Davis Claims Outlaw Weekend Sportsman Victory – DTD Exclusive


FULTON, NY – Ronnie Davis III took the lead at the drop of the green for the 50-lap affair, an event that saw over 110 entries. Davis paced the field early, but lost the top spot to Rocky Warner shortly after a restart on lap eight.

Davis didn’t fall off the rear bumper of Warner’s machine, keeping pressure on the leader. Davis looked to regain the lead on a number of occasions, briefly taking it back on lap 22, but Warner held on.

After hunting Warner for a number of laps, Davis pulled the trigger with 32 circuits completed, forcefully taking the lead with a 4-wide move through traffic.

As Davis and Warner battled, Dave Marcuccilli inched closer, taking second just after Davis took the lead. Warner slowly dropped back, leaving Davis and Marcuccilli to battle it out.

While Marcuccilli remained close, he couldn’t reach door of Davis, and Davis slowly inched away as the lap counter reached 40. However, Marcuccilli made one last late charge, but couldn’t pull it off, as Ronnie Davis III claimed the Sportsman win on Outlaw weekend for the second year in a row.

“The pole is probably my least favorite place to start,” Davis said. “It’s hard with all these heavy hitters here, Rocky and Dave were real good today. I really didn’t think we had anything for them, but the track came to us.”
(DIRTcar Sportsman Championship Series – Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50) – RON DAVIS III, Dave Marcuccilli, Rocky Warner, Todd Root, Brad Rouse, Bill Clark Jr., Martin Pelletier, David Schilling, Will Shields, Nick Krause, Willy Decker, Corey Barker, Ryan Scott, Anthony Stockman, Kevin Root, Tyler Thompson, Ben Wheeler, Tyler Trump, Alex LaJoie, Kyle Fink, Jessica Power, Chris Mackey, Kyle Inman, Rick Miller, Tom Collins Jr., Chris Cunningham, Dan Ferguson, Tim Baker, Jeff Taylor, Glenn Forward, Kevin Ridley.

(Lap Leaders) Ron Davis III (1-7) Rocky Warner (8-31) Ron Davis III (32-50).

DIRTcar Sportsman Championship Series – Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50 Heat Races

Industrial Tire of CNY Heat Race Bonuses 1st– $150, 2nd– $100, 3rd- $50 

Sportsman Heats 10 Laps – 2 Qualify Winner to redraw

(Sportsman Heat Race 1) – Ron Davis III, Todd Root, Chris Cuningham, Ricky Yelle, AJ Miller, Greg Doust, Allan Hodge, Charles Miller, Tyler Rogers.

(Sportsman Heat Race 2) – Dave Marcuccilli, Tom Collins Jr., Ryan Scott, Tim Schneider Jr., Jordan Kelley, Zach Sobotka, Chris Hulsizer, Steve Marshall, Bailey Groves, Dave DiPetro, Tyler Corcoran, Josh Verne.

(Sportsman Heat Race 3) – Nick Krause, Dan Ferguson, Kevin Ridley, Luke Carleton, Jeff Devoli, Jeremy Pitcher, Amy Holland, Kevin Root, Dan Kapuscinski, Michelle Courcy, Randy Fox.

(Sportsman Heat Race 4) – Martin Pelletier, Will Shields, Alan Fink, George Sanford, Nate Higgins, Tim Falter, Sebastian Bourque, Joe Sobotka, Rocky Grosso, Torrey Stoughtenger, Brianna Ladouceur.

(Sportsman Heat Race 5) – Brad Rouse, Tyler Thompson, Tim Baker, Tyler Singleton, Rick Rogala, Greg Henry, Greg Henry, Richie Riggs, Kelly Smith, Dale Caswell, Mike Mandigo, Garrison Krentz.

(Sportsman Heat Race 6) – Jeff Taylor, Rick Miller, Mark Yorker, Bobby Deleon, Pat LaPage, Aron Backus, Moose Gulley, Brent Cross, Jake Petit, Jackson Gill, Derek Webb.

(Sportsman Heat Race 7) – Rocky Warner, Willy Decker, Kyle Fink, Chris Mackey, Jack Meeks, Mike Button, Ben Bushaw, Joey Buonagurio, Austin Murphy, Rich Townsend, Willy Decker Jr.

(Sportsman Heat Race 8) – Glenn Forward, Ben Wheeler, Brent Joy, Mike Stanton Jr., Matt Steffenhagen, Jim Spano, Brett Draper, Robert Bublak, Dorian Wahdan, Colby Herzog, Rick McCready

(Sportsman Heat 9) – Billy Clark Jr., Corey Barker, Joel Hargrave, Chris Bonoffski, Josh Reome, Tyler Ward, Austin Fugle, Earl Rudy, Aaron Jacobs, Dan Dupra, Devan Willis.

