Yoder Collects Big Bucks at CCMS Friday Night


MILL HALL, PA – Andrew Yoder of Middleburg, won a hard-fought battle with Eric Irvin and scored his fourth win of the season, and collect $1,500 for his effort in the 25-lap event.  AJ Stroup of Richfield in his second race of the year at CCMS picked up the 15-lap pro stock feature win, in the TC Transport sponsored division.  In the Glenn Hawbaker FWD Four Cylinders, Tim Campbell of Danville, Pa. scored the 12-lap feature win his first win in over 46 years.  Jeff Weaver of Lock Haven, Pa. won the 270-micro sprint 15-lap feature, with Garrett Bard of Wells Tannery, Pa., doing the same in the 600-micro sprint feature for his second win in three starts at the speedway. The nights events where sponsored by Strouse Electric, G&R Excavating, S&R Repair and Robinson Septic service.

Up next for CCMS will be the big super late model special on Saturday October 14th.  The super late models will be racing for the richest purse in the race tracks 29-year history.  The 50-lap feature will pay $5,000 to win from the over $20,000 purse offered by the speedway. The race will pay $2,000 for second with $300 to take the green.  Pro-Stocks $500 to win, FWD Four-Cylinders $300 to win and 270-Micro-Sprints $400 to win will also be in action. Gates will open at 3pm with hot laps schedule to start at 6pm with heat race action to follow hot-laps. Check the web-site at www.clintoncountymotorspeedway.com for more information or like us on Facebook or call the track at1-570-971-2126

Eric Irvin from his outside pole position got the jump on pole sitting Andre Yoder, who was using the inside of the racetrack.  They raced this way for most of the first half of the race, which was slowed by four cautions.  On one occasion Yoder had taken the lead away from Irvin, with the yellow wiping out the pass.  Andrew was final able to make his move on lap seventeen and take the lead away from Irvin and lead the rest of the way to the checkered flag.

“That race was a lot of fun, I love racing with Eric, we gave each other room.  I started to see him slip up one time down in turns one and two, and the top was going away, and I think that is how I got around him. I just keep digging on the bottom, and I knew I was not going to try the top, so I just keep the car real low on the bottom.  I think I hit the fence five times, keeping my car down there, and that is the only way I got him”. Stated Andrew.

Andrew’s cousin Dylan came on strong at the end getting past Irvin for second on lap eighteen and chased Andrew the rest of the way, but could not make a move for the lead.  Dylan held on for second, and collected a check for $1,000.

“He had a pretty god car, and he got to the bottom first, and got the lead and once he gets there he is hard to pass”.  This is the first time racing this car I got to run the bottom, and I was happy just to be able to keep up with him. It was a lot of fun racing out there with these guys tonight, and I am looking forward to the Super show back here In October”.

Dylan was driving one of his former racecars that Glen Ray now owns, but was able to drive this year.

“He wanted someone to race it so I have a few times and we keep getting better with the car”.  Noted Dylan.

Ralph Morgan started back in the tenth spot and move up through the field getting into the third spot on lap 21 but could not get any closer to the front.

“I got a little bit ensue on the start, which hurt me a bit, but we got going and come on strong near the end.  We got this new Rocket car that was built for someone else and it is good piece”.  Stated Ralph.

Irvin did cross the line in fourth, but failed post-race inspection, giving the fourth spot to Matt Cochran with Jim Yoder in the top five.  Heat races went to Irvin and Andrew Yoder.

AJ Stroup from hid fourth starting spot ran side by side with leader Tommy Dawson until the 11th lap when he was able to get by Dawson and go on to record is first win in only his second start of the year.  The driver that was on the move was AY Schilling who started seventh in the feature and came on the scene with only two laps left to go in the race.

Coming off the fourth turn for the checkers Schilling almost stole the win away from Stroup, and only lost out by .057 tenths of a second.  Dawson held on for third with pole sitter Chris Snyder fourth and Butch Braim fifth.

“We are going to have to come up here and race more often next year for sure”.  Noted the winner.  I heard somebody coming off the second turn, and when he got up beside me I did not know if you would be able to beat him, but we did”. said Stroup.

Heats went to AJ Stroup and Butch Braim

In the FWD Four-Cylinder race Tim Campbell, lead the entire 12-laps of the feature to get his first win of the year.  First, he had to hold off his son Adam (last week’s feature winner), and then a last race charge from Tim Raup.

“It has been 46 years since I won a race, and that was in a Go-Kart when I was twelve years old”.  Stated the winner.

Tim for most of his racing life has served as the crew chief for his brother Steve’s racing career.  After Raup and Adam Campbell came Lee Zook and Ryan Miller in the top five, with the lone heat race going to Tim Campbell.

Jeff Weaver lead all the whole distance in the 270-micro sprint feature to collect his fifth win of the season. In the non-stop feature Jeff got out in front early holding off Skeetz Hockenbrock early and later a charge from tenth starting Ross Perchak to score the win.

“Ross is pretty good and he wins all over the places he races at.  I was just waiting for him to get beside me, but that never happened, we had a good car tonight”.  Noted Jeff.

Perchak was second with Hockenbrock third followed by Denny Rinehimer and Bobby Sanso in the top five.  Heats went to Sanso and Hockenbrock

In the 600 micro-sprint feature, early it looked like Nick Wood was going to run away with the race setting a solid pace around the speedway, with Jeff Weaver giving chase.  Garrett Bard moved into to second on lap three and followed Nick for the next couple of laps till he made the winning pass on lap nine and drove off for his second win in three starts at the track this year. Wood held on for second with Jake Hummel jeff Weaver and Dylan Anderson in the top five.  The heat race went to Bard.

Limited Late Models 1(2 Andrew Yoder 2(GR1 Dylan Yoder 3(44 Ralph Morgan 4(16 Matt Cochran 5(42 Jim Yoder 6(57 Mike Smith 7(57T Gary Mellott 8(20 John Myers 9(SR1 Jamin Chapman 10(3 Tim Luben 11(87 Eric Irvin 12(68 Kevin Probst

Pro-Stocks 1(26 AJ Stroup 2(28 AY Schilling 3(16 Tommy Dawson 4(31 Chris Snyder 5(55 Butch Braim 6(93 Zack Gustafson 7(31C Marc Benson 8(6 Dan Jenson 9(747 Tom Dawson 10(25 Rich Fye 11(8 Kevin Vanamburg

FWD Four-Cylinders 1( 2 Tim Campbell 2(219 Tim Raup 3(1 Adam Campbell 4(11 Lee Zook 5(13 Ryan Miller 6(68 Nick Hess 7(69 John Bower 8(77 Nick Weikel

270-Micro-Sprints 1(92 Jeff Weaver 2(4 Ross Perchak 3(X Skeetz Hockenbrock 4(5 Denny Rinehimer 5(20 Bobby Sanso 6(50 Jeff Gyurina 7(22 Logan Hammaker 8(52 Dan Wertman 9(9 Jared Heil 10(51 Dan Tripoli 11(38 Lance Spotts

600-Micro-Sprints 1(95 Garrett Bard 2(1X Nick Wood 3(1 Jake Hummel 4(92 Jeff Weaver 5(10 Dylan Anderson 6(33 Chad Thomas 7(06 Eric Knopp 8(48 Derek Swartz 9(15 Matt Tebbs