KoD Shifts to Weekly Format in ’22

King Of Dirt Racing is focused on one purpose, the rebirth of a brand. The series grew in popularity among Capital District and Vermont area drivers, fans, and officials offering events for Small Block Modified, Sportsman, and Pro Stock divisions. KOD will shift to a unique weekly format in 2022 with a renewed focus on rewarding drivers for their participation from anywhere across the Northeast landscape to find one crown to rule them all.

KOD series landscapes will change vastly in 2022 with the introduction of a brand-new format focusing on a driver’s weekly achievements at their respective home track(s). How it works is the easy part. From the beginning of the racing season to the end at any particular track a driver races, their best 12 finishes count towards their point standings with King of Dirt Racing.

What makes KOD’s offering unique is there will indeed be one crown to rule them all. Divisions included for 2022 will be Sportsman Modified and Pro Stock, with a separate offering for the drivers in the Limited Sportsman division. There will be bonuses offered to be the top point earning Sportsman and Pro Stock, but all drivers will then be listed on one overall point standings board to find a king and reward a point fund.

Any track a driver races at is eligible. While KOD will work towards reviving its main titled races such as the Northeast Crate Nationals, Mr. Crate Track USA, and Friday Night Lights in the future for a side pot of sorts, drivers can register their finishes from any track they race at weekly throughout the Northeast. You read that correctly, any driver from any track is eligible to take part in King Of Dirt.

Driver participation is the key and to be eligible wherever they call home, all a driver has to do is register. KOD will handle the rest. Race at Cornwall, you’re in just register. Is Devil’s Bowl your home track? You’re in, just register. Do you call Fonda your stomping grounds? You’re in just register. Maybe you’re an Afton kind of guy, or New Egypt. You’re in, just register.

There is a registration fee similar to other offerings per track. This means if you’re a driver who runs three nights a week, you’d pay the registration fee of $50 per track (150 total) to register your finishes and KOD will handle the rest. All registration fees go directly to the driver point fund. There will be a comprehensive listing on the website showing you how many drivers are registered making it easy to follow along. Again, it’s $50 registration to be eligible for point funds and awards per track.

Separate point standings will be kept for Sportsman Modified and Pro Stock divisions. There will be a bonus to be top five in each respective division to go along with the main point fund, which is where you’ll find all drivers compiled into a list to find one crown to rule them all. A King (or Queen) of Dirt. Limited Sportsman will have their own separate point standings and point fund. More info coming.

King of Dirt Racing owner Mike Bruno had this to say, “This is a way for everyone to be involved. No matter where you race, you won’t have to travel across the Northeast to different tracks to earn points for this series. Just do what you do weekly and maybe you’ll be a hometown hero.”

Also new to KOD in 2022 is a familiar face, Rob Hazer. Appointed Competition director of points and scoring, he backed up Bruno’s sentiments by saying, “Listen this program allows KOD to be completely independent. Free from the worry of scheduling, brand obligations, or rules packages. We want to give back to the drivers without the expense of traveling. Where ours differs is we don’t mandate a tire, a fuel, a door height, nothing. And while there will be bonuses for divisions top point earners, we’re emphasizing one crown to rule them all. Our king (or queen) could come from either division in the overall standings. Limited or Novice at some tracks, will have their own deal.”

KOD will also begin the process of working with different manufacturers to reward drivers for their weekly participation at their home tracks as well. Rewards for tire brands, fuel brands, exhaust brands, shock brands, and even chassis brands have been brought to the table as possibilities. The series looks to once again stockpile product rewards for drivers to hand out at seasons end.

More information is coming quickly in the days and weeks ahead on the registration process, forms, and series rules for 2022. KOD’s goal is to put the emphasis back on the driver, their participation, and reward them for it without the expense of travel or rising fuel costs. It’s a win-win. Anyone looking to get involved on a marketing partnership level can contact KOD.

Since 2015 King of Dirt Racing has provided quality dirt track racing sports entertainment events at various tracks in New York State and Vermont. The series operates through the summer months focusing on events from April to October. The series has provided championship programs for divisions including Small Block Modifieds, Sportsman Modifieds, and Pro Stocks. To learn more about KOD visit on the web at http://www.kingofdirtracing.com and be sure to like and follow the social media page at http://www.facebook.com/kingofdirtracing.