Jordan Thomas Beats Dylan Westbrook In Thriller At Fulton

FULTON, NYJordan Thomas was able to slip by Dylan Westbrook on the final corner of the final lap to seal his first Patriot Sprint Tour A-Main victory in 2018.

26 competitors signed into the high banks of Fulton Speedway where Tommy Wickham, Denny Peebles and Mitch Brown captured the heat race wins. PST Point leader Chuck Hebing took home the Bonnell’s Rod Shop Four Laps of Fame Dash. Sammy Reakes IV was the B-Main winner.

Denny Peebles and Jake Brown would bring the 23-car field to the green with Peebles grabbing the early race lead. Jordan Thomas, who started fourth the on the grid immediately took his FT Motorsports No. 79 to the outside to challenge for the race lead with Peebles.

After one lap was complete, Larry Wight made contact with the infield safety tire damaging his entire front end; his night would be done early despite starting seventh.

Peebles would bring the field back to green with Thomas riding in second followed by Westbrook, and the brothers Jake and Mitch Brown.

A three-car battle for the lead would go on for multiple laps between Thomas, Westbrook and Peebles with Thomas having the slight advantage over the two. Mitch Brown and Bryan Howland would also battle for the fourth position.

An unfortunate break for Peebles sent him into the infield and his night would be complete, but the battle would not stop between Thomas and Westbrook as more laps clicked away.

A few laps later, the second yellow flag would come out due to Jake Brown stopping on the back stretch. On the lap 15 restart, Westbrook would go to the bottom and seal off Thomas going down the back stretch to officially take over the race lead. Bryan Howland also began to make his presence known challenging Westbrook and Thomas for the race lead in the later half of the race.

Lap traffic would begin to play a factor in the final final five laps of the event which prevented Westbrook from pulling away from Thomas.

On the final lap with Westbrook still leading, Thomas went back to the top side of turn two giving him a great run down the backstretch. Westbrook would check up to protect the line but Thomas would drive to the bottom taking the lead and the win on the final corner scoring his first A-Main victory of the year. Westbrook would settle for second, followed by Bryan Howland, Mitch Brown, and Jeff Trombley.

The Patriots are off next weekend, but will return to action on Friday, June 15 with a visit to Clinton County Motor Speedway for the first time in several years. The following night, the tour travels further into Central Pennsylvania to visit the Selinsgrove Speedway on June 16 for the Joe Whitcomb Memorial.

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A-Verdi Storage Containers Patriot Sprint Tour Results

Fulton Speedway

June 2, 2018

A-Main: 1) 79-Jordan Thomas 2) 47x-Dylan Westbrook 3) 51-Bryan Howland 4) 10b-Mitch Brown 5) 3a-Jeff Trombley 6) 45-Chuck Hebing 7) 75-Tommy Wickham 8) 2-Steven Hutchinson Jr 9) 47-Kyle Drum 10) 10-Paulie Colagiovanni 11) 17z-Josh Azzi 12) 67-Pete Richardson 13) 41j-Josh Flint 14) 36-Steve Doell 15) 121-Steve Glover 16) 30-Scott Goodrich 17) 81-Derek Jonathan 18) 99k-Dan Kuhn 19) 1-10- Jake Brown 20) 3-Denny Peebles 21) 13-Kieth Granholm 22) 17-Sammy Reakes 23) 99L-Larry Wight

Heat 1: 1) 10-Mitch Brown 2) 99L- Larry Wight 3) 51-Bryan Howland 4) 45-Chuck Hebing 5) 17z-Josh Azzi 6) 47-Kyle Drum 7) 36-Steve Doell 8) 33b-Bill Unglert

Heat 2: 1) 75-Tommy Wickham 2) 3A-Jeff Trombley 3) 10-Paulie Colagiovanni 4) 1-10 – Jake Brown 5) 30-Scott Goodrich 6) 121-Steve Glover 7) 81-Derek Jonathan 8) 99k-Dan Kuhn 9) 17-Sammy Reakes

Heat 3: 1) 3-Denny Peebles 2) 47x-Dylan Westbrook 3) 79-Jordan Thomas 4) 13-Kieth Granholm 5) 67-Pete Richardson 6) 41J-Josh Flint 7) 514-James Hanson

Bonnell’s Rod Shop Four Laps of Fame: 1) 45-Chuck Hebing 2) 41J-Josh Flint 3) 99k-Dan Kuhn 4) 36-Steve Doell 5) 33b-Bill Unglert 6) 81-Derek Jonathan

B Main: 1) 17-Sammy Reakes 2) 41J-Josh Flint 3) 99k-Dan Kuhn 4) 36-Steve Doell 5) 33b-Bill Unglert 6) 81-Derek Jonathan 7) 54jr-Scott Just (DNS) 8) 514-James Hanson (DNS)

Prestige Pool & Spa ‘Final Finisher’: 99K-Dan Kuhn

Casey’s Truck Salvage ‘Salvage of the Night’: Steven Hutchinson Jr

son (DNS)