Jonathan Ferguson Opens 2023 Mohawk Campaign With Victory

AKWESASNE, NY – After a long off season dirt racing made a truimpant return to the Mohawk International Raceway. A tremendous field of 358’s, Sportsman, Pro Stocks, Limited Sportsman, Mini Stocks and and Enduro qualifier were on han d for opening night. With a beautiful week of weather the track was ready to go.

With the heats over it was time for the features. First up it was the Mini Stocks for their 15 lap event. From the pole it would be CJ Smith leading but by the time the cars entered turn 3, Kevin Greenfield would take the early race lead. On lap 4 Kevin Greenfield and Curtis Lindsay making contact, with Lindsay sliding well off of turn 2. Greenfield and Lindsay would be unable to continue in the feature. On the lap 4 restart Jacob Fountain would lead them into turn 1. Fountain would not look back and would go on to pick the win.

For the first time ever, the Limited Sportsman would take to the track for their first feature. It was set for 15 laps. Ty David, who was celebrating his 17th birthday on this night, would start from the pole. Long time Mod lite driver and former Track Champion, Kevin Foster would fire from the outside. David would lead them for the first 6 laps until his car would come to a stop entering turn 2. Kevin Foster would inherit the lead as the yellow would come out for David. On the lap 7 restart Foster would begin to pull away. Foster would pick up his first ever win in a Limited Sportsman.

The modifieds would make their way onto the track for the 35 lap affair. It would be Louis Jackson Jr and Jonathan Ferguson starting from the front row. Jackson would lead the first 4 laps until the yellow came out as Matt Woodruff came to a stop. On the restart, Jackson and Ferguson would fire again. Ferguson would take the lead coming off of turn 2 and would lead lap 6. Ferguson would set a fast pace and would begin to pull away from the field. Jackson and Raabe would engage in a battle for the number 2 for the next 16 laps. With Jackson being able to vend off Raabe, he would set his sights on Ferguson for the lead. On lap 18 Jackson would catch Ferguson and begin to challenge for the lead. However on lap 23 Carey Terrance would slip past Raabe and Jackson for the 2 spot. On lap 26 the yellow would be displayed as Lucas Fuller would slide off of turn 2. On the single file restart, Ferguson would take the green as Terrance and Raabe would vy for the number 2 position. However Madison Mulder brought out the yellow on lap 31. On the final restart, Ferguson would not be challenged and picked up the win.

The Sportsman were up next for their 30 lap feature. The fans would see Nick Heywood and Corey Castell start from the front row. Heywood would get off to a quick start but Devon Guyette would collect the wall between 3 and 4 to bring out the yellow. On the restart, Cedric Gauvreau would start on the inside of the front row and would take the lead from Heywood. The yellow came out for Dan Reif as he came to a stop on the backstretch. On the lap 7 restart, Gauvreau would keep the lead with Heywood running second. On lap 10 Dale Gonyo would collect a yuke tire on the frontstretch to bring out the yellow. On the next restart, Gauvreau and Heywood would fire and Gauvreau kept the lead. Gauvreau would nestle himself into heavy lap traffic and picked up his first win of the season.

The final feature of the evening saw the Pro Stocks take to the speedway for 25 laps. Ian Bressette and Kevin Fetterly Jr would see the green flag. Bressette would gain the early advantage over Fetterly Jr. Stephane Lebrun overtook Fetterly Jr for the 2 spot on lap 2 and passed Bressette for the lead. The two cars would battle side by side for the next 10 laps. On lap 11 Zack Daniels came to a stop between turns 1 and 2 to bring out the yellow flag. On the lap 11 restart, Bressette would pull away from Lebrun and picked up his first ever win.

Finish Start # Competitor Hometown +/-
1 2 44 Jonathan Ferguson Jonathan Ferguson PRESCOTT, ON 1
2 3 66X Carey Terrance Carey Terrance Hogansburg, NY 1
3 6 01 Chris Raabe Chris Raabe Alexandria, ON 3
4 4 151K Brian McDonald Brian McDonald Cornwall, ON –
5 1 18J Louis Jackson Jr Louis Jackson Jr Hogansburg, NY -4
6 7 15B Brianna Ladouceur Brianna Ladouceur Cornwall, ON 1
7 10 M16 Gage Morin Gage Morin Cornwall, ON 3
8 12 21 Larry Welling Larry Welling Star Lake, NY 4
9 5 74 Lucas Fuller Lucas Fuller Edwards, NY -4
10 14 36B Dan Beachard Dan Beachard Russell, NY 4
11 9 555 Perry Francis Perry Francis Cornwall Island, ON -2
12 13 55 Matt Woodruff Matt Woodruff Bloomingdale, NY 1
13 8 7M Madison Mulder Madison Mulder Spencerville, ON -5
14 11 34 George Foley George Foley Saranac Lake, NY -3
15 15 23P Mike Stacey Mike Stacey Khanawake, QC –

