Hampton, Norris, Brachman, Whitling Among Stampede Champions as Lernerville Closes 2021 Campaign

Preliminary Night - Champion Racing Oil Williams Grove National Open - World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Cars Series - Williams Grove Speedway - 35 Zach Hampton

SARVER, PA – As has become tradition, the ‘Steel City Stampede LIVE on LernervilleTV’ has put an exclamation point on the 2021 season at Lernerville Speedway as 11 divisions and close to 300 cars were featured throughout the weekend with some new and familiar faces finding victory lane to claim the coveted Stampede Belt Buckle that has become a staple with the Stampede.

In the Peoples Natural Gas Sprint feature it was Zach Hampton and Michael Bauer leading the field to the green with Hampton humping out to the lead. The 2021 Lernerville Track Champion, A.J. Flick made his way into the second spot from his sixth starting position after a lap nine red flag for the turned over car of Brent Matus. With Hampton still leading and catching lapped traffic on lap 16, Flick began to close on the leader but was not able to get close enough to make a move until the last lap when he attempted a slide job in turns three and four coming to the checkered flag, but Hampton held his ground to claim his first ever Lernerville win by .353 seconds over Flick. Sye Lynch came home third followed by Carl Bowser in fourth and Brandon Matus in fifth. ‘This place is way slicker on entry and especially on the straightaways, there’s not many places that get that slick and have a curb (cushion) that good which makes for good racing,’ Hampton said in Terry Bowser Excavating Victory Lane.

Multi-time Precise Racing Products Late Model Lernerville Track Champion, Michael Norris led from start to finish in the ULMS sanctioned Late Model feature. Norris held off a hard charging Jared Miley who attempted to overtake Norris on a late race restart with a move in turns one and two that did not stick giving Norris his second Stamped Belt Buckle. Alex Ferree crossed the line in second with Ryan Montgomery in third, Tyler Dietz in fourth and Logan Zarin in fifth after being involved in an early race altercation. ‘We’re happy to get the win, I feel like every time I’m here and leading, there’s one hundred cautions,’ Norris said in victory lane. ‘But the ‘02’ was rolling, I have to thank Todd (Cerenzia) for letting me bring it, we really tore it up last week and had to do a lot of work to it but the work paid off, it was a rocket tonight.’

As the BRP Diehl Modifieds took to the speedway it was Chad Brachman and 2021 Lernerville Champion Jeremiah Shingledecker on the front row with Shingledecker taking the early lead. Shingledecker held the lead until a lap four restart when he jumped the cushion in turn two giving the lead to Brachman. Brachman would go on to lead the rest of the way to capture the win and third career Stampede Buckle. ‘The car was really good,’ Brachman stated in victory lane, ‘we had to make a lot of changes from yesterday, but we went back to our notes and did a little bit of homework and, here we are.’ Brachman continued, ‘I appreciate everyone coming out and supporting here this weekend and Lernerville Speedway for putting on a great event.’

Bobby Whitling and Daryl Charlier battled through the entirety of the $3,000 to-win ‘Dow Carnahan Memorial’ for the Millerstown Pic-A-Part Homak Penn/Ohio Pro Stocks with Whitling coming out on top. Charlier stayed right on the rear decklid of Whitling throughout the event and made one last move on the final lap, but Whitling was able to keep the lead to claim his first Stampede victory. ‘I’ve never won this race before, so this is my first Stampede victory ever, it means a lot,’ Whitling mentioned in victory lane. ‘I want to thank Greg (Wheeling) and the Penn/Ohio staff for putting this on for Dow. He (Dow) was a staple at this place, and it was great for the Penn/Ohio Pro Stocks to run a race in memory of him.’

