EOVSCC Retools 50’s 60’s Class For 2017


MERRICKVILLE, ONT – The Eastern Ontario Vintage Stock Car Club’s Executive held a meeting this past Thursday at the request of member Tim Charland. On the agenda was eligibility for the 50’s 60’s division. Although there have always been “original” vintage racers in the Club, the cold hard reality is the majority of the EOVSCC are now the more modern chassis with vintage shells attached.

“When we expanded our brand into Northern NY last season” explains Race Director Jeff Ciglich, “We thought there was going to be a resurrection of the older, original OEM chassis Vintage cars, which we know are out there, sitting in garages, collecting dust. We felt that by creating a separate points Championship for those cars, we would see a renewed interest which would translate into new members and stronger fields. Unfortunately that never happened”

“Tim Charland came to us with a proposal that made sense, and should renew interest in the class” commented senior Tech official Derrick Flynn.

Effective immediately the following amendments have been made to the 50’s 60’s class. Any chassis made in 1999 or older including Teo, Troyer, Bicknell, Olsen etc will be eligible at a minimum weight of 2,500 lbs. Bodies must be steel, Coupes or Coach design’s only. These chassis must also use a Holley 2 barrel 500 CFM carburetor.

This rule amendment will immediately see the 50’s 60’s class grow by three or four cars with more potential for future growth.

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