- $50

Sportsman Heats 10 Laps – 2 Qualify Winner to redraw

(Sportsman Heat Race 1) – Ron Davis III, Todd Root, Chris Cuningham, Ricky Yelle, AJ Miller, Greg Doust, Allan Hodge, Charles Miller, Tyler Rogers.

(Sportsman Heat Race 2) – Dave Marcuccilli, Tom Collins Jr., Ryan Scott, Tim Schneider Jr., Jordan Kelley, Zach Sobotka, Chris Hulsizer, Steve Marshall, Bailey Groves, Dave DiPetro, Tyler Corcoran, Josh Verne. 

(Sportsman Heat Race 3) – Nick Krause, Dan Ferguson, Kevin Ridley, Luke Carleton, Jeff Devoli, Jeremy Pitcher, Amy Holland, Kevin Root, Dan Kapuscinski, Michelle Courcy, Randy Fox.

(Sportsman Heat Race 4) – Martin Pelletier, Will Shields, Alan Fink, George Sanford, Nate Higgins, Tim Falter, Sebastian Bourque, Joe Sobotka, Rocky Grosso, Torrey Stoughtenger, Brianna Ladouceur.

(Sportsman Heat Race 5) – Brad Rouse, Tyler Thompson, Tim Baker, Tyler Singleton, Rick Rogala, Greg Henry, Greg Henry, Richie Riggs, Kelly Smith, Dale Caswell, Mike Mandigo, Garrison Krentz.

(Sportsman Heat Race 6) – Jeff Taylor, Rick Miller, Mark Yorker, Bobby Deleon, Pat LaPage, Aron Backus, Moose Gulley, Brent Cross, Jake Petit, Jackson Gill, Derek Webb.

(Sportsman Heat Race 7) – Rocky Warner, Willy Decker, Kyle Fink, Chris Mackey, Jack Meeks, Mike Button, Ben Bushaw, Joey Buonagurio, Austin Murphy, Rich Townsend, Willy Decker Jr.

(Sportsman Heat Race 8) – Glenn Forward, Ben Wheeler, Brent Joy, Mike Stanton Jr., Matt Steffenhagen, Jim Spano, Brett Draper, Robert Bublak, Dorian Wahdan, Colby Herzog, Rick McCready.

(Sportsman Heat 9) – Billy Clark Jr., Corey Barker, Joel Hargrave, Chris Bonoffski, Josh Reome, Tyler Ward, Austin Fugle, Earl Rudy, Aaron Jacobs, Dan Dupra, Devan Willis.

(Sportsman Heat Race 10) – Alex LaJoie, Anthony StockmanTyler Trump, Jessica Power, David Schilling, Dylan Zacharias, Garrett Rushlow, Joel Hall, Kyle Perry, Jeff Lawrence, Jason Amidon, Joe Gosek.

Modified 15 Lap Heat Races. 17-20 Starting positions for the Outlaw 200. Drivers can improve their starting position in Outlaw 200 Weekend day 2 heat races.

(Modified Heat 1) – Billy Decker, Larry Wight, Tim Fuller, Tom Sears Jr., Danny Johnson, Jean-F Corriveau, Tyler Meeks, Jeff Crambo, Matt Hitchcock, Rusty Smith, Pat Parker.

(Modified Heat 2) – Gary Tomkins, Ryan Jordan, Alan Barker, Yan Bussiere, Billy Whittaker, Tim Kerr, JR Hurlburt,  Mike Daugherty, Todd Root, Nick Nye, Jim Walsh, Mario Clair.

(Modified Heat 3) – Chris Hile, Billy Dunn, Mike Maresca, Tim Harris, Ron Davis III, Mitch Gibbs, Kyle Coffey, Adam Hilton, Jim LaRock, Roy Bresnahan.

(Modified Heat 4) – Chad Phelps, Ryan Arbuthnot, Brett Tonkin, Jeremy Smith, Mike Bowman, Mat Williamson, Katelyn Hile, Andrew Ferguson, Tim Murphy, Roy Shields, Lee DeWitt, Billy Whittaker.

The five Sportsman Consolations Moved To Saturday.