The Pace Performance RUSH Late Models were led onto the speedway by Kyle Hardy and Michael Norris with Norris taking the early lead. After a caution on lap four, Hardy used the restart to get by Norris until lap 11 when the two were in heavy lapped traffic where Norris regained the lead from Hardy. The two continued to battle through traffic when on lap 15, Hardy dove hard into turns one and two to get by Norris with a picture-perfect slide job. Hardy would go on to lead the way with Bryce Davis claiming the second spot from Norris who finished third followed by Joe Martin in fourth and Michael Duritsky Jr. rounding out the top five. ‘It’s been a long year, it’s been a fun year,’ Hardy stated in victory lane as he collected his Stampede Belt Buckle as well as the RUSH Late Model Touring Series Championship. ‘It was great racing with RUSH this year, it really wasn’t the plan at the beginning of the year, but it turned out to be awesome and we’re fortunate that RUSH puts on series like this and to race somewhat close to home is pretty fun.’

The battle for the RUSH Sprints championship between Gale Ruth Jr., and Chad Ruhlman was brought to the forefront during the Pace Performance RUSH Sprint feature as Ruhlman started from the pole position and Ruth, Jr., started fourth. Nolan Groves, who started on the outside of the front row took the early lead, but Ruhlman stole the lead on the second lap and controlled the field until a lap seven red flag for Ruth, Jr. who stopped on the front straightaway with a fire under hood, essentially ending his bid for the RUSH Sprint title. Ruhlman would dominate the rest of the event to claim the victory as well as the RUSH Sprint championship. ‘I’m happy that we were able to pull this off, I didn’t want to see it with Gale (Ruth, Jr.) going up in flames, I would rather go toe-to-toe with that team to the finish,’ Ruhlman said in Terry Bowser Excavating Victory Lane. ‘With all the rain they had here last night, this track is immaculate but I’m definitely too fat and old for that big of a cushion,’ Ruhlman joked while accepting his Stampede Buckle.

Garrett Krummert took advantage of a great start at the beginning of the RUSH Sportsman Modified feature to grab the lead from his third starting spot and lead all 25 laps to capture the Pace Performance RUSH Modified feature. Ty Rhoades took home the Stampede Belt Buckle in the E-Modified division while Jim Morris bested the Race Saver 305’s to win his first ever event at Lernerville Speedway. Adam Pletcher snagged the win in the Blazak Home Heating Mini Stock feature while Matt Feder outlasted the 76 total cars that were entered into the Mike’s Truck Service and Sales Enduro.

Peoples Natural Gas DIRTcar 410 Sprint Results:

Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Heat 1: (42) Sye Lynch, (33) Brent Matus, (2) AJ Flick, (35H) Zach Hampton, (12) Darin Gallagher, (55*) Matt Sherlock, (86) Michael Lutz Jr., (80J) Kyle Colwell (DNF)

Action Track Podcast Heat 2: (13) Brandon Matus, (23J) Jack Sodeman Jr., (22) Brandon Spithaler, (46) Michael Bauer, (11) Carl Bowser, (08) Dan Kuriger, (38) Leyton Wagner, (4K) Kip Edwards

Peoples Natural Gas Feature: (35H) Zach Hampton, (2) AJ Flick, (42) Sye Lynch, (11) Carl Bowser, (13) Brandon Matus, (46) Michael Bauer, (12) Darin Gallagher, (22) Brandon Spithaler, (23J) Jack Sodeman Jr., (08) Dan Kuriger, (38) Leyton Wagner, (86) Michael Lutz Jr., (55*) Matt Sherlock, (80J) Kyle Colwell, (4K) Kip Edwards, (33) Brent Matus

Precise Racing Products ULMS Late Models Results:

#1Cochran Heat 1: (10M) Jared Miley, (10) Gary Lyle, (29) Ken Schaltenbrand, (1Z) Logan Zarin, (W3) John Weaver, (4) Jason Knowles, (10S) Levi Spinneweber, (94) AJ Campbell

GetPhil.com Heat 2: (02) Michael Norris, (0) Deshawn Gingerich, (01) Khole Wanzer, (4s) Ryan Montgomery, (13X) Kenny Schaffer, (15*) Kelvin Kohan, (54) Eric Andrus, (9) Levi Yetter

