Tim Sears Jr. Outruns Ronnie Davis At Fulton – DTD Exclusive


FULTON, NY – Tim Sears Jr. snuck around Ronnie Davis III in the middle stages of the 358-Modified event, then rode off into the sunset for his fourth Fulton Speedway triumph of the season.

Pat Ward went around Billy Whittaker for the lead on a lap two restart, then pulling away from Whittaker and the rest of the pack in the early circuits of the 50-lap 358-Modified main. Soon after Ward made his move, Ronnie Davis III slid under Whittaker for second, then Billy Decker followed through for third. The yellow flew again with 11 laps complete when Rylee Gill went around in turn two, allowing Davis and company to close right in on Ward. Nobody had much time to make moves, as the caution came out again the next time around as Larry Wight slowed after contact with the frontstretch wall.

On the restart, Davis barely found enough room to slide up in front of Ward to grab the top spot, but Ward wasn’t going away. While Ward hung on Davis’ door for the next few laps, Decker and twelfth starter Tim Sears Jr. fought it out for third. Eventually, Sears grabbed the position from Decker, while Davis had broken free from Ward to open up a small gap. By lap 20, Davis had built up about a second and a half worth of lead over Ward, who was now under fire from Sears.

At halfway, the trio of Sears, Ward, and Decker had all closed in on Davis, erasing what gap Davis had. On lap 28, Sears took his first shot at the lead, poking his nose down low on Davis through turns three and four. However, Davis saw the challenge and switched lanes, going to the low side after riding the top for much of the event. This kept Sears at bay for a moment, but Sears was still less than a car length back. With 32 laps down, the leaders caught the tail of the field, and the first lapped car was running Davis’ line. With Davis low, Sears went high and was able to use a lapped car as a pick, rolling around Davis and into the lead.

As the lap counter climbed past 40, Sears had opened up a two second and growing lead over Davis. Decker, driving Todd Root’s brand new car that won its debut last week, had gotten by Ward and was working all over Davis for the runner up spot. Decker tried high, low, and every combination of the two, but ultimately he could not get the pass done. Out front, Tim Sears Jr. had set sail and rode off to his fourth Fulton Speedway victory of the season, dominating the late stages of the 50-lap event. Ronnie Davis III held on for second, with Billy Decker, Pat Ward, and Tom Sears Jr. rounding out the top five.

“The track was a little tricky. It raced good and you could run all over it, but it was still tricky,” said Sears. “The 358 motors run a lot like a Sportsman car, I was really good in them so with win four this year I think we’re just picking up where we left off with the Sportsman.”

With a season-high 67 Sportsman, combined with 14 Novice to bring the grand total to 81 entries, the field was split to three 25-lap mains. In the first feature, Jackson Gill grabbed the lead early and fended off the challenges of Alan Fink to grab his fourth win of the season. In the second event, Brandon Ford snuck under Nick Krause with just a handful of laps to go to score the checkered. In race three, Chris Mackey got to the front on a mid-race restart and held off Chris Hulsizer and Zack Sobotka for the victory.

Kevan Cook showed the way in the 20-lap Late Model event, grabbing the lead early and walking away for an unchallenged victory. Ryan Gustin had a similar performance in the Novice Sportsman event, leading wire to wire in the caution free event.

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(Unique eCigs 358 Modifieds 50 Laps) – TIM SEARS JR., Ron Davis III, Billy Decker, Pat Ward, Tom Sears Jr., Rob Bellinger, Billy Whittaker, Jeff McGinnis, Larry Wight, Brad Godshalk, Roy Bresnahan, Joe Shields, Brady Gill, Glenn Forward, Greg Martin, Andy Noto, Jim Walsh, Tyler Trump, Todd Root, Jordan McCreadie, DNS – Bobby Herrington, Rylee Gill, Tyler Meeks.

(Unique eCigs 358 Modified Series Champion) – Ron Davis III.

(SUNY Canton DIRTCar Sportsman #1 25 Laps) – JACKSON GILL, Alan Fink, AJ Miller, Tyler Corcoran, Kyle Perry, Amy Holland, Jim Spano, Chuck Miller, Chris Bonoffski, Joel Hall, Jessica Power, Josh Livingston, Matt Becker, Rachel Zacharias, Scott Prentice, Earl Rudy, Dustin Hutton, Kelly Smith, JJ Courcy, Richie Riggs, Rich Riggs, DQ – Ryan Hatherill, Tony Finch II.

(SUNY Canton DIRTcar Sportsman #2 25 Laps) – BRANDON FORD, Nick Krause, Wade Chrisman, Dorian Wahdan, Anthony Rasmussen, Jimmy Moyer, Joe Sobotka, Eric Nier, Derek Webb, Greg Doust, Bailey Groves, Mark Davison, Billy Sauve, Nate Higgins, Torrey Stoughtenger, Anthony Stockman, Steve Marshall, John Traphagen, Rick Rogala, Kyle Fink, Dylan Zacharias, Willy Decker Jr.

(SUNY Canton Sportsman #3 25 Laps) – CHRIS MACKEY, Zach Sobotka, Chris Hulsizer, Corey Barker, Brett Draper, Rick Miller, Tom Juno, Mike Phelps, DJ Forbes, Jeff Taylor, Robert Gage, Jake Petit, Brandon Carvey, Austin Germinio, Joey Buonagurio, Michelle Courcy, Mark Yorker, Shaun Shaw, Mike Button, Tyler Murray, Tim Abate, DNS – Frank Sobotka.

(Power Seal Sportsman Challenge) – ZACH SOBOTKA, Chris Mackey, Nick Krause, Alan Fink, Brandon Ford, Jackson Gill.

(1st) $150 (2nd) $100 (3rd) $80 (4th) $60 (5th) $50 (6th) $50.

(Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux RUSH Late Models 20 Laps) – KEVAN COOK, Jason Parkhurst, Dale Caswell, Chris Fleming, Sean Beardsley, Bret Belden, Max Hill, Mike Kazmierczak, Alan Chapman, Matt Kitts, Steve Coit.

(E&V Energy Novice Sportsman #1 15 Laps) – RYAN GUSTIN, Richard Murtaugh, Kearra Backus, Riley Rogala, Jake Davis, Skylar Greenfield, Kevin Warren, Kyle Rood, Quinn Wallis, Brandon Thompson, Brandon Blair, Jonathan Murphy, John Dwyer, Brandon Chertian.