Flick & Ruhlman Rule Lernerville Speedway

SARVER, PA-OnFriday. August 12  Peluso Roofing presented the Lernerville Speedway  ‘Sprint Car Spectacular’ that included the Peoples Natural Gas Sprints, Hovis Auto & Truck Supply RUSH Sprints, and the Allegheny Sprint Tour 305’s as well as a fireworks display for the fans. Highlighting the evening was the $4,000 to-win, 30-lap Peoples Sprints feature event. Not only did Peluso Roofing present the night’s festivities, but they also added $125 for the fifth place and tenth place finishers of both RUSH and 305 feature events.

Jack Sodeman, Jr., and George Hobaugh led the star-studded Peoples Natural Gas Sprint Car field to their 30-lap feature with Sodeman taking the early advantage. Sodeman had as much as a half second lead over the field until lap six when Hobaugh slid to the lead in turns three and four with a slider out of turn four.  With Hobaugh now in the lead, third starting and current Peoples Sprints point leader A.J. Flick began to close on Sodeman for the second spot while Darin Gallagher, the driver of Peluso Roofing #12, lurked in fourth. On lap 13, Hobaugh caught heavy lapped traffic which allowed the trio of Flick, Sodeman, and Gallagher to close the gap as the top-four were all within a second of each other on lap 15. Hobaugh did a phenomenal job navigating through traffic and was able to pull ahead of Flick, who made his way past Sodeman on lap 17, by .785 seconds on lap 21. Flick began to slowly reel in Hobaugh for the race lead when the pace was slowed on lap 23 when Bob Felmlee spun in turn two to bring out the caution. When racing resumed, Hobaugh continued to lead but Flick kept him within striking distance and on lap 27, made his move out of turn four to take command. Hobaugh stayed close and attempted a slider in turns one and two, as well as turns three and four, but Flick held off Hobaugh for the remaining three laps to capture his seventh win of the 2022 season and claim the $4,000 top prize. Flick was followed by Hobaugh in second, Gallagher in third, Sodeman was fourth with 13th starting Cody Bova finishing fifth.

‘Kudos to George (Hobaugh), he was the best car in the slick today and it showed, I was hoping we would stay in lapped traffic and move around a little bit to take advantage of it,’ Flick said in Terry Bowser Excavating Victory Lane. ‘We went back green there (after the lap 23 caution) and I was just trying to be patient, but my car just wasn’t taking off in the slick like his was so those last couple laps, I just had to sell out and see if I could make any sort of momentum up top. That’s probably the most bad-ass cushion that Lernerville has had this year so, hats off the Dan (Bauman) and the track crew, we were able to lean on it just enough that we were able to get runs off it down the straightaway.’

Jammin’ Johnny Mollick grabbed the early lead in the Hovis Auto & Truck Supply RUSH Sprint feature over fourth place starter Tyler Newhart and Chad Ruhlman, who started third. Newhart and Ruhlman battled side-by-side for second until lap seven when Ruhlman was finally able to complete the pass. Mollick, who led from the start, had a solid 1.8 second lead by lap 10 started to see his lead dwindle as Ruhlman began to close. A lap 12 caution slowed the pace and bunched the field together giving Ruhlman an opportunity to make a bid for the lead. On lap 13, Ruhlman took his shot and attempted a slider in turn two but made contact with the race leader and getting Mollick out of shape causing him to fall to the fifth-place position as Ruhlman went on to lead. Another caution on lap 14 brought the field back together for a six-lap dash to the finish. Ruhlman pulled away from the field when racing resumed and went on to claim the win by 4.5 seconds over second place finisher Tyler Newhart. Mollick recovered for a third-place finish ahead of Arnie Kent in fourth and A.J. Macquarrie who rounded out the top-five from his 12th starting position.

‘I gave him a lane, it’s alright, he’s not the first person I’ve pissed off in this sport and it’s not going to be the last,’ Ruhlman said in victory lane after being asked about the contact with Mollick while racing for the lead. ‘We’re going for a championship. It was a lot of fun racing with Newhart (for second position early in the race) we were clean, and you know, I’m here to give people a lane (to race) and I’m not going to give them more than that and Tyler (Newhart) used it. And he made the right moves, and we went back and forth. Thanks to Vicky and the RUSH folks for everything done for us tonight with the Manufacturers Night.’

Former Lernerville winners, Justin Clark and Jim Morris led the 305 Sprints of the Allegheny Sprint Tour to the green flag in their 20-lapper with Clark jumping out front and leading wire-to-wire to capture his second 305 win of the 2022 season at Lernerville. Jim Morris held on for second with Jeremy Kornbau finishing third. Steven Kenawall crossed the line in fourth as Jacob Gomola came home fifth.

