Gordon Pockets $3,500 with PSX Series, Lynch Goes Back-to-Back with Sprints

Sye Lynch

SARVER, PA – The Fab4 Revved Up with Marburger Farm Dairy returned to ‘The Action Track’ on Friday night as crisp fall-like temperatures filled the air. The Fab4 divisions were accompanied by the Homak Penn/Ohio Pro Stocks PSX Series who had $3,500 up for grabs to the winner of their 30-lap main event.

As the Homak Penn/Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series presented by Can-Am took to the speedway for their 30-lap main event, it was Andrew Gordon and Chase Lambert pacing the field to the green. When the green flag fell, it was Gordon jumping out to the early advantage. While Gordon began to stretch his lead out, Chris McGuire and Lambert battled side-by-side for multiple laps for second with Lambert staving off the challenge. By lap 6, Gordon had stretched his lead out to over 3.5 seconds and was in lapped traffic by lap 9. Gordon was well in control as the laps ticked down and could methodically maneuver his way through heavy lapped traffic lap 23 when fifth running Bobby Whitling pulled up lame on the front stretch to bring out the caution and restack the field. The caution did not deter Gordon as when racing resumed, he remained in control up front but the action behind him picked up as Daryl Charlier, who was steady in the top-five all race long, put pressure on Lambert for the second spot. Behind that battle, Millerstown Pic-A-Part Pro Stock Point Leader Cory McPherson, and multi-time Lernerville track champion Chris Schneider entered the top-five from their seventh and 11th starting spots. However, Gordon was not to be denied and when the checkered flag fell, he had a four second advantage over Lambert who held off Charlier for second. McPherson crossed the line fourth followed by Schneider in fifth. Chris McGuire settled for a sixth-place finish followed by Joey Zambotti in seventh, Tim Bish in eighth, in ninth was Todd Weldon as Jason Fosnaught rounded out the top-ten.

‘I’m pretty ecstatic, this is a good finish for me, I’m not really the best here but the car was perfect,’ Gordon exclaimed in Terry Bowser Excavating Victory Lane. ‘That’s because of my crew who puts all the hard work into it and bust’s their butt’s all week and does a lot for me.’ Gordon continued, ‘This win is for my grandma up in the stands, she makes it to all the races, she’s been sick but on the (road to) recovery so, this one is for her!’

In the Peoples Natural Gas Sprint feature it was Sye Lynch who took the lead from his pole starting position. Michael Bauer, who shared the front row with Lynch, followed in second as sixth starting A.J. Flick found himself in the third spot. Lynch had pulled away to a 2.1 second advantage over the field on lap 5 as Flick worked his way under Bauer for the second spot on lap 7. By lap 11, Flick had caught Lynch and on lap 12, made his move to take the lead as the duo came out of turn two. That lead was short lived as Lynch was able to pull a slide job in turn 4 to retake the lead on lap 14. Flick tried to battle back down the front straightaway but lost his momentum due to lapped traffic which let Lynch pull away. Flick stayed within striking distance of the leader during the closing laps but could not get close enough to the leader to make a bid for the lead. Lynch would go on to win his second Peoples Sprint feature in as many weeks ahead of Flick and eighth starting Carl Bowser who finished third. Jack Sodeman, Jr. came home fourth with Michal Bauer rounding out the top-five.

‘Starting on the pole, you just never know which groove is working better or how hard to push the car. The track was really tricky tonight, it was a great surface by Lernerville tonight, but it was definitely technical,’ Lynch said in victory lane. ‘(A.J.) Flick drove a great race and got around me, I knew I had to run harder, it was one of those deals where you’re battling for the lead and working through lapped traffic, you just never know when is too hard or not hard enough.’ Lynch continued, ‘It was a very tricky race, but the car was great all night long, we’ve been trying a bunch of things and it’s just, clicking.’

