Matt Janczuk Triumphs Over Sportsman Field At Fulton – DTD Exclusive

By:  Steven Petty

FULTON, NY –  Matt Janczuk dominated the 30-lap Sportsman feature. With Janczuk up front and pulling away from the field, Garrison Krentz suffered a flat right rear tire to bring out the races’ first caution on lap six. Amy Holland and Cody Wolfe got together just two laps later to bring out the second caution of the night. Andrew Buff challenged Janczuk on the restart, but Janczuk was able to pull away. The field would slow down one more time on lap 22, as Ryan Shanahan came to a stop in turn three. Janczuk would cruise off the restart to grab the win, the tenth of his career at Fulton. Andrew Buff finished second for the second time during OktoberFAST. It was Buff’s second appearance on the Fulton highbanks. AJ Miller would round out the podium.

“This car has been awesome and glad to be back at Fulton Speedway”, stated race winner Matt Janczuk. “It feels really good to be here in victory lane in the month of October after giving one away last year”, Janczuk added. Janczuk was referring to leading the Sportsman Super DIRTcar Series race that Kyle Inman was able to win last season.

DIRTcar Sportsman #OktoberFAST Quick Results:

Heat 1:  Alan Fink, Kevin Root, Payton Talbot, Ryan Neiger, Jack Speshock, Ryan Shanahan, Addison Bowman, David Boisclair, Richard Murtaugh, Brett Martin, Kelly Smith, Ed Downing, Ryan Dolbear

Heat 2:  Joe Williams, Sean Bearsley, Tanner Warner, Joe Sobotka, Hunter Lapp, RJ Tresidder, Gavin Eisele, Casey Williams, Jeff Stevenson, Noah Walker, Patrick Nolan, Emmet Waldron, AJ Custodi

Heat 3:  Matt Janczuk, Jack Meeks, Brandon Carvey, Dylan Zacharias, Robert Gage, Dalton Rombough, Shawn Frost, Austin Germinio, Torrey Stoughtenger, Trevor Gibbons, Jimmy Moyer, Dan Keyes, Aaron Jacobs

Heat 4:  Andrew Buff, Garrison Krentz, Amy Holland, Kyle Inman, Tim Hartman Jr, Will Shields, Richie Riggs, Justin Crisafulli, Jason Parkhurst, Mike Phelps, Bucky Hayes, JJ Courcy, Tim Dwywer

Heat 5: Tyler Corcoran, Mike Fowler, Brian Calabrese, Dalton Martin, Tucker O’Connor, Zachary Payne, Zach Arquiett, Kevan Cook, Rocky Grosso, Derrick Borkenhagen, Zacharay George, Joseph Gosek

Heat 6: Jeffrey Prentice, Derek Webb, Robert Bublak, Christopher Mackey, Tyler Murray, Stephen Marshall, Mike Button, Kevin Stevens, Josh Amodio, Brett Buono, Bill Suave, Bobby Heintz

Heat 7:  Brenton Joy, Justin Stone, Willy Decker Jr, Remmington Hamm, Cody Wolfe, Cameron Tuttle, Brett Senek, Chris Thurston, Ed Lucas, Jeremy Pitcher, Brian Harris, Jordan Moden

Heat 8:  Aj  Miller, Brian Hudson, Rocco Leone, Zach Sobotka, Daryl Nutting, Nick Heywood, Richard Townsend, Tim Falter, Bailey Groves, Ricky Thompson, James Harbison, Jason Reome

Last Chance Showdown 1:  Brian Krummel, Ryan Shanahan, Jack Speshock, Addison Bowman, Joe Sobotka, David Boisclair, Hunter Lapp, Noah Walker, RJ Tresidder, Gavin Eisele, Jeff Stevenson, Ryan Dolbear, Brett Martin, Casey Williams, Aj Custodi, Richard Murtaugh, Ed Downing, Emmet Waldron, Kelley Smith, Patrick Nolan

Last Chance Showdown 2:  Dyaln Zacharias, Tim Hartman Jr, Kyle Inman, Robert Gage, Will Shields, Shawn Frost, Jason Parkhurst, Austin Germinio, Justin Crisafuli, Richie Riggs, Torrey Stoutenger, Trevor Gibbons, Mike Phelps, Dan Keyes, Dalton Rombough, Jimmy Moyer, Aaron Jacobs, Bucky Hayes, JJ Courcey (DNS), Tim Dwyer (DNS)

Last Chance Showdown 3: Christopher Mackey, Dalton Martin, Tucker O’Connor, Zachary Payne, Zach Arquiett, Stephen Marshall, Kevin Stevens, Josh Amodio, Brett Buono, Kevan Cook, Bill Suave, Joseph Gosek, Bobby Heintz, Tyler Murray, Zachary George (DNS), Mike Button (DNS), Rocky Grosso (DNS), Derrick Borkenhagen (DNS)

Last Chance Showdown 4:  Zach Sobotka, Cody Wolfe, Brett Senek, Nick Heywood, Remington Hamm, Chris Thurston, Cameron Tuttle, Tim Falter, Ricky Thompson, Bailey Groves, Jason Reome, Jeremy Pitcher, Ed Lukas, Brian Harris, Daryl Nutting, Jordan Moden, Richard Townsend

DIRTcar Sportsman Feature (30 Laps):  MATT JANCZUK, Andrew Buff, Aj Miller, Jeff Prentice, Brian Calabrese, Tyler Corcoran, Alan Fink, Jack Meeks, Kevin Root, Payton Talbot, Christopher Mackey, Mike Fowler, Dylan Zacharias, Tim Hartman Jr, Zach Sobotka, Brandon Carvey, Justin Stone, Sean Beardsley, Robert Bublack, Joe Williams, Rocco Leone, Cody Wolfe, Tanner Warner, Garrison Krentz, Ryan Shanahan, Brian Hudson, Willy Decker Jr, Amy Holland, Derek Webb, Brenton Joy, Brian Krummel, Dalton Martin (DNS)