Finish Start # Competitor Hometown +/-
1 3 22C Cedric Gauvreau Cedric Gauvreau Chelsea, QC 2
2 1 29 Nick Heywood Nick Heywood Plattsburgh, NY -1
3 4 83D Dustin Bradley Dustin Bradley Potsdam, NY 1
4 6 35 Thomas Cook Thomas Cook Hogansburg, NY 2
5 9 8 Steve Bushey Steve Bushey Moria, NY 4
6 2 10X Cory Castell Cory Castell Fort Covington, NY -4
7 5 88J Justin Cyr Justin Cyr N/A, QC -2
8 15 63M Franklin Mackin Franklin Mackin Russell, NY 7
9 8 03 Joshua Jock Joshua Jock Hogansburg, NY -1
10 16 7D Eugene Tarbell Eugene Tarbell Akwesasne, NY 6
11 10 9 Kristian Smoke Kristian Smoke -1
12 11 88 Fire Swamp Fire Swamp Akwesasne, NY -1
13 18 71 Delbert Legrow Jr Delbert Legrow Jr Massena, NY 5
14 19 23 Pryror Stacey Pryror Stacey Kahnawake, QC 5
15 24 44 Casey Swamp Casey Swamp Akwesasne Mohawk Nation, NY 9
16 25 54G Greg Snyder Greg Snyder Moira, NY 9
17 14 95J Dan Jalbert Dan Jalbert St Andrews west, ON -3
18 12 51 Matthew Bourey Matthew Bourey NORTH LAWRENCE, NY -6
19 21 1R Ricky Thompson Ricky Thompson Akwesasne, NY 2
20 23 18 Blayden Arquette Blayden Arquette Akwesasne, NY 3
21 17 55 Dan Reif Dan Reif Massena, NY -4
22 13 M70 Billy Cook Billy Cook Hogansburg, NY -9
23 7 04 Dale Gonyo Jr Dale Gonyo Jr Chazy, NY -16
24 20 29V Chad Vallance Chad Vallance BrasherFalls, NY -4
25 22 11X Devon Guyette Devon Guyette Norfolk, NY -3

Finish Start # Competitor Hometown +/-
1 1 1X Ian Bressette Ian Bressette Brasher Falls, NY –
2 4 6 Stephane Lebrun Stephane Lebrun Gatineau, QC 2
3 2 57K Kevin Fetterly Jr Kevin Fetterly Jr Massena, NY -1
4 3 9 Eric Jean-Louis Eric Jean-Louis Casselman, ON -1
5 13 22B Blayne Nichols Blayne Nichols Massena, NY 8
6 5 AK47 Joel Herne Joel Herne Akesasne, NY -1
7 8 6J Natacha Lebrun Natacha Lebrun Gatineau, QC 1
8 6 30 Zack Daniels Zack Daniels Plattsburgh, NY -2
9 9 11 Melvin Rush Melvin Rush Massena, NY –
DNS 10 46W Kyle Whalen Kyle Whalen Chasemills, NY –
DNS 12 M2 Anthony Mossow Anthony Mossow Norwood, NY –
DNS 7 81 Danny Larose Danny Larose Gatineau, QC –
DNS 11 O6 alex labrun alex labrun gateneau, QC –

Finish Start # Competitor Hometown +/-
1 3 22 Jacob Fountain Jacob Fountain Denimora, NY 2
2 6 7D Macey Tarbell Macey Tarbell Akwesasne, NY 4
3 5 23X Tyler Woods Tyler Woods Constable, NY 2
4 7 50 Cale Manor Cale Manor EllenBurg Center, NY 3
5 2 11A Kevin Greenfield Kevin Greenfield Watertown, NY -3
6 4 88C Curtis Lindsay Curtis Lindsay Gatineau, QC -2
7 1 88D C.J Smith C.J Smith Fort Covington, NY -6
DNS 8 17 Jessie Beeson Jessie Beeson Akwesasne, NY –

Finish Start # Competitor Hometown +/-
1 2 72 Kevin Foster Kevin Foster Malone, NY 1
2 3 04G Dale Gonyo Dale Gonyo Chazy, NY 1
3 4 16 Dustin Woods Dustin Woods Malone, NY 1
4 7 314 Nick Mallette Nick Mallette Constable, NY 3
5 8 18JR Denis Rose Denis Rose Lancaster, ON 3
6 5 OOT Terry Lamica Terry Lamica North Bangor, NY -1
7 1 14 Ty David Ty David Akwesasne, NY -6
8 6 1W Brad reif Brad reif Canton, NY -2