The Hill Speedway Closes Out 2021 with Racing and Fan Appreciation Night

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MONROETON, PA – The Hill Speedway closed out their 2021 season with a special Fan Appreciation Night co-sponsored by Lamphere’s Truck parts and Snell Metalfab. Fans were invited to tour the pits, and get autographs and photos with their favorite driver, prior to opening the track to practice.

After a full series of qualifying races, the drivers hit the track for feature events that determined the points Champions in all divisions. Dalton Maynard ran second to Connor Brown in Snell Metalfab Crate Sportsman feature, but it was good enough to secure the Championship in that division. Likewise, Keith Jack Lamphere settled for a runnerup finish in the IMCA Modified main behind Rodney Morgan, to clinch his class Championship. Steve LaBarron (RUSH Late Model ) and Earl Zimmer (Street Stock) followed the same trend in their respective features with LaBarron following Jared Keeney and Zimmer behind Jakub Ingham. Matt Browning (Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder) and Mike Morse (Pure Stock) won their division Championships and won their features. Larry Colton won the Rear Wheel Drive Four Cylinder main, and a tenth place finish by Tyler Belcher was good enough to clinch that Championship.

Tony Harris led the points in the Snell Metalfab Crate Sportsman going into the night’s events, and with a front row starting spot, was poised to make a run at the Championship trophy. Harris led the way to lap seven when Luke Powell slowed on the track and brought out a yellow flag. On the restart, contact among the top four cars caused Harris to go sideways and the car dug in and did multiple rollovers, ending up upside down just past the flagstand. Multiple cars piled in, with nearly half the field sustaining some damage. Emergency crews were immediately on the scene, but there were no injuries reported. Harris, Quintin Buchanan, and Isabel Barron were done for the night, and with Don Potter, Rich Powell, and Jason Benjamin requiring the attention of their pit crews. On the restart, Conner Brown powered to the lead with Dalton Maynard in hot pursuit. The pair battled through the remainder of the event, but Maynard was unable to complete the pass for the lead. Jordan Bacon was able to fight off a late race charge by Rich Powell, and Luke Powell finished a solid fifth.

IMCA rookie Jacob McConnell has only three starts in the Modified division, but after winning his qualifying heat, he took the lead in the feature at the drop of the green and set the pace through the first nine laps. As the field came to the half way signal, Rodney Morgan took command. Points leader Keith
Jack Lamphere grabbed the second spot two laps later, and the pair debated the top spot all the way to the checkered flag. Morgan held on for the win. Gary Lamphere captured the third spot, over Sonny Terry and Eddie Sites.

Jake Lamphere paced the Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder feature to the green flag and held off Trevor Belcher to lead the first Four laps. Matt Browning used an outside move to take the lead, but Lamphere stayed close throughout the remaining sixteen laps. Belcher settled into the third spot early in the event, ran a steady race and recorded third at the finish. Greg McKernan kept the pressure on Belcher throughout much of event, but had to settle for fourth , and Doug Brown was fifth.

Mike Morse started fourth and took three laps to wrestle the lead of the Pure Stock feature from pole starter Cole Burgess. Josh Vanderpool took over the second spot on lap five, and stayed close to the leader throughout, coming up just a little short on making the pass. Burgess topped a three car battle for third with Lou Sharpsteen fourth, and Cody Kershner fifth.

With no cautions to slow the action, the Hot Rod Septic Treatment RUSH Late Models were all up on the wheel for their twenty lap main. Mike Epler set the pace for seventeen laps, but Jared Keeney was a man on a mission. Keeney had tried every possible line to get alongside Epler to no avail, but Eplar opened the inside jus a little on turn one. Keeney and Epler ran wheel to wheel for much of that lap, but as the field powered off turn four looking for the two to go signal, Keeney was out front. Points leader Steve LaBarron took over second the next lap, and Epler settled for third at the checkered flag. Darin Horton and Joe Lane finished fourth and fifth.