Abtrex.com Heat 3: (1C) Alex Ferree, (77) Tyler Dietz, (14R) Clay Ruffo, (23) Eric Hamilton, (55) Chris Schneider, (81) Mike Miller, (B1) Brandon Wearing, (41) Colin Burke

Precise Racing Products ULMS Feature: (02) Michael Norris, (1C) Alex Ferree, (4S) Ryan Montgomery, (77) Tyler Dietz, (1Z) Logan Zarin, (10M) Jared Miley, (29) Ken Schaltenbrand, (01) Khole Wanzer, (9) Levi Yetter, (0) Deshawn Gingerich, (81) Mike Miller, (54) Eric Andrus, (W3) John Weaver, (10) Gary Lyle, (94) AJ Campbell, (10s) Levi Spinneweber, (14R) Clay Ruffo, (15*) Kelvin Kohan (DNF), (B1) Brandon Wearing (DNF), (74) Tyler Hershey (DNF), (55) Chris Schneider (DNF), (13X) Kenny Schaffer (DNF) , (4) Jason Knowles (DNF), (23) Eric Hamilton (DNF), (41) Colin Burke (DNF)

Diehl Automotive BRP Big Block Modifieds Results:

McCutcheon Enterprises Heat 1: (18X) Eric Gabany, (3) Chad Brachmann, (29) Garrett Krummert, (32) Jim Rasey, (13) Rick Regalski, (189) Kyle Fink, (22) Kevin Long, (3K) Shawn Kozar, (88) Shawn Fleeger, (35) Steve Slater

Thermo Twin Windows Heat 2: (18) JR McGinley, (65) Rex King Sr., (37) Travis Shingledecker, (165) Rex King Jr., (25B) Steve Barr, (132) Brandon Michaud, (1x) Ryan Riffe, (64) Rodney Beltz, (27R) Dave Reges

Thrower Concrete Heat 3: (37MD) Jeremiah Shingledecker, (32) Dave Murdick, (11R) Brad Rapp, (7F) Matt Farnham, (4J) John Mollick, (03) Mark Frankhouser, (27z) Ray Bliss, (4M) Greg Martin, (18) Colton Walters

Diehl Automotive BRP Tour Feature: (3) Chad Brachmann, (7F) Matt Farnham, (165) Rex King Jr., (29) Garrett Krummert, (65) Rex King Sr., (18X) Eric Gabany, (11R) Brad Rapp, (4M) Greg Martin, (32R) Dave Reges, (18) JR McGinley, (4J) John Mollick, (37) Travis Shingledecker, (189) Kyle Fink, (18) Colton Walters, (32) Jim Rasey, (13) Rick Regalski, (27Z) Ray Bliss, (132) Brandon Michaud, (35) Steve Slater, (03) Mark Frankhouser, (64) Rodney Beltz, (88) Shawn Fleeger, (3K) Shawn Kozar, (25B) Steve Barr, (27R) Dave Reges, (37MD) Jeremiah Shingledecker, (22) Kevin Long, (1X) Ryan Riffe

Millerstown Pic-A-Part Penn/Ohio Pro Stocks Results:

Thoma Meat Market Heat 1: (114) Daryl Charlier, (45) Todd Weldon, (4) Brett Hutira, (24) Tyler Wyant, (08) Jeff Broniszewski, (60H) Brian Huchko, (948) Joey Zambotti, (71) Joey Anderson, (39B) Josh Blum

Hovis Auto and Truck Supply Heat 2: (25G) Andrew Gordon, (55) Chris Schneider, (7) Coleton Longwell

(25) Jason Fosnaught, (0) Larry Kugel, (81) Mike Miller, (310) Dale Tuche, (28) Doug Iorio II

Ithaca Gun Company Heat 3: (T6) Tim Bish, (7W) Bobby Whitling, (20J) Rob Shook, (31) Jason Johns, (10) Nick Kocuba, (27) Jake Dietz., (22) Trevor Herr, (57C) Dennis Collins Jr.

