Three In A Row For Raabe At Mohawk

AKWASASNE, NY – After a long week of hot and dry temperatures, the track was beautifully prepared on Ellis Autos night at the Mohawk International Raceway. The track crew had put many hours to ensure a smooth and tacky racing surface for all classes on this evening. With the heat races done it would be time for the features. First up it would the Turtles Nest Mini Stocks ready to go for 12 laps.

The front row the Turtles Nest 12 lap feature it would be Curtis Lindsay and CJ Smith. Lindsay and Smith would get off to a quick start as they raced side by side for 3 laps. Smith would be quicker coming off of turn 4 to be the new leader. The red flag would be displayed on Lap 4 as Glenn Engstrom made hard contact with the back stretch wall. Engstrom would be ok but his car would require a tow truck back to the pits. On the double file restart on Lap 4 Smith would be quicker again with Lindsay still in pursuit. Smith would go on to pick up the win.

The second feature to go would be the King Canna Limited Sportsman for 15 laps. It would be Kevin Foster starting from the pole with Nick Mallette. Foster would get off to a torrid pace and put a quarter of a track behind him and Tye David who was running second. Foster would go unchallenged to pick up his 2nd win of the season in the King Canna Limited Sportsman division.

After a very quick intermission, the 358 modifieds would make their way for their 30 lap event. George Foley would fire from the pole with Chris Raabe on the front row. Raabe would gain the early advantage on lap 1 but it would be negated as Brian McDonald came to a stop on the back stretch. Once again Raabe would get off to a great start and begin to pull away again. However the red flag would come out as Mike Stacey ended up rolling his car off the back stretch. On the double file restart, Raabe would fire from the pole once again begin to pull away. However Terrance would climb from third to second in turn 2 and start to challenge Raabe for the lead. Terrance would overtake Raabe for the lead by lap 6 and start on his own mission to get back to victory lane. On lap 17 Raabe would make his move as Terrance would be caught up in lap traffic. Raabe would go to Terrance’s outside on lap 18 to retake the lead. On the lap 18 restart Raabe would elect to fire from the bottom with Terrance on the top side. Raabe would keep the lead until a yellow came out on lap 29 which regrouped the field to single file restart. On the lap 29 restart, Raabe would hit his marks and park it in victory lane for the 2nd week in a row at Mohawk. Arthbutnot, Fuller , Jackson and Forbes would round out the top 5.

Next up it was time for the Cross Roads Tobacco Sportsman for 25 laps. Thomas Cook and Cory Castell would lead the field to the first green flag. Cook would wait for no one as he was able to jump out front for the first 3 laps. However the yellow would come out as Devon Guyette came to a stop on the back stretch. On the restart Cook would lead the field but caution came out as Joshua Jock and Cedric Gauvreau both came to a stop. Jock would be able to rejoin the field but Gauvreau would require assistance to the pits. On the restart Cook would hammer down into turn 1 and keep his lead. Nick Heywood would start to chase Cook as he settled into the 2nd position. On lap 22 the yellow would come out as Dan Reif would slide off of turn 1. On the restart, Heywood would take the lead from Cook as they came off of turn 2. The red flag would be displayed as Ricky Thompson hit the back stretch wall. Thompson would be ok. On the single file restart with 3 laps remaining, Heywood would feel heavy pressure from Cook, but Heywood would be beat him coming off of turn 4 to pick up the Cross Roads Tobacco win.

The final feature of the night would be the Famous Aye’s Pro Stocks for 20 laps. The front row would see Kevin Fetterly Jr and Zach Daniels would lead the field of cars to the green. The first green flag would see Fetterly Jr and Daniels lead the cars on lap 1 side by side. Daniels would take the lead on lap 2 at the flag stand to slip past Fetterly Jr for the lead. On lap 3 Sid Harmer Jr would get past Fetterly Jr for the number two spot. By lap 6 Harmer Jr would gain the lead from Daniels. Harmer would not be challenged and would pick up his 2nd win in a row at Mohawk in the Famous Aye’s Pro Stock division.

Modified Feature: 1. 01-Chris Raabe[2]; 2. R70-Ryan Arbuthnot[7]; 3. 19-Tim Fuller[8]; 4. 18J-Louis Jackson Jr[10]; 5. 45R-Preston Forbes[3]; 6. 7S-Shaun Shaw[13]; 7. 55-Matt Woodruff[17]; 8. 23J-Jeff Sykes[12]; 9. 21-Larry Welling[9]; 10. 151K-Brian McDonald[6]; 11. 21R-RJ Tresidder[14]; 12. 36B-Dan Beachard[18]; 13. 66X-Carey Terrance[5]; 14. 74-Lucas Fuller[11]; 15. M16-Gage Morin[4]; 16. 7M-Madison Mulder[16]; 17. 34-George Foley[1]; 18. 23P-Mike Stacey[15]