Brent Marks Wins Back-To-Back Dirt Cups At Lincoln

19 Brent Marks

ABBOTSTOWN, PA – Brent Marks won his second consecutive Dirt Cup at the Lincoln Speedway on Saturday night by just .036 seconds over Danny Dietrich.

Troy Wagaman rounded out the podium with Cory Eliason and Justin Peck completing the top five.

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410 Sprint Car Feature (40 Laps):  BRENT MARKS, Danny Dietrich, Troy Wagaman, Cory Eliason, Justin Peck, Brandon Rahmer, Chase Dietz, Cory Haas, Lance DeWease, Tyler Ross, Aaron Bollinger, Chad Trout, Anthony Macri, Tim Glatfelter, Kyle Moody, Freddie Rahmer, Riley Emig, Dylan Norris, Cameron Smith, Glenndon Forsythe, Tanner Thorson, Michael Millard, Sam Hafertepe Jr, Billy Dietrich