Friesen Eats Up Competition for Georgetown Gobbler Win

By DTD Staff

GEORGETOWN, DE – Stewart Friesen stormed off to possibly the largest margin of victory of the season, 13.3 seconds, during The Gobbler at Georgetown Speedway. The win is the final of the 2020 season for Friesen, capping off the Dirt Modified year in dominating fashion.

Friesen grabbed the lead from Mike Maresca on lap two of the 35-lap main, with Friesen instantly ditching any and all competitors. Maresca then fell into the clutches of Billy Pauch Jr. and Rick Laubach, with Pauch grabbing second on lap five. A jump of the cushion for Pauch meant Maresca went back to second, but while this battle was going on, Friesen was gone.

A yellow flag on lap 14 nixed Friesen’s big lead, with Maresca, Laubach, and now Anthony Perrego battling for second. Laubach took the spot on lap 16, with Perrego following through to third. As Perrego hounded Laubach, Friesen continued to drive away, a lead extending to 7.5 seconds with ten laps left.

With five laps to go, Perrego slipped under Laubach, but was nowhere near close enough to challenge Friesen. When the checkered waived, it was Friesen winning by nearly 14 seconds over Perrego, Laubach, Maresca, and Kevin Sockriter.

“We’ve seemed to have a lot of runner ups here recently, so it feels good to get a win,” Friesen said. “It’s always extra good to get the last one of the year too and get it like that. Tire choice played a big factor in that one tonight, and luckily we guessed right. We never got too jammed up in traffic either, we just kept rolling and our car was great all night long.”

Perrego returned to Georgetown with the Gary Simpson #12k. Perrego has wins with the team, but has not driven for them in nearly a year and a half. However, Perrego returned to the mount for this weekend, taking a runner-up spot.

“Stew was real good tonight, I don’t think cautions or anything would’ve done much,” Perrego said. “I’m just happy Gary (Simpson) gave me a chance to come down here and run, my stuff is all torn apart for the year. It feels good to jump back in this thing, pass some cars, and get a podium.

Rick Laubach ran a steady, uneventful race inside the top five, taking the last podium spot of the season with a 3rd place finish.

“We didn’t really plan on racing today,” Laubach said. “Luckily, work got done fast, and we had a day to get this ready. Lapped traffic is touchy here with the way it races, and I got passed by Perrego in that traffic.  Either way, good end to our season here.”


L&J Sheet Metal Modified Feature Finish (35 laps): STEWART FRIESEN ($6,000), Anthony Perrego, Rick Laubach, Michael Maresca, Kevin Sockriter, Danny Creeden, Billy Pauch Jr., Dom Buffalino, Richie Pratt Jr., Danny Bouc, Derrick McGrew, Tyler Siri, H.J. Bunting, Brad Roberts, Jimmy Zacharias, Trent Van Vorst, Jordan Watson, Eric Williams, Joseph Watson, John Willman.

Did Not Start: Jim Britt

“Grandma’s Gravy” Perfect Attendance Bonus ($2,000): Stewart Friesen

Ad-Art Sign Company Heat Winners ($50 each): Anthony Perrego & Stewart Friesen

American Racer/Lias Tire Bonuses (FREE Tire Certificates): Danny Bouc (10th) & Brad Roberts (14th)

Behrent’s Performance Warehouse Bonuses ($50 Gift Cards): Michael Maresca (fourth) & Richie Pratt Jr. (ninth)

Beyea Custom Headers Redraw Bonus ($50): Billy Pauch Jr. (redrew 10th)

Bill Brown & Company Heat-Race Hard Charger ($50): Billy Pauch Jr. (gained five positions)

Downstate Dirt & Deals Hard Charger ($100): Anthony Perrego (ninth to second)

EIBACH Springs Bonus ($100 Certificate): Danny Creeden (sixth)

Henry’s Exhaust Power Position ($50 Certificate): Derrick McGrew Jr. (11th)

Sunoco Race Fuels/Insinger Performance Bonuses ($50 Certificates): Anthony Perrego (second) & Tyler Siri (12th)

TKS Painting Services Redraw Bonuses: (pole – $50) & (outside pole – $25)

Wilwood Brakes Bonus ($75 certificate): Billy Pauch Jr. (seventh)

Chesapeake Paving/J.W. Brown Trucking Crate 602 Sportsman Feature Finish (25 laps): MICHAEL WHITE ($2,000), Joe Toth, James Hill, Adam White, Ryan Simmons, Joey Bruning, Ryan Conrad, Brian Lilick, Wayne Weaver, John Stevenson, Richie Walls Jr., Duane Rust, Greg Taylor, Isabella Van Orden, Jeff Marker, Nolan Openshaw, Stacy Jackson, David Jenkins, Tim White.

“Grandma’s Gravy” Perfect Attendance Bonus ($500): Michael White

American Racer/Lias Tire Bonus (FREE Tire Certificate): Joey Bruning (sixth)

Beyea Custom Headers Redraw Bonus ($25): John Stevenson (eighth)

Downstate Dirt & Deals Hard Charger ($50): Duane Rust (18th to 12th)

RUSH Late Model Feature Finish (25 laps): KYLE HARDY ($1,500), Trevor Collins, Billy Thompson, Dana Walker, Joe Pete, Charles Shawver, Robert Smith, Joey Warren, Ben Scott, Mark Pettyjohn, David Dill, David Smith, Curtis Reed, Zac Weller, Matt Hill, William Brent James, Amanda Robinson.

2020 Georgetown Speedway Track Champion ($750): Trevor Collins

G2 Design Heat Winners ($50 each): Trevor Collins & Matt Hill

First State Mobile Dustless Blasting Hard Charger ($50): Billy Thompson (13th to third)

First State Roof & Exterior Cleaning Top Delaware Driver ($100): Trevor Collins (second)

Little Lincoln Feature Finish (12 laps): TODD SAMMONS, Jordan Herbert, Bunky White, Bryan Piercy, Eric Reed, Kirk Lawson, Wayne Seaton, M.J. White, Matt White, Sean Smith.

Delaware Super Truck Feature Finish (12 laps): ROBERT SMITH, Matthew Smith, Kyle Brasure, Jerry Hill, Dick Beauchamp, Zach Phillips, Mark Townsend, Bill Dean, Clay Vincent, Greg Nailor, Steve Shores, Brian Jones, Dale Elliott.

Delmarva Charger Feature Finish (12 laps): ROBERT PACZKOWSKI, Jay Lowman, Chris Carroll, Paul Gary, Justin Dunn, Randy Merritt, Joe Waters, John Chandler, Caleb Ball, Ashley Merritt, Scott Dunn, Chris Yob, Jeremy Long, Chris Myers.

Joe Waters Racing Winner’s Bonus ($50): Robert Paczkowski