Millerstown Pic-A-Part Homak Penn/Ohio Pro Stocks ‘Dow Carnahan Memorial’: (7W) Bobby Whitling, (114) Daryl Charlier, (55) Chris Schneider, (25G) Andrew Gordon, (45) Todd Weldon, (T6) Tim Bish, (60H) Brian Huchko, (31) Jason Johns, (948) Joey Zambotti, (25) Jason Fosnaught, (20J) Rob Shook, (24) Tyler Wyant, (08) Jeff Broniszewski, (10) Nick Kocuba, (81) Mike Miller, (27) Jake Dietz, (310) Dale Tuche, (0) Larry Kugel, (4) Brett Hutira, (22) Trevor Herr, (71) Joey Anderson, (28) Doug Iorio II, (57C) Dennis Collins Jr., (39B) Josh Blum, (7) Coleton Longwell (DNF)

Pace Performance RUSH Late Models Results:

RUSH Late Model Heat 2: (51N) Michael Norris, (90J) Michael Duritsky Jr., (58) Braden Dillinger, (60) Zach Morrow, (7) Brian Knowles, (5X) Clayton Tarabori, (01W) Khole Wanxer, (8S) Andy Spooner, (31N) Denny Nakutis (DNS)

RUSH Late Model Heat 3: (3J) Jeremy Wonderling, (10S) Joe Martin, (9) Will Thomas, (26) Kurt Stebbins, (14G) Jake Gunn, (17G) Zach Gunn, (6R) Chuck Recker, (112) Jacob Peterson

RUSH Late Model B-Main: (75) RJ Dallape, (2T) Tony Kelley, (6R) Chuck Recker, (112) Jacob Peterson, (85) Andy Spooner, (01W) Khole Wanzer, (3N) Denny Nakutis, (31N) DJ Nakutis

RUSH Late Model Dash: (99) Kyle Hardy, (51N) Michael Norris, (94) Bryce Davis, (3J) Jeremy Wonderling, (90J) Michael Duritsky, (10S) Joe Martin

RUSH Late Model Feature: (99) Kyle Hardy, (94) Bryce Davis, (51N) Michael Norris, (10S) Joe Martin, (90J) Michael Duritsky Jr., (9) Will Thomas, (11F) Ryan Frazee, (58) Braeden Dillinger, (10) Zachary Kane, (60) Zach Morrow, (21J) Jim Rasey, (14G) Jake Gunn, (5X) Clayton Tarabori, (7) Brian Knowles, (85) Andy Spooner, (17G) Zach Gunn, (75D) RJ Dallape, (6R) Chuck Recker, (2T) Tony Kelley, (3J) Jeremy Wonderling, (26) Kurt Stebbins, (01W) Khole Wanzer, (112) Jacob Peterson, (114) Daryl Charlier

Pace Performance RUSH Sprint Car Results:

RUSH Sprint Car Heat 1: (25) Nolan Groves, (14) John Mollick, (24) Gale Ruth Jr., (43jr) Blaze Myers, (57N) Tyler Newhart, (29) Brandon Shughart, (35) Jordan Hamilton, (16C) Amelia Clay

RUSH Sprint Car Heat 2: (68) Chad Ruhlman, (41) Rod George, (20) Jeff Metsger, (49) Brian Ruhlman, (69X) AJ MacQuarrie, (69) Brian Hartzell, (1T) Ricky Tucker

RUSH Sprint Car Feature: (68) Chad Ruhlman, (14) John Mollick, (25) Nolan Groves, (43J) Blaze Myers, (57N) Tyler Newhart, (41) Rod George, (49) Brian Ruhlman, (29) Brandon Shughart, (69) Brian Hartzell, (1T) Ricky Tucker, (20) Jeff Metsger, (35) Jordan Hamilton, (16C) Amelia Clay, (24) Gale Ruth Jr. (DNF), (69X) AJ McQuarrie

