Raabe Rockets To Victory In Modified Main At Mohawk

AKWASASNE, NY – Chris Raabe took the victory on Friday night in the 358 Modified division at the Mohawk International Raceway over last weeks winner Jonathan Ferguston and Louis Jackson Jr.

Carey Terrance finished in fourth with Lucas Fuller completing the top five.

(Full story to follow)

Mohawk International Raceway Modified Feature (30 Laps) –  1. 01-Chris Raabe[2]; 2. 44-Jonathan Ferguson[1]; 3. 18J-Louis Jackson Jr[3]; 4. 66X-Carey Terrance[4]; 5. 74-Lucas Fuller[5]; 6. 47S-Corey Wheeler[7]; 7. 555-Perry Francis[8]; 8. 55-Matt Woodruff[6]; 9. 21-Larry Welling[12]; 10. 15B-Brianna Ladouceur[10]; 11. 151K-Brian McDonald[15]; 12. 34-George Foley[11]; 13. 7M-Madison Mulder[13]; 14. 36B-Dan Beachard[9]; 15. 23P-Mike Stacey[14]