Knoxville Nationals by the Numbers – DTD Exclusive

57th Annual 5-hour ENERGY Knoxville Nationals presented by Casey's General Stores - Knoxville Raceway - 3K Tim Kaeding, 2M Kerry Madsen


Knoxville IA – The Knoxville Nationals is the largest Sprint Car race in the world.  Between the 360 Nationals that are raced the Thursday – Saturday, the Capitani Classic that is raced the Sunday before the 410 Nationals, and the staple 410 Nationals, the event attracts over 100,000 rapid race fans for eight nights of intense sprint car racing.

103 different drivers came from around the United States and the world to attend the close to $1,000,000 total purse event for the 410 Sprint Cars.  Three countries were represented, with of course the United States having the most drivers, and Australia and Canada sending competitors.   Drivers from Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin were present.  Racers from the Canadian cities of Manitoba and Alberta raced.  Australia had drivers from New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, and Western Australia.

The reason they all came to the sleepy Marion County Iowa town, with the rich black clay, is the money paid.  The money earned is staggering.  Based on posted purse and finishing positions, this is an unofficial payout of money earned for the 57th Annual Knoxville Nationals.  Totals include all preliminary nights, World Challenge and Best Appearing Car and Crew awards, along with the Pole Award.

Donny Schatz $160,150; Kyle Larson $87,125; Kerry Madsen $42,925; Brian Brown $32,100; Shane Stewart $30,990; Jason Johnson $30,590; Brad Sweet $30,125; Ian Madsen $24,550; David Gravel $24,300; Aaron Reutzel $23,300; Daryn Pittman $22,100; Mark Dobmeier $21,100; Rico Abreu $20,030; Greg Hodnett $18,700; Brooke Tatnell $17,690; Terry McCarl $15,850; Logan Schuchart $15,725; Paul McMahan $15,590; Cory Eliason $15,145; Austin McCarl $15,100; Wayne Johnson $13,590; Jason Sides $12,970; Trey Starks $12,560; Tim Shaffer $12,150; Chad Kemenah $11,010; James McFadden $10,910; Lucas Wolfe $10,280; Tim Kaeding $9,625; Justin Henderson $7,420; Christopher Bell $7,090; Bill Balog $6,750, Danny Dietrich $6,625; Kraig Kinser $6,625; Spencer Bayston $6,540; Jac Haudenschild $5,600; Brady Bacon $5,520; Scott Bogucki $5,400; Sammy Swindell $5,380; Dominic Scelzi $5,375; Lynton Jeffrey $5,245, Sheldon Haudenschild $5,130; Joey Saldana $5,105; Dusty Zomer $4,860; Carson Macedo $4,640; Jacob Allen $4,530, Jamie Veal $4,110; Sam Hafertepe Jr. $4,080; Cole Duncan $3,970; Chase Johnson $3,895; Danny Lasoski $3,800; Kevin Thomas Jr. $3,800; Brent Marks $3,710; Dale Blaney $3,500; Josh Baughman $3,500; Davey Heskin $3,430; Harli White $3,425; Jack Dover $3,300; Jeff Swindell $3,270; Skylar Gee $3,100; Matt Juhl $2,990; Jordyn Brazier $2,960; Lee Jacobs $2,925; Jake Bubak $2,900; Thomas Kennedy $2,750; Chris Martin $2,625; Greg Wilson $2,575; Dane Lorenc $2,470; Josh Schneiderman $2,425, Jason Kendrick $2,420; Tasker Phillips $2,410; Don Droud Jr. $2,330; Adam Cruea $2,200; Sawyer Phillips $2,160; Matt Covington $2,130; Rager Phillips $2,110; Paige Polyak $2,100; Todd King $2,075, Clint Garner $2,050; Jared Goerges $1,950; Jeremy Schultz $1,925; Seth Brahmer $1,900; Parker Price-Miller $1,800; Wade Nygard $1,775, Kyle Reinhardt $1,740; Dustin Selvage $1,700; Bobby Mincer $1,675; Chase Wanner $1,625; Curtis Evans $1,525; Josh Walter $1,525; Matt Moro $1,475; Clyde Knipp $1,400, Tayler Malsam $1,060; Scott Winters $1,030; RJ Johnson $925; Mason Moore $830, Dakota Hendrickson $760; Max McGhee $740; Roger Campbell $525; AJ Moeller $290; Tyler Bear $200.