(Sportsman Heat Race 10) – Alex LaJoie, Anthony StockmanTyler Trump, Jessica Power, David Schilling, Dylan Zacharias, Garrett Rushlow, Joel Hall, Kyle Perry, Jeff Lawrence, Jason Amidon, Joe Gosek.

Consolations – Winner To The Feature.

(Consolation 1) – Ryan Scott, Chris Cunningham, AJ Miller, Chris Hulsizer, Zach Sobotka, Ricky Yelle, Allan Hodge, Tom Juno, Bailey Groves, Tyler Corcoran, Dave DiPetro, Greg Doust, Charles Miller, Steve Marshall, Tyler Rogers, Jordan Kelly, DNS- Josh Verne, Chad Edwards.

(Consolation 2) – Kevin Ridley, Amy Holland, Nate Higgins, Kyle Inman, Luke Carleton, Jeremy Pitcher, Alan Fink, Dan Kapuscinski, Kevin Root, Tim Falter, Sebastien Bourque, Rocky Grosso, Joe Sobotka, Torrey Stoughtenger, Randy Fox, Michelle Courcy, DNS- Brianna Ladouceur, George Sanford.

(Consolation 3) – Tim Baker, Jackson Gill, Mark Yorker, Garrison Krietz, Rick Rogala, Aron Backus, Derek Webb, Pat LaPage, Mike Mandigo, Tyler Singleton, Brent Cross, Moose Gully, Jake Petit, Bobby Deleon, Richie Riggs, Kelly Smith, DNS- Greg Henry, Dale Caswell.

(Consolation 4) – Kyle Fink, Chris Mackey, Willy Decker Jr., Mike Stanton Jr., Brent Joy, Robert Bublak, Joey Buonagurio, Matt Steffenhagen, Ben Bushaw, Mike Burtton, Jim Spano, Rick McCready, Dorian Wahdan, Brett Draper, DNS- Jack Meeks, Austin Murphy, Colby Herzog, Rich Townsend.

(Consolation 5) – David Schilling, Tyler Trump, Jessica Power, Joel Hargrave, Dylan Zacharias, Garrett Rushlow, Devan Willis, Josh Reome, Kyle Perry, Chris Bonoffski, Austyn Fugle, Joel Hall, Joe Gosek, Colby Herzog, Aaron Jacobs, DNS- Tyler Ward, Earl Rudy, Dan Dupra, Jeff Lawrence, Jason Amidon.

B-Mains – Winners to feature:

(B-Main 1) – Chris Mackey, Dave DiPetro, Tim Falter, Rick Rogala, Willy Decker Jr., Matt Steffenhagen, Michelle Courcy, Mike Stanton Jr., Alan Hodge, Devan Willis, Torrey, Stoughtenger, Tyler Rogers, Jeremy Pitcher, Mike Mandigo, Austyn Fugle, Jake Petit, DNS – Jordan Kelly.

(B-Main 2) – Chris Cunningham, Chris Hulsizer, AJ Miller, Brent Joy, Tyler Singleton, Joel Hargrave, Josh Reome, Ben Bushaw, Aron Backus, Sebastian Bourque, Rick McCready, Dorian Wahdan, Joel Hall, Kelly Smith, Randy Fox.

(B-Main 3) – Kyle Inman, Amy Holland, Dan Kapuscinski, Zach Sobotka, Joe Gosek, Charles Miller, Robert Bublak, Kyle Perry, Nate Higgins, Rocky Grosso, Rich Riggs III, Dylan Zacharias, Bret Draper, Brent Cross, Bailey Groves, Derek Webb. 

(B-Main 4) –Kevin Root, Garrett Rushlow, Joey Buonagurio, Ricky Yelle, Chris Bonoffski, Colby Herzog, Mark Yorker, Stave Marshall, Pat LaPage, Aaron Jacobs, Moose Gully, Joe Sobotka, Jim Spano, Garrision Krietz, Luke Carleton, Jackson Gill, DNS – Tyler Corcoran.

Sportsman Awards:

Hoosier Tire Hard Luck Award – Jackson Gill.

Thomas Video DVD Race Winner – Ron Davis III

$50 Henry’s Exhaust Gift Certificate to each heat winners.

Atomic Wrap Drawing – Martin Pelletier

Winner is a guaranteed starter in the All-Star Race at Charlotte on October 27 – Ron Davis III

$50 Beyea Custom Headers gift certificate to third place heat finishers.

$100 Hard Charger from Northeast Racing Products Auction & Trade Show – November 17-18 New York Sate Fairgrounds – David Schilling

$300 Beyea Custom Headers Gift Certificate to hard charger – David Schilling