‘Honestly we were kind of set-up to run through the middle,’ Clark said in Terry Bowser Excavating Victory Lane after his second win at Lernerville of the 2022 season. ‘I didn’t really have any plans on moving up to top but, I knew there was a little bit (of traction) up there, so I just moved up a little bit and used the momentum. I don’t know how close anybody was to me, but things felt pretty damn good.’

Peoples Natural Gas Sprints ‘Sprint Car Spectacular’ Results:

Ferguson Heating and Air Conditioning Heat 1: (Finish-Name-[Start]) 1. 22-Brandon Spithaler[1]; 2. 12G-Corbin Gurley[2]; 3. 13-Brandon Matus[4]; 4. 38-Leyton Wagner[6]; 5. 20B-Cody Bova[3]; 6. 11-Carl Bowser[5]; 7. 79W-Will Fleming[7]

Glassmere Fuel Service Heat 2: (Finish-Name-[Start]) 1. 2-AJ Flick[4]; 2. 12-Darin Gallagher[2]; 3. 40-George Hobaugh Jr[3]; 4. 08-Danny Kuriger[1]; 5. 35W-Jeremy Weaver[5]; 6. 55*-Matt Sherlock[6]; 7. (DNS) 11J-David Kalb

Steighner Crane Services Heat 3: (Finish-Name-[Start]) 1. 23JR-Jack Sodeman Jr[2]; 2. 6-Bob Felmlee[3]; 3. 29-Logan McCandless[4]; 4. 33-Brent Matus[1]; 5. 22C-Jon Carpenter[6]; 6. 27K-Jeremy Kornbau[5]

Tomson Scrap Metal Dash: (Finish-Name-[Start]) 1. 23JR-Jack Sodeman Jr[2]; 2. 40-George Hobaugh Jr[1]; 3. 2-AJ Flick[8]; 4. 29-Logan McCandless[3]; 5. 6-Bob Felmlee[5]; 6. 12-Darin Gallagher[4]; 7. 22-Brandon Spithaler[6]; 8. 12G-Corbin Gurley[7]

Peoples Natural Gas Sprint Car Feature – $4,000 to-win: (Finish-Name-[Start]) 1. 2-AJ Flick[3]; 2. 40-George Hobaugh Jr[2]; 3. 12-Darin Gallagher[6]; 4. 23JR-Jack Sodeman Jr[1]; 5. 20B-Cody Bova[13]; 6. 12G-Corbin Gurley[8]; 7. 13-Brandon Matus[9]; 8. 22-Brandon Spithaler[7]; 9. 29-Logan McCandless[4]; 10. 11-Carl Bowser[16]; 11. 35W-Jeremy Weaver[14]; 12. 79W-Will Fleming[19]; 13. 6-Bob Felmlee[5]; 14. 33-Brent Matus[12]; 15. 27K-Jeremy Kornbau[18]; 16. 55*-Matt Sherlock[17]; 17. 22C-Jon Carpenter[15]; 18. 38-Leyton Wagner[10]; 19. 08-Danny Kuriger[11]; 20. (DNS) 11J-David Kalb

Hovis Auto & Truck Supply RUSH Sprints ‘Sprint Car Spectacular’ Results:

Heat 1: (Finish-Name-[Start]) 1. 24-Gale Ruth Jr[2]; 2. 1-Zack Wilson[5]; 3. 4J-John Mollick[9]; 4. 69-Brian Hartzell[3]; 5. 11-Jack Sodeman Jr[6]; 6. 12-Ryan Fraley[1]; 7. 43JR-Blaze Myers[7]; 8. 5B-Joe Buccola[4]; 9. 4Y-Philip Young[10]; 10. (DNS) 12C-Calvin Clay

Heat 2: (Finish-Name-[Start]) 1. 68-Chad Ruhlman[7]; 2. 41-Andy Priest[4]; 3. 1T-Rick Tucker[6]; 4. 23-Charlie Utsinger[8]; 5. 20-Jeff Metsger[9]; 6. 29-Brandon Shughart[3]; 7. 19B-Brandon Blackshear[1]; 8. 19-Brad Blackshear[2]; 9. 35-Jordan Hamilton[5]