Pace Performance RUSH Sportsman Modifieds Results:

RUSH Sportsman Modifieds Heat 1: (C3) Chas Wolbert, (63T) Tony Tatgenhorst, (111) Dave Price, (14) Jeff Schaffer Jr., (63) Jessica Kriegisch, (28J) Jacob Jordan, (571) Josh Ehrenberg, (0) Mike Smith

RUSH Sportsman Modifieds Heat 2: (00) Rob Kristyak, (10S) Garrett Krummert, (5C) Ayden Cipriano, (10) Chelsie Kriegisch, (12) JC Boyer, (25) Greg Porter, (2) Kole Holden, (119) Joe Gibson- DQ

RUSH Sportsman Modifieds Feature: (10S) Garrett Krummert, (C3) Chas Wolbert, (63T) Tony Tatgenhorst, (00) Rob Kristyak, (12) JC Boyer, (28J) Jacob Jordan, (2) Kole Holden, (14) Jeff Schaffer Jr. , (5C) Ayden Cipriano, (0) Mike Smith, (63) Jessica Kriegisch, (111) Dave Price, (10) Chelsie Kriegisch, (25) Greg Porter, (119) Joe Gibson, (571)Josh Ehrenberg

Race Saver 305 Sprints Results:

Race Saver 305 Sprints Heat 1: (25) Jarrett Rosencrance, (17K) Steve Kenawell, (88) Greg Dobrosky, (16) Jim Morris, (80J) Kyle Colwell, (00) Michael Miller (DNF), (154) Shamus O’Donnell (DNF), (x7) Andy Cavanaugh (DNF), (4J) Jacob Gomola (DNF), (347) Nevan O’Donnell (DNS)

Race Saver 305 Sprints Feature: (16) Jim Morris, (4J) Jacob Gomola, (17K) Steve Kenawell, (X7) Andy Cavanaugh, (88) Greg Dobrosky, (25) Jarrett Rosencrance, (29B) Robbie Bartchy, (00) Michael Miller, (80J) Kyle Colwell- DNF, (154) Shamus O’Donnell- (DNS) , (347) Nevan O’Donnell-(DNS)

E-Modified Results:

E-Modified Heat 1: (49) Brian Ruhlman, (12R) Ty Rhoades, (1) Vinnie Depizzo, (J19) Jason Fosnaught, (13) Jordan Simmons, (75) Travis Creech, (77D) Dustin DeMattia

E-Modified Heat 2: (6M) Carl McKinney, (21) Troy Johnson, (22) Doug Carson, (83E) Ed Vogel, (122) Mark Bell, (41) Joel Lanphere, (20) Alex Siekkinen, (72) Payton Dalton- DQ

E-Modified Feature: (12R) Ty Rhoades, (6M) Carl McKinney, (49) Brian Ruhlman, (13) Jeremy Double, (1) Vinnie Depizzo, (77D) Dustin DeMattia, (22) Doug Carson, (2J) Troy Johnson, (75) Travis Creech, (83E) Ed Gobel, (20) Alex Siekkinen, (122) Mark Bell, (J19) Jason Fosnaught, (41) Allen Haskins

Blazczak Home Heating Mini Stock Results:

Blazczak Home Heating Mini Stock Heat 1: (W5) Bill Hassenplug, (2B) April Tennant, (51) Colton McNaney, (22S) Chris Shipe, (C04) Dave Seibert Jr., (81s) David Smail, (86) Ed Holben, (16R) Jordan Reges, (71) Matt Knight, (18) Mike Strouse