Twenty Rear Wheel Drive Four Cylinders reported to the track for their twenty lap feature and the action was intense throughout the field for the entire race. Mike Wilcox led the first two laps then Larry Colton took command. Rich Green powered into the runnerup spot on the next circuit. Brad Delameter, Wilcox, Tyler Belcher, Zack Bruce, Martin Harvey, and Shawn Gowin all attempted to stake their claim on third. Gowin retired to the pits on the thirteenth lap, and points leader Belcher was the cause of a caution the next lap. Just after the five to go signal, Green was able to take the lead, and hung on to the finish. Colton was second with Delameter third, Zack Bruce fourth and Mike Wilcox fifth.

Dustin Maynard stepped off his pole starting position to lead the early going of the Street Stock feature, with Dan Force, Jakub Ingham, and Shannon Oswald debating the second spot. Oswald slipped out of the top five, and was replaced by Mike Morse, who had entered his Pure Stock car in the Street Stock feature. Morse made an impressive move to take second on the fifth lap, but Ingham passed Force and Morse to take the runnerup spot on the sixth lap. Ingham continued his march forward, taking the lead as the Front group recieved the half way signal. Maynard and Morse battled the second spot as Earl Zimmer, who had gone to the back of the pack twice, joined the group. Morse moved to second on the eleventh circuit, with Zimmer coming to third the next lap. With five to go, Zimmer moved Morse back to third and set his sights on Ingham. Ingham held on for his third win of the season, with Zimmer second, Morse third, and Maynard fourth. Dan For’ve rounded out the top five.

With that, The Hill closes it’s doors on the 2021 season and sends a heart felt thank you out to all the loyal sponsors, fans and race teams that have helped make this season a success. We hope to see you all back next spring!!!


Heat wins: Isabel Barron, Tony Harris
Feature Finish: Conner Brown, Dalton Maynard, Jordan Bacon, Rich Powell, Luke Powell, Don Potter, Jason Benjamin, Braden Buchanan, Quintin Buchanan, Tony Harris, Isabel Barron


Heat wins: Jakob McConnell, Eddie Sites
Feature Finish: Rodney Morgan, Keith Jack Lamphere, Gary Lamphere, Sonny Terry, Eddie Sites, Jakob McConnell, Harry Ely, Bobby Maynard, Tyler Belcher, Rick Watt, Keith Lamphere, JW Lamphere, Jake Maynard (DNS)


Heat wins: Matt Browning, Trevor Belcher
Feature Finish: Matt Browning, Jake Lamphere, Trevor Belcher, Greg McKernan, Doug Brown, Tad Fair, Greg Slater, Larry Keeney, Tim Johnson


Heat wins: Mike Morse, Josh Vanderpool
Feature Finish: Mike Morse, Josh Vanderpool, Cole Burgess, Lou Sharpsteen, Cody Kershner, Tim Avants, Trevor Williams, Owen Clark, Bobby Hall


Heat win: Steve LaBarron
Feature Finish: Jared Keeney, Steve LaBarron, Mike Epler, Darin Horton, Joe Lane


Heat wins: Shane Rockwell, Tyler Belcher, Larry Colton
Feature Finish: Rich Green, Larry Colton, Brad Delameter, Zack Bruce, Mike Wilcox, Martin Harvey, Billy Grover, Travis Parks, Bubby Peters, Tyler Belcher, Chris Robins, Mike Navone, Charles Mathews, Bradley Grover, Doug Colton, Shawn Gowin, Brett Gleason, Shane Rockwell, Stan Mathews, Brett Neally


Heat wins: Dustin Maynard, Earl Zimmer,
Feature Finish: Jakub Ingham, Earl Zimmer, Mike Morse, Dustin Maynard, Dan Force, Shannon Oswald, Bobby Maynard, Dave Roberts, Bill Tice, Thomas Moon, Dillon Hinckley, Mike Koser, JR. Kobbe, Logan Terry