Heat 3: (Finish-Name-[Start]) 1. 57N-Tyler Newhart[3]; 2. 9-Arnie Kent[4]; 3. 13K-Kevin Kaserman[2]; 4. 69X-AJ MacQuarrie[5]; 5. 15-Lacey Shuttleworth[6]; 6. 62-Brian Cressley[8]; 7. 17-Trent Marshall[9]; 8. 16C-Amelia Clay[1]; 9. 4-Rod George[7]

B-Main: (Finish-Name-[Start]) 1. 43JR-Blaze Myers[1]; 2. 19B-Brandon Blackshear[2]; 3. 5B-Joe Buccola[4]; 4. 35-Jordan Hamilton[8]; 5. 16C-Amelia Clay[6]; 6. 17-Trent Marshall[3]; 7. 4-Rod George[9]; 8. 4Y-Philip Young[7]; 9. (DNS) 12C-Calvin Clay; 10. (DNS) 19-Brad Blackshear

Feature: (Finish-Name-[Start]) 1. 68-Chad Ruhlman[3]; 2. 57N-Tyler Newhart[4]; 3. 4J-John Mollick[2]; 4. 9-Arnie Kent[1]; 5. 69X-AJ MacQuarrie[12]; 6. 24-Gale Ruth Jr[7]; 7. 41-Andy Priest[5]; 8. 69-Brian Hartzell[10]; 9. 12-Ryan Fraley[16]; 10. 19B-Brandon Blackshear[20]; 11. 5B-Joe Buccola[21]; 12. 1-Zack Wilson[9]; 13. 43JR-Blaze Myers[19]; 14. 1T-Rick Tucker[8]; 15. 20-Jeff Metsger[14]; 16. 62-Brian Cressley[18]; 17. 23-Charlie Utsinger[11]; 18. 13K-Kevin Kaserman[6]; 19. 15-Lacey Shuttleworth[15]; 20. 17-Trent Marshall[24]; 21. 35-Jordan Hamilton[22]; 22. 29-Brandon Shughart[17]; 23. 16C-Amelia Clay[23]; 24. 11-Jack Sodeman Jr[13]

Allegheny Sprint Tour ‘Sprint Car Spectacular’ Results:

Heat 1: (Finish-Name-[Start]) 1. 27K-Jeremy Kornbau[2]; 2. 16-Jim Morris[1]; 3. 78-Justin Clark[7]; 4. 12G-Tommy Jasen[4]; 5. 42L-Lance Christie[3]; 6. 10J-Jay Fry[5]; 7. 25-Jarrett Rosencrance[8]; 8. 4G-Justin Kovach[6]

Heat 2: (Finish-Name-[Start]) 1. 17K-Steven Kenawell Jr[2]; 2. 88-Greg Dobrosky[4]; 3. 80JR-Kyle Colwell[6]; 4. 42-Jim Pattach[1]; 5. X7-Andy Cavanagh[8]; 6. 4J-Jacob Gomola[5]; 7. 17S-Shane Heath[7]; 8. 3-John Jerich[3]

Feature: (Finish-Name-[Start]) 1. 78-Justin Clark[1]; 2. 16-Jim Morris[2]; 3. 27K-Jeremy Kornbau[5]; 4. 17K-Steven Kenawell Jr[6]; 5. 4J-Jacob Gomola[12]; 6. 42L-Lance Christie[9]; 7. 25-Jarrett Rosencrance[13]; 8. 88-Greg Dobrosky[3]; 9. 12G-Tommy Jasen[7]; 10. 3-John Jerich[16]; 11. 10J-Jay Fry[11]; 12. 42-Jim Pattach[8]; 13. 17S-Shane Heath[14]; 14. 4G-Justin Kovach[15]; 15. 80JR-Kyle Colwell[4]; 16. X7-Andy Cavanagh[10]

Next Friday, August 19 at ‘The Action Track’ will be the ‘Ken Schaltenbrand Memorial’ for the ULMS Late Models that will also feature the rest of the Fab4 Revved Up with Marburger Farm Dairy divisions including the Peoples Sprints, Diehl Automotive Big Block Modifieds and the Millerstown Pic-A-Part Pro Stocks.

Next Friday’s action as well as all Fab4 Revved Up with Marburger Farm Dairy shows will be livestreamed on Lernerville.TV. The Pre-Race Show will go live on LernervilleTV around 6:30 to preview the night’s racing and talk to some of the stars of the nights action! Single race passes are available for $20, but the better deal is the monthly subscription for just $10 more; $30 gets you a full month of Fab4 Racing Revved Up with the Marburger Farm Dairy.

For more information on Lernerville Speedway including schedule, ticket prices, and FAQ’s, please visit www.Lernerville.com.