Alex Ferree dominated the Precise Racing Products Late Models feature as he took the lead from the start and had a commanding 5.5 second lead over point leader Colton Flinner and was about to lap the fifth-place car of Ken Schaltenbrand on lap 23 when the caution flew for the spun car of Clayton Kennedy. Ferree’s monstrous lead was negated as the field was bunched up for the restart. Flinner, trying to get all that he could on the restart, jumped the start on three attempts in a row which led track officials to move him back a row. The penalty put the young up-and-comer, Logan Zarin on the front row with the race long leader. Ferree held off all challengers after the race resumed to claim his second Precise Late Model feature of the season. Zarin held on for second followed by Flinner in third, Schaltenbrand in fourth and Gary Lyle in fifth.

‘Colton’s always tough, and Zarin and Schaltenbrand, it’s tough racing here and the restarts can always throw a little wrench at you. Colton tried a couple different times and went a little early there, it just worked out in my favor at the end,’ Alex said in victory lane. ‘I have to thank Lynn Geisler (car owner), #1 Cochran, my mom and dad, my wife Brenda, my kids, Marburger Farm Dairy, Butler Pre-Owned, Tri-State Hose & Supply, Hotsy, Moody Sales & Service, Jack’s Recycling, Bachman Trucking, and my crew of course, they bust their butt to get me here.’

Arguably the most entertaining race of the night was the Diehl Automotive DIRTcar Big Block Modified feature that saw Steve Feder lead the first 18 laps of the event but numerous battles within the top-five positions kept fans on the edge of their seats. Brian Swartzlander, Rex King, Jr., Jeremiah Shingledecker had a furious battle for the second, third, and fourth spots behind the race leader until the trio caught Feder on lap 15. It then became a four-car skirmish for the lead as Feder had his hands full trying to fend off the onslaught of contenders. By lap 17, Rex King, Jr. found himself in the second spot and battling Feder for the lead. King was able to make the pass on lap 18 and pull away for a 1.593 second win over second place finisher and current point leader, Shingledecker, who was able to get by Feder on lap 22. Swartzlander finished fourth with Dave Murdick crossing the line in fifth.

‘That was the most fun racing I’ve had here in a long time,’ King, Jr. mentioned in victory lane. ‘The only other time was when me and my dad (Rex King, Sr.) were battling here earlier in the year, and it was slick like that. The track was good, I think it was pretty racy, I seen Shingledecker passed a bunch of cars, I think dad passed a couple, it was a good race, I enjoyed passing the ones I did,’ King said with a smile. ‘Steve (Feder) ran a hell of race, it was fun racing with him and Brian there for a couple laps, I really had a good time.’

Homak Penn/Ohio Pro Stocks PSX Series Results:

Thoma Meat Market Heat 1: (C33) Corey McPherson, (29) Curtis J. Bish, (948) Joey Zambotti, (10) Nick Kocuba, (27) Jake Dietz, (0) Larry Kugel, (26) Mike Bordt, (54E) Tony Iarrapino, (99T) Theo Baumgartner

Hovis Auto and Truck Supply Heat 2: (63) Chris McGuire, (11B) Tim Bish, (00X) Curt Bish Jr., (45) Todd Weldon, (84S) Josh Seippel, (983) Zack Gustafson, (67j) Jamie Duncan, (39B) Josh Blum

Dlubak Powder Coating Heat 3: (25G) Andrew Gordon, (114) Daryl Charlier, (55) Chris Schneider, (25) Brett McDonald, (13J) Jordan Perkins, (81) Mike Miller, (31) Jason Johns, (310) Dale Tuche

Butler County Tourism Heat 4: (7W) Bobby Whitling, (22) Chase Lambert, (4) Brett Hutira, (J19) Jason Fosnaught, (44) Jim Challingsworth, (12M) Trevor McCann, (7B) Matt Bernard, (48R) Bob Rosman

