Billy Pauch Jr. Powers To $3,000 Victory At Georgetown

GEORGETOWN, DE – Billy Pauch Jr. flexed his muscle on Friday night, taking home the $3,000 top prize in the 25 lap Georgetown Modified feature.

Jordan Watson and Ryan Watt lead the field to the green flag, with Watson jumping out to the early lead.  His lead was short lived however as Ryan Godown moved to the spot just 2 laps into the event on the topside of turn 4.

A yellow flag would fly on lap 4 for the Mark Pettyjon machine which had spun in turn 2.

On the restart, Watson again jumped to the lead, getting by the Godown 26.  But the yellow would quickly fly again for the 6 of Danny Bouc who stopped in turn 2 after contact with Billy Pauch Jr.

When the green flag dropped again it was Richie Pratt who made his presence felt, driving past both Billy Pauch Jr. and Ryan Godown making his way to 2nd.  Unfortunately for Pratt, he would drive into turn 2 just a little to hard on the next circuit and jump the birm, causing him to fall back to the 5th spot.

With 10 laps to go Ryan Godown made his move on the Watson 1j, taking the lead, but Watson’s good run came to an end as he slowed down the backstretch and pulled pitside for the evening.

With Watson off track this put Pauch Jr. in 2nd and he set sail after the 26 of Godown.  In just 2 laps Pauch Jr. closed the gap on the Godown machine and was looking to make a move.

On lap 18 Pauch Jr. put his 96 on the outside of Godown in turns 3 and 4 and powered by to take the lead.  From there it was all Pauch Jr. as he set sail and claimed the victory and $3,000 top prize over Ryan Godown, Ryan Watt, Carson Wright and Dave Shirk

When asked about his race, Pauch Jr state “That was awesome man.  I don’t know about you Delaware fans but I love coming down here and putting on a show.  We were hesitant to come here because we were running Big Diamond, but this car is just…. I don’t know what to say…”

It wasn’t smooth sailing for Pauch, as he did make contact with Danny Bouc early in the event.  “I owe Danny Bouc.  I got along side of him and I thought he saw me, but I guess he didn’t see me and I caught his shock tower.  I guess I owe him about $100 on the shock tower.  I’ll get him a beer tomorrow night.  We’ve ran for years.  I think he knows it wasn’t on purpose”


L&J Sheet Metal Modified Feature Finish (25 laps): BILLY PAUCH JR., Ryan Godown, Ryan Watt, Carson Wright, Dave Shirk, John Willman, Ryan Riddle, Mark Pettyjohn, Kevin Sockriter, Ted Reynolds, Trent Van Vorst, H.J. Bunting, Richie Pratt Jr., Jordan Watson, Joseph Watson, Ryan Krachun, Jordn Justice, Tom Solderich, Danny Bouc, Greg Nailor, Ray Swinehart.

Did Not Start: Norman Short

Rapid Tire USAC East Coast Sprint Car Feature Finish (25 laps): RYAN WATT, Chris Allen, Steve Drevicki, Billy Van Inwegen, Kyle Spence, Bill Unglert, Ryan Quackenbush, Craig Pelligrini, Christian Bruno, David Swanson, Bruce Buckwalter, Heidi Hedin, Jason Cherry, Joey Biasi, Zach Burd, Jonathan Swanson.

RUSH Late Model Feature Finish (20 laps): AUSTIN HUBBARD, Matt Hill, Amanda Whaley-Robinson, Joe Warren, Trevor Collins, Nick Davis, Dana Walker, Geoff Carey, Jerry Barker, Robert Smith, Joe Pete, Charles Schawver, Kerry King Jr., Ben Scott, Brandon Sturgis, Mark Pettyjohn, Billy Thompson, DJ Elzey.

Did Not Start: Zac Weller

Southern Delaware Vintage Stock Car Feature Finish (12 laps): KERRY KING, Jamie Eicholz, Andy Cassel, Roscoe Clough, Harold Sylvester, John Burton, Dave Parsons, Jamie Schirmer, Rob Blann (Sportsman Winner), David Tucker I, Art Workman, David Tucker II, Don Davidson, Terry Chaney, Glenn Lyon, Thomas Hughes, Dave Schamp, Kelly Putz, Eddie Eichholz, Robert Paczkowski.

Little Lincoln Feature Finish (12 laps): JOSEPH TRACY, Matt White, Jordan Herbert, Kirk Lawson, Todd Sammons, Shawn Smith, Brian Piercy, Bunky White, Wayne Seaton, John Walters, Scott Calhoun.

Delaware Super Truck Feature Finish (12 laps): ROBERT SMITH, Ryan Efford, Shane Clogg, Dale Elliott, J.R. Bergman, Matthew Smith, Bill Dean, Jerry Hill, Thomas ‘Action’ Jackson, Cory Sapp, Mark Townsend, Michelle Jackson, Trent Marine, Adam Smart, Billy Lockwood, Dick Beauchamp.

Delmarva Charger Feature Finish (12 laps): CHRIS “TIPPY” MARTINEZ, Chris Myers, Ashley Merritt, Joe Waters, Chris Carroll, Jeffery Tubbs, Paul Gary, Hunter Bensel, John Bailey, Randy Merritt, Jay Lowman.