Krause Takes Down Dachenhausen Late to Win Dirt Modified Main at Turkey Derby XLIV – DTD Exclusive


WALL, NJ – Andrew Krause had a little help in Saturday night’s 50-lap Dirt Modified event at Wall Stadium Speedway as part of Turkey Derby XLIV. Krause ran second for most of the race but an opening late in traffic allowed him to shoot by the leader to claim the $2,000 win.

“It was good,” commented Krause after the win. “We had some luck a few years ago, but it hasn’t been on side the last couple years. To swing things back around to the positive was really good. It helps with morale and everything with the crew. It showed that it was still worth bringing the car out and having some fun.”

Ed Dachenhausen started on pole after posting a fast lap of 12.956 in time trials with Krause flanked to his outside. He jumped out to the lead with Krause on the back bumper for the early laps of the race.

Krause began to apply heavy pressure for the first time on lap 11 as they entered traffic for the first time. They remained close in traffic before caution came six laps later on lap 17 for Ryan Krachun who stopped in turn four after contact with the outside wall.

Green came again with Dachenhausen remaining at the front of the field. Krause, like earlier in the race, got in line to follow Dachenhausen. At the halfway point the two were the class of the field opening the advantage on the rest of the competition.

As Dachenhausen led, Krause began experiencing braking issues right around the halfway point which caused him to slide up the banking on a couple of occasions, including on lap 33 when he gave up the runner-up position to Roger Labreche. He quickly regrouped and got back to second behind Dachenhausen a lap later.

“I had to pump the brakes down the straightaway,” mentioned Krause. “I would just get enough to put it in the corner. A couple of times on entry it was hit or miss where my entry point was going to be. It was enough of a workout for a couple weeks.”

Krause kept up the pace working over Dachenhausen. His opportunity came on lap 46. Dachenhausen got boxed in while racing through traffic opening the door for Krause to make a move. He dove around Dachenhausen and exited turn four with the lead.

“I lost the race last year like that so I know exactly how he’s feeling,” stated Krause. “When you get all those cars on the track at once it becomes more of a challenge. Not only getting around the track yourself, but to avoid and work around traffic. I’ve been on both sides of that. You just got take all the luck you can get.”

Krause led the final three laps to pick up the Dirt Modified win at Turkey Derby XLIV. Dachenhausen was able to finish in the runner-up position.

Jeff Richardson finished in the third spot followed by Danny Bouc and Canadian Roger Labreche in fifth.

Turkey Derby Tidbits

20 Dirt Modifieds entered the event, the highest ever car count for the race…

The Horton family racing team had three entries including Bouc, Krachun and Jimmy Blewett. Blewett only made a couple of laps as the car had oil pressure issues causing it to end up leaking oil all over the speedway. This caused a couple of delays for clean-up during time trials and then again in the feature…


DIRT MODIFIED FEATURE (50-LAPS) UNOFFICIAL: 1 Andrew Krause 2 Ed Dachenhausen 3 Jeff Richardson 4 Danny Bouc 5 Roger Labreche 6 Joey Payne 7 Jeff Parker 8 Dakota Kessler 9 Rich Coons 10 Ray Deemer 11 Chris Grbac 12 Alonso Morales 13 Rob Anderton 14 John Cook 15 Billy Lasko 16 Scott Hulmes 17 Ryan Krachun 18 Chuckles Stone 19 Mickey Kessler 20 Jimmy Blewett