Millerstown Pic-A-Part Feature ($3,500 to-win): (25G) Andrew Gordon, (22) Chase Lambert, (114) Daryl Charlier, (C33) Corey McPherson, (55) Chris Schneider, (63) Chris McGuire, (948) Joey Zambotti, (11B) Tim Bish, (45) Todd Weldon, (J19) Jason Fosnaught, (00X) Curt Bish Jr., (27) Jake Dietz, (10) Nick Kocuba, (81) Mike Miller, (0) Larry Kugel, (25) Brett McDonald, (84S) Josh Seippel, (26) Mike Bordt, (983) Zack Gustafson, (44) Jim Challingsworth, (4) Brett Hutira, (7W) Bobby Whitling, (29) Curtis J. Bish, (13J) Jordan Peters

Peoples Natural Gas DIRTcar 410 Sprint Results:

Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Heat 1: (42) Sye Lynch, (2) AJ Flick, (13) Brandon Matus, (08) Dan Kuriger, (11J) David Kalb Jr., (55*) Matt Sherlock, (4K) Bill Kiley, (250) Jared McFarland (DNF)

Action Track Podcast Heat 2: (11) Carl Bowser, (40) George Hobaugh, (46) Michael Bauer, (12) Darin Gallagher, (23J) Jack Sodeman Jr., (33) Brent Matus, (13B) Steve Bright, (29M) Logan McCandless

Peoples Natural Gas Feature: (42) Sye Lynch, (2) AJ Flick, (11) Carl Bowser, (23J) Jack Sodeman Jr., (46) Michael Bauer, (08) Dan Kuriger, (11J) David Kalb Jr., (12) Darin Gallagher, (40) George Hobaugh, (13) Brandon Matus, (33) Brent Matus, (55*) Matt Sherlock, (4K) Bill Kiley, (13B) Steve Bright, (29M) Logan McCandless- Did Not Start, (250) Jared McFarland- Did Not Start

Precise Racing Products DIRTcar Late Models Results:

#1Cochran Heat 1: (77) Tyler Dietz, (29) Ken Schaltenbrand, (48) Colton Flinner, (10) Gary Lyle, (11) Joshua Powell, (81) Mike Miller, (41) Tony Burke, (26) Shawn Schaltenbrand

GetPhil.com Heat 2: (91) Tommy Beck, (1C) Alex Ferree, (1Z) Logan Zarin, (9) Levi Yetter, (66) Todd Bachman, (9K) Clayton Kennedy, (B1) Brandon Wearing, (15*) Kelvin Kohan- Did Not Start

Precise Racing Products Feature: (1C) Alex Ferree, (1Z) Logan Zarin, (48) Colton Flinner, (29) Ken Schaltenbrand, (10) Gary Lyle, (91) Tommy Beck, (66) Todd Bachman, (9) Levi Yetter, (9K) Clayton Kennedy, (B1) Brandon Wearing, (26) Shawn Schaltenbrand, (11) Joshua Powell, (81) Mike Miller, (77) Tyler Dietz, (41) Tony Burke, (15*) Kelvin Kohan- Did Not Start

Diehl Automotive DIRTcar Big Block Modifieds Results:

McCutcheon Enterprises Heat 1: (83) Brian Swartzlander, (37MD) Jeremiah Shingledecker, (18) Colton Walters, (45) Steve Feder, (10) Chelsie Kriegisch, (22) Kevin Long, (88) Shawn Fleeger, (64) Rodney Beltz

Thermo Twin Windows Heat 2: (61) Dave Murdick, (165) Rex King Jr., (29) Garrett Krummert, (4J) John Mollick, (32R) Chris Rudolph, (35) Steve Slater, (65) Rex King Sr., (56M) Jacob McElravy

Lernerville TV 35 – Diehl Automotive Feature: (165) Rex King Jr., (37MD) Jeremiah Shingledecker, (45) Steve Feder, (83) Brian Swartzlander, (61) Dave Murdick, (29) Garrett Krummert, (18) Colton Walters, (65) Rex King Sr., (4J) John Mollick, (32R) Chris Rudolph, (10) Chelsie Kriegisch, (35) Steve Slater, (22) Kevin Long, (56M) Jacob McElravy, (88) Shawn Fleeger, (64) Rodney Beltz- Did Not Start

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