Frye Gets the Lead Late at CCMS and Wins Super Late Model Feature


MILL HALL, PA – It was a night for the number zero to shine has both super late and IMCA sprint feature winners had that number on the side of their cars. In the Fogelman Garage super late models Coleby Frye of Dover, PA, got by Waylon Wagner late in the 25-lap feature Friday night at Clinton County Motor Speedway.  The IMCA Auto Barn sprint feature went to Kyle Ganoe of Thompsontown PA, who scored his second win in four starts this year.  Kolton Wagner son of Waylon won the FWD Four-Cylinder Glenn Hawbaker Inc. sponsored feature, with Ross Perchchak, of Hazelton, PA, picking up the win in the 270-micro-sprints on Stocker Chevrolet night.  CCMS is back in action next Friday July 28th with a five-division show of C&E Containers, Fryeco Racing Limited late models, Auto Barn IMCA sprints, FWD Four-cylinders, and both 270 and 600 micro sprints.

Waylon Wagner of Lewistown PA, got the jump at the start of the super late model feature from his pole position, holding off attempts of both Tyler Horst and Hayes Mattern.  Seventh starting Coleby Frye was working his way towards the front, with the aid of a few cautions. On the fifteen lap Frye nosed past Horst for the second spot and set is sites on the leader.  On lap nineteen Frye and Wagner got tangled up and Jim Yoder slipped by for the lead from 18th starting spot, but before the lap was complete a caution for a spun car stopped the action, placing Wagner back in front.  Then on la twenty-one Frye made an outside pass of Wagner to get the lead and the win, driving his XR1 Rocket with a Hershey racing engine under the hood.

“We have a had a number of top five’s this year, and I thought we were in for another, but the outside opened up and we got by Waylon for the win”, noted Frye. “We got together on the back streach, and I did not want to wreck either of us and then Jim got by both of us, that caution saved us”, said Frye.

Wagner held on for second with Jim Yoder third, Tyler Horst was fourth, with Dylan Yoder who had to the back of the field during the first caution came back to finish fifth.  Heats for the 18-car field went to Wagner and Dylan Yoder

Ryan Lynn of Holidaysburg, PA, led the first five laps of the IMCA sprint car feature, before fifth starting Kyle Ganoe took the led away on lap six and drove away from the rest of the field for his second CCMS win this season.

“So far, this year things have going well for my team, we have good finishes on most nights, and to get are second win here with a strong field on the track tonight, makes even better”, stated Kyle.   “I have to thank my Dad and my crew for all the time they put in getting this car ready to race, I could not do this without them”, added Kyle.

Dale Schweikart made lap fourteen pass to get second with Scott Lutz nipping Ryan Lynn for third at the line; Jared Zionkowski was fifth.  Heats for the 21-car field went to Scott Lutz, Ganoe and Jim Kennedy.

When Kolton Wagner arrived at the track Friday night his plans where to help his Dad Waylon with his super late model.  When Mike Campbell was not able to drive his own #43 he asked Kolton to help him out.  Kolton from his second starting spot was chasing pole sitter Cody Stover most of the race in the five and sometimes six car battles at the front.  Kolton got the lead on lap nine, at the same time Stover and Tim Raup got together with Stover suffering a flat tire and was out of the race.  Wagner held on for the win with Raup chasing him right to the finish for second with Justin Williamson third followed by Eric Luzier and Aaron Luzier.  Heats for the 16-car field went to Raup and Wagner.

After getting the lead from Lance Spotts on lap five, Ross Perchak drove away to the win on his first visit to the speedway this year.  Ross held on after two cautions slowed the race, but he could pull away each time to collect the feature win.  Sone Keler made a last lap pass of Spotts for second with Jeff Weaver and Austion Pasquerella in the top five.  Heats for the 25-car field went to Weaver, Perchak and Spotts.

Super Late Models 1) 0 Coleby Frye 2)5W Waylon Wagner 3)27 Jim Yoder 4)14 Tyler Horst 5)24 Dylan Yoder 6)9 Hayes Mattern 7)10 Dave Stamm 8)15 Luke Hoffner 9)5J Jeremy Ohl 10)16 Matt Cochran 11)SR1 Jamin Chapman 12)68 Kevin Probst 13)11T JR Toner 14)50 Cody Robbins 15)57 Mike Smith 16)3 Tim Luban 17)57J Jon Rochacevich 18)77 Tom Krape
IMCA Sprints 1)0 Kyle Ganoe 2)78 Dale Schweikart 3)33 Scott Lutz 4)26 Ryan Lynn 5)41 Jared Zionkowski 6)67 Ken Duke 7)99 Cale Reigle 8)21 Rob Felix 9)1 Eddie Strada 10)19 Tylor Cochran 11)78S Dakota Schweikart 12)14 Sydney Prince 13)5 John Walp 14)07 Josh Dressler 15)88 Fred Arnold 16)72 Dave Guss Jr. 17)7 Jim Kennedy 18)R6 Reed Thompson 19)3G Josh Guiher 20)17 Kyle Smith 210Zach Newlin
FWD Four-Cylinders 1)43 Kolton Wagner 2)219 Tim Raup 3)5 Justin Williamson 4)6 Eric Luzier 5)5L Aaron Luzier 6)2C Adam Campbell 7)28 Dave Flook 8)1 Tim Campbell 9)13 Ryan Miller 10)31 Roy Orndorf 11)7M Scott Hamilton 12)9 Rich Mattern 13)4 Cody Stover 14)12 Lon Savage Jr. 15)23 Roy Vaneman  DNS 2 Kyle Workman
270-Micro-Sprints 1)4 Ross Perchak 2)21 Stone Keller 3)38 Lance Spotts 4)92 Jeff Weaver 5)11 Austin Pasquerella 6)X Skeetz Hockenbrock 7)14 Gary Keister 8)12 Bryce Craft 9)28Jake Hummel 10)20 Bobby Sanso 11)06 John Roberts 12)28 Sydney Prince 13)50 Jeff Gyurina 14)51 Dan Tripoli 15)18 Mallory Prince 16)9 Jerrod Heil 17)27 Brandon Hawkins 18)70 Eddie Moyer 19)5 Denny Rinehimer 20)17 Troy Whitesel 21)52 Dan Wertman 22)99 John Bower 23)88 Bryan Strouse 24)90 Sam Chamberlain  DNS 3 Jim Welshans