Big Wins For Whitteker And Bernier At Le RPM – DTD Exclusive

By: Tommy Lavallee

RPM Speedway presented the Jasmin Péloquin Classic tonight and we were treated to an excellent show on the track. Modified Luke Whitteker takes first place in the 30-lap feature after his win in the DASH that determined the top 6 at the start. He will lead all the laps of the race, allowing himself a spectacular maneuver at 3 wide in the lap cars. At the very end, he resisted a push from David Hébert, who finished second, less than 65 thousandths of a secondf behind Whitteker, with Yan Bilodeau finishing 3rd. A result that is good for team 23. Mathieu Desjardins, who fought for the podium, finished 4th and Félix Roy finished 5th. The first 9 were reversed, and Steve Bernier went first. He didn’t ask for so much and he led every lap to win. It was behind him that we saw some exciting fights. Mathieu Desjardins and Martin Pelletier fought for many laps, and it was Pelletier who finally got the best of Desjardins with 2 laps to go on a restart. David Hébert finished 4th, while Even Racine finished 5th.

Sportsman Raphaël Gougeon came to claim his first career Sportsman win by winning the 30-lap race. He was in the third place when Karl Letendre and Samuel Charland made contact. Letendre was sent to the back while Charland managed to get back to 2nd place. Matthieu Laramée, who started 10th, made an excellent comeback to finish 3rd, ahead of Donovan Lussier and William Racine.

Lightning Sprints Alex Therrien, who started in the sixth row, came looking for another victory in the Lightning Sprint. He took the lead of the race in the 18th lap to no longer be worried. He beat veterans Stéphane St-Laurent and Yannick Poirier. Driving Jean-François Leblanc’s car, Jean-Christophe Bolduc finished 4th in front of Étienne Arpin.

Modlite Keven Boucher-Carrier got the pole position and he didn’t ask for so much. He dominated the race to pick up another victory. He was ahead of Éric Désilets and Alex Daneau. Kevin Burke and Francis Laliberté completed the top 5. This race gave the fans some very good battles through the field.

MiniMod Pascal Bissonnette, in car # 96, was untouchable tonight and he got the checkered flag. He finished ahead of Yves Morin and Roland Morin. The fight for 3rd place was very interesting between Morin and Jean-Simon Fréchette. The CTGQ series tractors took advantage of the evening to show off their features, and they once again proved how powerful they can be.