Blazczak Home Heating Mini Stock Heat 2: (2) Bil Tennant, (114) Josh Frentz, (3K) Matt Kiesel, (13J) Jay Swager Jr., (00) Cole Miller, (22W) Thomas Warren, (66M) Matt Miller, (64) Summer Pitts, (56M) Jake McElravy, (C4) Axexander Claypoole (DNS)

Blazczak Home Heating Mini Stock Heat 3: (5K) Adam Pletcher, (40C) Joe Campbell, (36F) Zack Frantz, (5R) Craig Rudolph, (78) Chris Knight, (21K) Kasey Markham, (77E) Tyler Ellenberger, (98Q) Quinten Deerman, (19H) Brad Vargovich, (713) Joe Huffman Jr.

Blazczak Home Heating Mini Stocks B-Main: (3H) Shawn Hadden, (86E) Ed Holben, (19H) Brad Vargovich, (98Q) Quinten Deeman, (16R) Jordan Reges, (66M) Matt Miller, (64) Summer Pitts, (C4) Alexander Claypoole, (56M) Jake McElravy-DNS, (77E) Tyler Ellenberger- DNS

Blazczak Home Heating Mini Stock Feature: (5K) Adam Pletcher, (2B) April Tennant, (W5) Bill Hassenplug, (81s) David Smail, (00) Cole Miller, (86E) Ed Holben, (CO4) Dave Siebert Jr., (51) Colten McNaney, (16R) Jordan Reges, (21K) Kasey Markham, (78) Chris Knight, (36F) Zack Frantz, (2) Bill Tennant, (66M) Matt Miller, (5R) Craig Rudolph, (22W) Thomas Warren, (22S) Chris Shipe, (13J) Jay Swager Jr. , (3K) Matt Kiesel, (3H) Shawn Hadden, (40C) Joe Cambpell, (114) Josh Franz, (98Q) Quinten Deeman, (19H) Brad Vargovich

Mike’s Truck Service and Sales Enduro Results:

Mike’s Truck Service and Sales Enduro 100: (17F) Matt Feder, (26W) Dylan Jones, (11) Clinton Hersh, (18) Jesse McFarland, (CO4) Dave Seibert Jr., (301) Justin Pry, (42) Josh Kennedy, (33) Tyler Harris, (18s) Brian Shaffer, (16J) Kyler Jolley, (17) Caden Geibe, (57) Devin Thompson, (5) Christian Schneider, (227) Jeff Barricella, (99N) Bob Nelson, (29) Mike Cole, (39) Damian Carney, (318) Devin Haley, (060) Tim Claypoole, (38J) Amanda Jackson, (38M) Joe Manuel, (99) Rusty Feightner, (298) Fred Brothers, (16) James Barber, (7J) Jake Cunliffe, (321) Hunter Bauman, (11G) Audie Geer, (51) Kevin Thomas, (911) Tanner Rose, (00) Cole Miller, (94) Aaron Snyder, (66) Ron Hein, (76M) Jake Mcfarland, (93) Darren Myers, (79) Jaimi Armour, (7) Don Gavulich, (24) Tim McVay, (07) Tyler Nelson, (16) Dan Hostetler, (65q) Derrick Quigley, (6J) Jonathan Sherwin, (26T) Jonathan Turner, (284) Tyler Lamacz, (77) Carl Claypoole, (29G) Leslie Goettier, (98) Steve Ace, (93A) Alec Novak, (83) Ed Vogel, (86) Brad Gamble, (22C) Riley Corklin, (40) Noah Swank, (55) Joe Fedoush, (11) Ed Holben, (99S) Brian Watkins, (13S) Robbie Stroup, (19N) Troy Norman, (60) Wilson Greenfield, (21) Will Everetts, (WM13) John McConnell, (17M) Rusty Moore, (76) Troy Biscardi, (66M) Matthew Miller, (55GR) Brad Claypoole, (98) Jeff Shields, (304) Craig Thorne, (69) Andrew Gonzalez, (18C) Caleb Vasos, (13C) Chas Smith- DQ

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